Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bangkok Trip 2012

Finally..... I've been to Bangkok!! Bangkok is really a Good Shopping Place!!! Yes!!! I will go there again!!

This round, I went with my coursemate a.k.a. colleague, YY! 2 people trip!! :">

Our main purpose for the trip is to shop only.. Where to shop?? Here... there... everywhere....

Never forget to visit Platinum Mall.. There are 3 malls connected together actually.. Do not miss any of it!!

Indra Square, a place that sell cheap stuffs too.. But here sells less trendy stuffs if compare with Platinum Mall..

If you happened to visit Bangkok during Weekend, remember to go to Chatuchak Market!! This is a big huge market that we failed to walk finish!! Again!! Everything is cheap!!! We went there by taking tuk tuk car... I think tuk tuk car and taxi charge almost the same... Hmm.. it was an experience travelling with tuk tuk car anyway~ :)

We went there for 4D3N!! We stayed at White Palace. Personally I feel here is okay to stay. Worth for the price. Just around 15minutes walking distance from Platinum Mall.. If you are tired at night, you can call for Thai Massage service too. 250baht for 1hour!!

The best meal we have in Thailand... Kumpoon from Central World!! 

On the very last morning, we found that we missed a good place to shop. Pratunam Morning Market!! Here usually sell cloths in batch!! Buy 1 might be 200baht, buy 2 might become 150baht for one, buy 3 might become 100baht for one.. And so...... it will be best if you travel with female friends so that you can share and get the discount!!! ^^

No worries... It isn't too late to know... I will be back!! :)

Last but not least!!! kekekekekeke



看看我新家的环境,是的有个不错的游泳池。但我还不会游! 不过我会努力学习的,这可是我2013年的愿望。但愿到了2014年,我会游泳了!

除了泳池,这里也有GYM和Badminton Court设备。想来打羽球的话,就来找我吧! ^^



欢迎我的朋友们,新年来我家拜访拜访,发发财 !!! ^^