Sunday, April 24, 2005

ReuNi0n pARty!!

yesterday we had a orkid's reunion party at sze mun, sze mei's house.. many people came.. i think about 30 people.. really great.. at first i thought the party might have only 20 people.. anyway, that's good... teachers also invited to the party.. everyone bring some food there.. eat eat and chat chat...

we took lotta photo that night.. like never took photo before.. haha.. as memory mar.. many girls look prettier alot.. haiz.. i still look the same lar.. so sad!! let's have a look at the photos...

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like one family rite??

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bully ah xian

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let me introduce => my darling!!!

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taking photo with the most leng lui in my class -- sau man(right)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sp0Rts dAy & NiGht gAtHeRiNg!!

finally have time to post... didn't post anything up bout 10 days dee... what to do?? busy mar... exam is coming soon...i think i will stop posting until exam finished... wish me luck ya friendz...

let's look back on saturday (16/4/2005), that day is really super busy... morning has sports day and night has gathering... that day is my first time wearing ceongsam and makeup... hahaha... i wore ceongsam during marching on sports day... feeling weird?? actually i'm not really marching.. juz holding board and walked with the marchers.. i think i look weird in ceongsam... look older also.. sobz... we stand there around an hour i think... the speeches are sooooooooooo long until there are people fainted on the field.. haiz...

after marching... events began to start... dunno what happen this year?? i got into final by taking 400m running... soooooooooo weird... by right, i can't run at all because i have some minor heart problem... the moment i knew that i got into final, i already know that i will be last person who finish the race.. but i DIDN'T... i got fifth out of 6 runners.. hahaha.. still lost but really happy dee... everybody so suprise that i'm not getting last... juz 1second slower then i'll be the last one.. phew~~ really LUCKY!! anyway.. my house didn't won this year.. marching and deco all lost.. haiz.. so sad..i think we will win if our marching's formation just abit shorter... nevermind la.. we still did a very good job and our mascot -- shark is the most popular and cutest and funniest on that day.. wakakakaka....

i went home and rest a while after sports day then go to school again for the dance practice.. suddenly it rains.. i can see yeong ru they all very sad in that moment.. they scared that the gathering cannot be on if it keeps raining.. but they still have a successful night gathering even after a heavy rain.. they used fly-sheet to cover the wet muddy field.. so smart.. hrm.. i danced the opening dance with yeong ru, tan foong, qian yue, chee yean n mei wan... we wore a big jacket outside and with cap too.. we look cool.. right?? hehehehe.. the gathering ends at 11pm and i went yam cha with my class CB gang.. CB gang looks great that night with their orange color CB t-shirt.. so bright... and they alwiz hang around with blue shirt girls that night... hahaha... wondering will those "couple" become a real couple later....

i think there's enough for today la... let's have a look at the photos below:

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our cute cute shark!!

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i'm running leh...

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yeah~~ yeah~~ yeah~~

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dancing on the fly-sheet...

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orange guys with blue girls... couple???

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beauty and the beast??

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
sweet and lum invisible couple...

Monday, April 11, 2005

nEw hAiRstyLe!!!

juz back from saloon... cut my hair again... this year is my 3rd time cutting hair... hahaha... normally i cut once a year but this year like a bit abnormal... nevermind la.. today i'm not the one who is paying... lalala...

actually not a new hairstyle.. still long layer... but this time................................. a bit weird... now my hair is cut til soooooooooooooooooo thin.. it looks great when i put down my hair... but it looks really weird when i tie my hair up... left too little hair lar... so weird... hard to tie also.. i think have to spend lotta time to tie my hair up every morning... :'(

but i like my hair very much... hahaha.. thanks mummy... lalalalala....

Saturday, April 09, 2005

dRaMa c0mPeTitioN

t0day my school's form6 had a drama competition... total 6 classes participating... and my class??? i think got "last"... hahaha... what to do?? people prepare for a month and my class only has one week.. haiz... very good dee.. at least still got something out.. (",)

the champion class is 6 Atas Seroja.. their sketch is really nice... a very touching story... really did a good job... my class??? hrmm... a funny sketch... i heard the audience laughing so loud... especially the car racing part... lolz.. guess wat so funny??? we used small kids' bike to race... hahahaha...

the story is about clubbing and car racing... there's a bad students gang and a bad boy gang.. basically all main characters are guys... girls are all "k leh fay".. all pelakon sampingan... our bad students' head is Lordson where as bad boys' head is bor yow.. everybody acted well... better alot compared to the previous practice... maybe added sound effect gua... a very exaggerated sound effect.. car crashing sound become bomb explosion sound... lolz..

i think that's da last sketch that i will participate in secondary school dee.. bye bye sketch!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


hApPy BiRtHdAy dArLiNg!!!

Friday, April 01, 2005


headache today... makes me in bad mood whole day.. like to scold people soooooooooooo much.. sorry ya... not feeling well lar...

haiz... sick again... going to have fever soon... i can feel dee.. sorethroat now... what to do?? run under the rain.. like very gaya.. ended up like that.. regret to run... :'(

let's hope i will recover as soon as possible.. not free to sick la..