Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Business Trip to Los Angeles

#ThrowBack# My very first business trip to Los Angeles, US. It has been about 1 year + ago and finally I have time to post about it. 

I went LA for 3 months. Yes, I went there alone... Alone flying from KL to US for about 20 hours +!! It is not fun at all... Good Experience maybe? 

First place of visit, California Science Center. Anything special? Yes.. The Space Shuttle Endeavour!!

Thanks Devin (my first knew friend in US)!! Thank you for bringing me here and there.... And have my very first dinner in LA... Ooopss.. Not western cuisine but Taiwan cuisine... :p

Besides Devin, I get to knew some other new friends in US too. It took me some time to get close with my US colleagues. Honestly, I feel so lonely for the first month in US... Until one day, someone talk to me... Hehehe... And, he is Eric. :)

So, we went Griffith Observatory together... Awesome sunset view.... Love it...

Next, welcome to Hollywood Walk of fame... 

A happy day ended with a nice cocktail.. Thank you Eric! ^^

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