Sunday, December 30, 2007

bye bye to sem BREAK

finally til the end of sem break
1month plus passed
what have i done
sick for half a month?
went penang bout a week?
work for 2-3days?
started a business?
cheong K few times?
seems like doing nothing only
tmr is a brand new semester
tmr is the end of year 2007
the day after tmr will be how?
nobody knows
unpredictable life!
we should enjoy days and nights to the MAX!!! ^^

Saturday, December 22, 2007


haizhaiz... really duno how to start? Am i lucky? Am i unlucky? All i know is 'possibilities unlimited'!! i never thought of kidnapping happened in front of my house!! Really DANGER!! 2-3 minutes can happen lot of things really!!

Yesterday went to friend's house at Bandar Sri Damansara! It is a Christmas Party!! Went there eat eat drink drink and play mahjong! Really quite fun there but the ending is really bad! We decide to go home at around 2am. I didnt drive there, my fren SL fetched me there. But we decide to fetch another girl home to Tropicana there. The worst thing is my fren duno where she stays? zzz.. actually cant blame her cos she is malacca people, just stayed at KL for few days only. Then we find and find and find. After 1hour, finally we get to find her house! Actually we did call other people about the house location but i think that fellow got direction problem. He said turn RIGHT for 3 times but is actually turn LEFT for 3 times!! =.='''

After fetching her home, then SL fetch me home. By the time i reach home is about 3:30am edi. Then my fren wait me get into the house only leave. Before i close my house door, i saw a turquoise color Gen-2 car arrived, opposite my fren's car. I thought the car just want to pass by, so i went inside my house and close door. Then after i put down my stuff, i went to dining room and wanna off all lights. But i heard car's sound, then i saw my fren's car still outside with the Gen-2. I felt something wrong and faster get key and open the door so that i can see what is happening out there? Then i saw the guys hit my fren's car window hard!! Few times until it has broken! Me and my fren also screamed loud loud!

Those guys wanna pull my fren out from the car. Lucky my mum woke up and scream with us as well. Then other neighbours also awaken and went out from house. The guys then get back into their car and ran away!

Isn't it DANGER? if i never went out to dining room, what will happen to my friend? If we reach home one minute later or if i stay inside the car for one more minute, who will got kidnapped? i think by that time i get out from the car, i'm got kidnapped straight edi. Then me and my friends wont have a chance to say HI to this world anymore. One minute can happen so many things. Really unpredictable!!

i saw such scene from drama or movie only. Really never thought that it will happen to me!! my fren's car window is broken, her handphone and handbag oso stolen by the 3 malay guys! Haiz... really bad luck right? We plan to have fun but ends up.... perhaps u can say that we are lucky cos both of us never get kidnapped! But really scary!! I wont forget this FOREVER!!

I think i dun dare to go out late at night edi. Girls really have to becareful especially when u are alone!! Driving at night is really danger!! I wont drive at night after 10pm anymore!!! Hope my fren is ok now cos her leg is cut by the glasses. 真是不幸中的大幸!!

Life is precious! I will appreciate every single second from now onwards! we wont know what will happen to us the next second? really an unforgetable experience!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Yeah… finally get to go Eye On Malaysia. Wahahahaha… Although yesterday is not a good day to go, but nevermind la… at least I went there for once. Well, the Eye will be extended until national day of 2008. So, those who never go there b4 still got another 8months time before saying bye bye to the Eye.

Yesterday went with my darling, Jia Mun and Hui Xian and her bf, Jian Leon. We are lucky cos we get to see the laser presentation there. The presentation really not bad. I took lot of photos by my handphone. Haiz… really bad that we didn’t birng camera there. My hp cant take clear and nice photos at night. Sob sob….

Paid RM15 for the ride. Worth it? Actually dun really lor… RM3 for one round!! Somemore yesterday after rain, we can ‘t see the nice view from the windows. Really feel like wiping the windows myself but is really IMPOSSIBLE.

After the ride, SS taking photos with mun. wahahahaha…. This is call life~~~

Will I go there again? Perhaps I will cos I couldn’t get the nice place to take photo with the Eye. But I don’t think I will spend another RM15 for it again!! Really not worth it!

Photos time~~

Saturday, December 15, 2007

LuCky dRaW

wahahaha... today... finally... after 21yrs i live.. i've won my very first lucky draw... today went take part in panaGeek programming competition. Dun feel shock bout it.. i know ntg... questions so hard... i left it empty somemore... But the purpose of goin there is to eat nice buffet from PJ Hilton!! 5 Star Hotel!! Food not bad~~

Really never thought of getting a lucky draw prize. Wahahahaha... so happy!!! Is it a hint to show that i'm goin to be lucky from now onwards? Got a DVD drive!! Although i have one already, but nvm la.. Still can keep or sell!! muahahahahaha.....

A nice day of today!! ^^

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


always sick...

"Mr.Sick please leave me alone!!"

Friday, December 07, 2007


finally back from penang!! hehe... really happy cos i get to hui xiang with other friends. Although this time not everyone made it, but we still have great fun with it.

i went penang on last sunday! Went butterworth and stay at Pei Leng's house. Thanks to her that allow me to stay at her house or i might need to sleep at seaside! @.@

Then we went balik pulau on the next day, 3/12. Really long time didnt meet my xia xiang family. The people, view, houses there are still the same... Lotta memories we had there for last sem break! Well, something has changed, the kids growed up. Some of them taller alot! Perhaps they all will be taller than me when the next time i back to balik pulau again... when's the next time? really duno????

We went sona together on 4/12. This was the very first time that i went sona. At first, really feel suffering inside the room. The room is fulled of 药材smell and is super hot. Really hard to tahan sometimes. But very fast, i felt ok with it! Can sit there very long. Actually til now, i still quite curious whether i got sweat inside there anot? i doubt it was just steam air but not sweat. Anyway, my whole body still wet!! After sona, somemore get to eat RM1 laksa. Wahahaha... cheap ler?? taste good too... ^^

We leaved balik pulau on wednesday morning! Then we went gurney plaza to Cheong K together. 20people at once in a room. We hold a big big vip room!! Somemore got people sing 两只老虎!! wahahahahaha... really cute!! After that, we went to a Thai Restaurant to eat dinner. The food there... erm... i dun really like actually!! But the tom yam soup is Great!! others still okok but i think i wont eat again!! hohohoho....

After that, i stayed at xia lee's house. "Xia lee, Thanks for letting me sleep at your house!!" Then yesterdy afternoon bought bus ticket and back to KL. This is the first time i take bus alone for so long journey. Lucky didnt sesat when i walk from pudu to pasar seni lrt station!! But... my body really wet bcos of the rain!! Lucky now didnt sick!! haha...

Today, stay at home doing nothing again!! But results finally announced inside campus UM. Well.. i'm satisfied with my result although my cgp has dropped abit compare to last sem!! Tomorrow going KLCC PC Fair with friends. Finally i want to buy a laptop. Hope i get to buy a nice and cheap laptop... wahahahaha... ^^

Wednesday, November 28, 2007







Saturday, November 24, 2007






Wednesday, November 21, 2007

** mY CoNtAcT **

today went to see dentist finally! Erm... Need to do operation to extract my another wisdom tooth. Haiz... Actually i need to remove all wisdom teeth. What to do? Stucture got problem abit. zzz... Perhaps next semester i will be more stupid. Wisdom teeth = inteligent teeth??? *ish ish*

Another news from me... Wahahahaha... After i enter UM, i bought another maxis number! Then i'm using 2 contact number, digi and maxis. But today, i got another celcom sim pack for FREE!! Inside consists of RM5. Well, i dun plan to reload 3 hp for every month. Celcom number just take for fun. But now i'm using 3 handphones at once. Wahahahaha... But... sometimes i think is abit troublesome to bring 3 handphones everytime. Haiz.. What to do? no money to reload my number... zzz... T.T

Next monday extract teeth... *scary*

Monday, November 19, 2007




Saturday, November 17, 2007

iS tiMe to pLay ~~

yahooooo~~ finally no more exam!! no more books!!! no more writing notes!!! no more memorizing work!! no more study!!! hehehehehehehe.....

yesterday went sunway lagoon with another 13coursemates! erm... fun?? ok ok lor... i dont really like to play water actually... just accompany people go... wahahahahaha.... but is really expensive ler... i dont think i will go again unless got people pay for me... hehehehe....

yesterday drank swimming pool water... my ear got in water somemore!!! From last night til now, still cant hear clearly... haiz... how to remove the stupid water from my ear ar?? haiz.... sob sob...

what's my next holiday plan? Dunno ler... I still want to go the EYE!! But most of my friends already went, think.... i wont get to go anymore... haiz.... no FATE!!!! =(

But I'm sure that i will go penang and visit my xia xiang family!! maybe will work next month too... Need to earn more money to buy laptop... hehehe... ganbatte ganbatte!! ^^

Thursday, November 15, 2007





分分秒秒 点点滴滴



Sunday, October 28, 2007

my sky is changing colour

woo... my sky is changing color...
from grey... change to black....
sob sob... so upset....
i nearly fail my mid term exam!!
haiz... will i pass all subjects this semester??
nobody knows!!!
possibilities unlimited!!
good for me??
haiz... so down now...
but still have to study...
life is suffering....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sTuDy m0de...

finally... final exam is coming...
soon... i will be in study mode...
prepared time table for study
arranged well but didnt follow @.@
haiz.... still moodless to read ler....
hope my result wont be that terrible!
i hope i can maintain to be a 3-pointer!!
this semester is really tough if compare to last 2 sem
ganbatte ganbatte ganbatte everybody!!!

** yeah yeah... tmr can meet sweetheart ler!!! **

Thursday, October 11, 2007

semester 3

finally finish semester 3. No more assignments and tests!!! Now... only left final exams... zzz... really scary... this semester is really alot harder compared to last 2 semesters!! i hope i can still be a 3-pointer!!! really have to ganbatte for this study weeks!! **add-oil add-oil**

For sem3, i didnt join many activities!! Only joined Freshie Day for my college CC and Cybernite of FSKTM. I also dunno why i joined so few.. perhaps is really too busy!!! every week has on9 test!! Need to study always!! haiz... life is suffering!!! no fun!!! really sienz with my study stuff!!!

last 2 weeks really busy with my assignments!! everyday sleep at 4-5am... zzzz... my face is so "chan" now... but yesterday night, i feel so "wu liao" cos no more assignment to do!! haha... maybe i'm used to busy everynight edi.... now really feel sienz.... just now sleep til 12+++. wakakakakaka... so syok!!!

Anyway, this sem, i get to know more coursemates!! Last time, i only be with 10college friends... but this sem, something has changed!! 20+++ coursemates somemore went sunway and eat steamboat!!! wakakaka... i think such activity is good!! Can interact each other better!! Seriously said... i dunno many of them!! Know by face but dunno their names!! hahahahaha.... so cha!!!

i feel myself really have bad memory!! Always cant rmber ppl's name! those that went PD with me, mostly i dunno their names... knew one or two days then forgotten again!! wakaka... no heart ah me!!! even for 10th college juniors, mostly i forgot their names too... everytime also ask what's their names!! but i still cant rmber it... zzzz... nowdays really low profile in college edi!! Dunno why?? @.@

but the most surprise thing that i did is becoming a wakil calon. Wakil for my faculty's calon, Goh!! I really got no heart in election stuff!! Dun like to be involved in politics stuff!! Anyway, i joined because of fren oni... to me, which side is ntg, my fren win then ok la... haha... lucky, he won!! hahaha... congratulations!!!!

the worst thing happened is my wisdom tooth was broken!! haiz... really suffering... pain everyday for 2-3weeks!! Cannot eat well everyday!! ate porridge for 2-3weeks!! now abit phobia to porridge edi!!! Lucky i get to extract my teeth in UH, Dentistry for FOC!! if not, my wallet will be empty for sure!! well... is good to be a dentist u know? extract one teeth cost RM800-RM900!!! really expensive~ thx to Alvin who fetch me go see dentist so many times!!! together ponteng!! haha!! **我的智慧牙拔掉了!!我变笨了吗??**

Long time didnt blog photos up!! photos bout my PD trips!!! photos bout many many many things!!! sweet memories for my semester 3 journey!!! ^^

Friday, October 05, 2007


today viva dead edi...
why why why??
why suddenly program cannot run??

next week
many people not that busy
but i still have

study break coming!!
really need to study alot this time
i dowan to fail!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

grandmother stories... ^^

Phew~~ really long time didn’t blog. Really quite busy for pass few weeks… busy in doing activities, busy in exams, busy in doing tutorials… Back to “no-sleep” life again!!! Hahahahaha… Now… really have lotta thing to blog… like grandmother's stories! haha... erm… where should I start now?

I went to a trip 2weeks ago. It was college’s activity, CC freshie trip!! Well… we went to Port Dickson again. Haiz… I’m really a bit sienz with that place now. But this time, I’m committee of the trip, the feeling is totally different from last year, when I was a junior. Haha… I really old edi lor… upgraded to become senior!! Hehe… ^^

The trip was quite fun. I ate lotta sands and drank lotta dirty sea water. Finally, I thrown by a gang of guys into the sea. I really feel like dying that time… so “senfu”!! I really dunno how to swim… the water there some more so deep!! I cant even stand up properly after that. But… it is still quite fun actually… wakakakakaka… as usual, became dark after I back from PD again!! Took many many photos again!! I found that this year’s juniors are more capable than my year! All of them are enough “SS” and super pro in acting!! @.@

After PD trip, exam week came! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… everyday exam!! Really can feel stress and tiring… I didn’t sleep for 40hrs continually. Am I great? Some more went to Klang ate Bak Kut Teh and watch movie during exam week! Haiz… what to do? Got inside “car” edi… cannot choose!! Haha… Hope my result wont be that bad!! If not, final has to work super hard ler… (p/s: Thx KL for bringing us go gai gai oh!!)

Got a bad news too!! I cant graduate in 3years anymore. This is really “sweat” to me!! Why why why? Why the ministry suddenly wants to extend my industry training? Haiz… why it has to start with my batch? I’m “white mouse” again!!! My convocation is sooooooo far from me now!!! I cant see it… where isit???????

The worst thing happened is about my teeth. My wisdom teeth broken. I thought it was just a small case… but I have to do an operation in order to remove the teeth. Now I have to suffer everyday! I cant eat well everyday!! Maybe it is a good opportunity for let me to diet but… I have to spend a lot in doing the operation!! RM400 ler… “tHuNdeR is back to poor life again!!” Sob… Monday I will go see dentist!! Hope I can recover ASAP!! *pray pray*

Today, this weekend, really the most free weekend I got after so long! This week no CCNA test! Wakakaka… so happy!! But happy moment is always short… Monday will start CCNA2. I have to take 3 tests every week again!! Haiz…

Today I went LI workshop! The workshop is really nice… At least I didn’t fall asleep there! But I’m a little disappointed because I didn’t get to go Putrajaya and watch firework!! Well, I watched firework many times! Dunno why? I still hope to go over and see it!! Hope everybody enjoy now!! Will I be able to watch?? This is a good question I guessed!!

Time for homework!!! Tataz..

Sunday, July 29, 2007


feel so stress...
so many test...
assignments are calling me...
tutorials are shouting at me...
so sienz....

my timetable is so pack...
pack until i got no time to rest...
i want to watch "Harry Potter"...
but i cant find a suitable time til now...

studies are important...
activities are my favourite...
what should i choose?
how can i manage?

i dowan question marks around me anymore...
get rid of me...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

*cough day*

sigh... sick again.. really long time didnt cough... haiz... the weather is so hot and i cant drink cold things now... sob... how pity is this?? haiz...

well... so fast class has started for 2 weeks... actually not really start teaching.. more likely is watching drama non-stop only... what to do? nothing to do in hostel... cant on9 for the first week, no activities... no class... everyday so boring... haiz... why lecturer likes to put aeroplane on us so much? haiz...

finally get to know some juniors... actually i dunno their names... perhaps they dunno me too... is too many of them... somemore i got short term memory... very fast forgot... dun blame me oh... this year got many fsktm juniors in 10th college... hehehehe... all kena me tipu to cybernite interview... well... cybernite is really the only activity from my faculty... so is a golden chance for them to join... hahaha...

went to cheong K on wednesday... ponteng to cheong K... zzz... really felt sorry to the lecturer... LOL... well... i know i shudnt did that.. because of cheong K, now i am sick... zzz... but is really fun to cheong K that day... went with seniors and melisa... LOL... their singing... hahaha... funny...

hope i will recover ASAP!! =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

bye bye HOLIDAY!!

let's say BYE BYE to holiday!!
finally back to UM.
back to college
found new roommates.. Melisa & Guey Ping
my new room is K2-2-6
the room is slightly BIGGER
well.. next time must go register room at 7am
perhaps... there isnt a Next tiMe

the Room is dusty
made me sicky
now so sleepy
but cant sleep ah me

Hope to know juniors ASAP
only 51juniors in my college
girls and guys are even this time
good... everybody got partner then...
hahahaha... ciaoz...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

* holiday -- new semester *

Is time to blog again before my holiday ends. Nothing special happened. Finally finish taking the course after 10days. Well… I got 100% for my test… hahahaha… I couldn’t remember how long I didn’t get 100% after I went to secondary school. Honestly, where got so easy to get 100% one? The 100% is because of something actually… oh nonono… I didn’t copy other people’s answer, I really did it myself. But, we actually know the questions before attending the test!! Hehe… ends up whole class also get 80++. Wakakakaka… so happy!!!

After class, left another week before my long long holiday ends! Basically I stayed at home everyday, went out once a while. Haiz… my mum doesn’t like me go out always… really felt sorry to my mihas friends, put aeroplane for them that night!! So have to stay at home everyday. Lucky I got many drama in my pc… can watch drama or anime or play games everyday!! Hehehehe…

Finally I become senior la… hahaha… I will take care of juniors for sure… I will meet them soon… don’t know how are them after haluansiswa?? But I think there will be many “sick cats” again for sure!! Hohohoho…

Prepare prepare and get prepared for my next semester!! Hope it will be a fun and happening semester!! =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

mY holiday

It looks long for the 2nd semester break!! But it seems like i'm not having much free time left!! first thing after exam, rest for few days or perhaps i slept for a long long time!! haha... then i went to work for few days!! knew some new friends!! earned a little money!! and then...... spent it all!!! haiz....

right after that, i went to penang "xia xiang" with UM friends!! back after 3 weeks plus... then rest at home again!! now i'm dark... sobz...

today finally went out with friends!! met darling, yee ching and shu yee who worked with me at padini last time... went 1u eat eat and watch movie!! it feels GOOD!! hehehe...

tomorrow... i'm going to study... well... i took a microsoft sql course from 21/6 til 1/7. The course will be held everyday from 9am - 5pm. This is a pretty long course... Hope it wont be that boring!! Anyway, it is a good chance for me to learn!!!

after course, it will be another week left before holidays end!! what am i suppose to do?? meet friends and go for cheong K i think... wakakakaka... tataz...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007





在下乡开始以前共有3个营,我只去了工作营和集训营!工作营时,我们都住在一间bungalow里,是一间Rumah Tetamu M.P.P.P. ,里面也还蛮大的!有3见大房,可惜的是没有足够的床!我只好在地板上睡咯!幸亏有带sleeping bag,但还是睡得很辛苦,腰骨很痛!在工作营里,我们都忙着准备下乡所需的东西!有的忙着做backdrop,有的忙着练舞,戏剧等等的事务!


在工作营后,大家都有一天的假期!我便去了嘉丽家住!谢谢您收留我哦!芷婧和嘉丽带我,元廷和弈秀去了一些地方玩!有沙滩,极乐峙及shopping centre!哈哈!谢谢你们哦!


到了31日,我们终于向Balik Pulau出发咯!我们这次的下乡活动是在Balik Pulau!就这样,我们开始了真正的下乡之旅,那时的我,还很紧张,不懂谁会领养我,又不懂他们会不会说华语!我是个福建话白痴啊!幸亏领养我的那家人都会说华语!虽然只有我一个人去到李家,但我生活得很开心哦!他们一共有5个人,爸爸,妈妈,婆婆和一对儿女!他们还让我自己睡在一间大房里,此时此刻的我,看见有一张酱好睡的床,真是开心不已,终于不必睡地板了!哈哈!


9天的下乡之旅,一眨眼就过去了!我们在那儿多逗留了一天,我们出海咯!从没坐过sampan的我,这次既然坐着它到海边去玩,爽极了!真的可以感受到一望无际的海,地球果然是圆的!哈哈哈!可惜,那里的海有水母哦!有好多人中招耶!幸亏我没有,但是我却擦伤了脚!不过还是很爽!到了晚上,我们全部人连同领养家庭一起吃火锅!大鱼大虾竟在眼前,不要羡慕哦!那里是渔村嘛!吃完后,大家还一直到台上去唱歌!记得第一天时,请都没人愿去唱,但那天晚上,大家疯了似的,拼命的Syok Sendiri(SS)!!哈哈。。


除此之外,我也很感谢和我一起合作的朋友们!谢谢和我跳舞的,唱歌的,演戏的,一起当司仪的朋友!这次的下乡真的很棒,唱歌,跳舞,戏剧,司仪,每样都有我份,是个很好的经验!当然也少不了所有TP2组员,大家一起努力奋斗了一段时间!TP2 is The BEST!!哈哈哈哈!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

mihas 2007

here goes finish my part-time job... wat is my job? i dun really know what it calls actually... work in helping for registration of MIHAS 2007. When people came to the exhibition, ask them to fill up a form, then register for them... well... is quite simple only.. ^^

there are 3 kind of post for it, usher, assistant and typist. I'm the typist for Hall 2 at first, for first 2 days, then out of sudden, transfer me to hall 4 on the 3rd day!! haiz... quite upset for it at first, but actually is ok with it after that, everybody is friendly... ^^

but the job in hall 4 is really boring... frm typist change to form counting person... really faint after seeing all those form... all i can say is there are many people in this world who cant write nicely... they are many people with super terrible handwritting... >.<

after all, i think i cant judge one's age from one's outlook. hahaha... my supervisors all are so young!! younger than me... well... if ask me to guess, i think i will definitely guess wrongly... wakakaka... maybe is the dressing problem.. wearing balzer to work... first time i did that... am i look smart in it? hehe... ^^

now just waiting for my penang trip, dance not yet start choreograph!! haiz... tmr must work hard edi... ganbatte for myself... =)

** photo session **

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

is time to WORK

Long time never work, today went for briefing a while... stand for a while... legs are super tired... haiz... really old edi... luckily i'm typist for this part time job! hehe... no need to stand cos i can sit... wakakaka...

i'll be working tmr onwards at KLCC convention centre with xiau sing n his sister. Work as a receptionist for 5 days... first time join this kind of job, hope it will be wonderful... well.. really have to pray and hope that i didnt key in wrong data and lost any forms!! if not, cannot go home ler... sob...

hApPy WoRkiNg dAy!! ^^

Thursday, May 03, 2007

BoRinG HoLidAy

what a boring holiday...
Dunno what to write?
Dunno where to start?
Everyday staying at home...
Facing computer again and again.
well... it is quite enjoy sometimes.

Never mind...
next week I'm going to work
just a Part-time job
to earn some money
to gain some experiences

Then then then
i will be going to Penang on 19th
Go there have fun
Go there teacher kids study
out of sudden...
i'm so kind-hearted!!

Hope everybody has a nice holiday
Anyone going for trip?
buy me BIG BIG souvenir wor...

Friday, April 27, 2007

yeah yeah~~ no more exam~~

finally finally finally...
my second semester in UM is ended
today finally finish my exam...
so happy....

well... if u ask me how was exam?
i think ok ba...
the hardest paper seems like everybody doing well except me
next time dowan take 12th week paper anymore..

anyway... is time to relax
time to go gai gai
time to have fun
time to watch bleach...
enjoying now...


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Malam Gemilang Sepuluh

finally... my college nite is done... hehe... Malam Gemilang Sepuluh Kali Ke-10... finally i can say bye bye to MGS... 3months doing it... really "fan"....

this year, my college nite, MGS held in Genting International Convention Centre. Looks great rite? go so far for college nite... wakakaka... but the price is reasonable actually. Rm120 for 2 days 1 night... oh ya... we stay overnight in Genting at First World Hotel. this is my first time went genting with friends. Feeling great.. hehehe...

well... this time i can enter casino liao lor... wakaka... kena check IC, but i'm adult edi.. reach 21 years old bout 2mth... went there but never gamble.. duno why?? just dun feel like gambling there... maybe i'm too tired... but the environment there is really bad to me... perhaps if i went there more times, might kena cancer... all smokers inside... haiz.. no eyes see.

back to the dinner night. on that day, many of my friends took the makeover package. many of them really change alot after makeover.. me myself, really cant recognise them sometimes. hahaha... me myself also did that but mine is free de... kekeke... well... i think i look different!! dun u think so??? hehehe...

anyway, i lost a chance to makan breakfast... sigh.. woke up late edi... but i heard people said the breakfast til 10am... haiz... wasted... i shud go down and eat... sobz... stupid ive nvr wake me up... zzz....

done done done... finally no more activities and assignments... hehehe... slept about 20hrs only last week. sleep whole day yesterday... now have to study lor... wish me luck for exam ba... wakakaka... ciaoz...

SS session:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

sTuDy m0dE

finally final exam of sem2 is here... this time my exam period is really long... from 22nd March til 27th April. really suffering... but the first paper really make me faint... after study also dunno what has happened?? haiz...

really not good to take 12 week paper... now assignments n actvities burden me... somemore got final... haiz... me now hide away from people... stay at home and study... ponteng all meetings and classes... wakakakaka..

hope everybody can score for exams... =)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

keNa bLocked from Goin Out fRom UM

zzz... today i kena blocked from going out from UM... isnt it strange??? really unbelievable... now cannot enter UM too... terpaksa back home and stay one more night with Melisa... haha... really lucky cos my hse is SUPER near... if not... really have sleep at the road side lor... zzzzz...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

journey after CNY

well... now really busy with activities, assignments and exams... haiz... so fast... really fast... semester 2 gonna end... and me?? still not yet prepare for final AGAIN!!! zzz... when will i be more hardworking leh???

today jus count angpao's money... wakaka... today really not bad... now got money go buy stuff lor.. but still have to save abit... if not money very fast HABIS!! hohohoho...

well.. UM will held a vista exhibition and launching on 5th of April. I'm in exhibition team this time... no more programme team lor... hahaha... have to change abit... so all my friends must come and support support abit ya... especially those UM one... lol

after vista launching... then my college will held college night... MGS... i'm in publicity team.. which is now super free... maybe i need to do banner but my team is super free... once awhile paste poster on notice board... if compare to the other dept, they really cham ler...

later have to go back college... zzz... later need to go aiesec cultural night... have to support "papa" abit... he worked so hard for the project... hehe... tmr is a stupid day to me... have to attend a ceramah from 8am til 11pm.. really sweat lar me... what kind of talk is that??? zzz... have to bring stuff in and play lor... hahaha... ciaoz...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

losing money...

haiz... finally i really gamble myself this year.. hehehe... dai goh lui edi mar... ahahaha...

but... really no good news today.. i lose money... sigh... my money all kena eat by my form 6 friends... hehehe... nvm la... as they said, pay for a lesson... hahahaha....

well... looks like CNY going to end soon... monday bck to college edi... cannot stay at home ler... no more biscuits to eat... ahahaha... not bad... can diet... now really too fat jor... sobz...

so everybody has got enough angpao?? if not enough, better ganbatte now lor... before "nian chu 15"... hahaha... and those who wanna "fatt xin nian cai", also fast fast win more lor... dun be as bad luck as me can edi...

tired of me... zzz... ciaoz...

Monday, February 19, 2007

g0nG Xi fA cAi

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah gong xi gong xi gong xi ni...

hahahaha... wish everybody here happy chinese new year... have a nice pig year but dont be a pig ohhh...

last but not least.. gong xi fat cai... hong bao na lai... hehehehe... =)

Friday, February 16, 2007

my 21st birthday!!

finally i'm 21 years old... become truely adult... can go into casino edi... wakakaka... quite happy with it... but at the same time, i'm older one yr... haiz...

this year there are 4 celebrations. 1st is with my 2 roommates, is an early celebration... what to do? we are now under holiday mode... they went bck their home town to celebrate CNY edi... really thx them.. buy me a handphone hanger... really nice... thx ya...

next celebration was yesterday 12am+++... with my sifu n simou... wakakaka... they really not bad... still come to help me celebrate after their sweet valentine... haha... thx ya... although u all bought a cake that i dun eat, but i still appreciate it... hehehe... at least, i went murni before now... i went murni on my 21st birthday date... haha... feel like sweating now?? wakakakaka...

then after one night sleep, went 1u for next celebration with ru n xian at 1st i thought. really surprise me when i saw mun there too... she lie to me... told me that she bck on 16th... haiz... but i still happy for it... at least my darling n honey n xian celebrated for me... at TGI friday somemore... really felt shy when they sing song for me jus now... hahaha... stand on the chair... abit of paiseh!!! hehe... besides, they bought me a massager.. smart ler... i always tired n busy... now got something to help me massage... wakakaka... thx ya..

last but not least, bck home n celebrate with my family... no big meal but at least with a cake... 2 cousins came n celebrated for me as well... bought me a nice nice necklace... and my mum, gv me a big big angpao... wakakaka... so happy... thx ya...

now i'm 21yrs old... dai gor lui edi... haha... before ciaoz... need to thank all my frens tat send me msg as well... thx for remembering my birthday... and last but not least, thx SSAA who gave me a bracklet too... ok... now have to wish everybody here have a nice chinese new year... get as many angpao as possible ya!!! hahahahahaha... enjoy... =)

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


又到了情人节了。。 今天的你是否有人为你庆祝呢??

哈哈。。。 在此祝所有有情人甜甜蜜蜜!! 有个快乐的星期三!!

无情人者,祝你们下一年有情人哦!! 哈哈哈!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007


zzZzz.. now really sleepy.. today went n timeSquare with sister... hahaha... CNY coming ler... must shopping and buy nice nice cloths... really spent alot today... now wallet empty... but nevermind!! can get ANGPAO soon... wakakaka... perhaps this is why people like CNY alot... especially kids... lotta food to eat and angpao to get... me consider old old kid lor... ahahaha...

now doing vista stuff... sienz... my leader so fussy... change this and that!! haiz... lucky now is holiday... if not, i sure no time to do for him... haha... "Mr.E, u are lucky wei..." but actually i und his condition, want thing to be the best mar... i also a fussy people... but..... really lazy to edit... wakakakaka...

hope file can finish transfer ASAP!! then can go oioi... tmr still got class... haiz... everybody holiday except SE students.. so unfair... haiz... ciaoz...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

sWeet m0menTs!!

well... this week really a busy week!! never really sleep for 4days.. everyday bout 3 hrs... haiz... now... really having a "chan" look... sigh...

for this week, i learnt some new thing... know how to wrap flower ler... hehe... well... really got many people like to deliver flower for friends. Actually nowdays roses are not only for girl fren edi... normal fren oso give roses ohh.. hahaha...

we sell flower, mandarin orange and lollipop for this dedication. er... got quite lotta order... got people buy 50 roses leh... somemore said buy for his mum... u think got people trust?? haha... dun "jia jia" ler...

actually different amount of flowers got different meaning. so do u know it's meaning? maybe there's special meaning behind for the flower u got... haha.. frens... be aware ohh...

1朵 你是我的唯一
2朵 你侬我侬,祝你幸福
3朵 我爱你,请原谅我
4朵 山盟海誓,相爱长久,似曾相识
5朵 无怨无悔
6朵 祝你一切顺利
7朵 喜相逢,祝你幸福
8朵 弥补,请原谅我
9朵 长长久久,长相厮守,相爱到永远
10朵 十全十美,完美的你
11朵 一心一意,最美
12朵 心心相印
13朵 暗恋的人
15朵 守住你的人
16朵 成长的喜悦
17朵 好聚好散,让爱结束吧
19朵 一生守候
20朵 两情相悦,此志不渝
21朵 你是我的最爱
22朵 双双对对,生生世世
24朵 思念,我好想你
25朵 没有猜忌
26朵 旧爱新欢
30朵 不需言语的爱
32朵 告诉你,我不会三心二意
33朵 深情呼唤我爱你
36朵 我心属于你
44朵 恒古不变的誓言
50朵 这是无悔的爱
56朵 吾爱
57朵 吾爱吾妻
66朵 情场顺利;真爱不变
77朵 有缘相逢,嫁给我吧
80朵 让我尽一切的弥补你
88朵 用心弥补一切的错
99朵 天长地久,长相厮守
100朵 百份百的爱,白头偕老,百年好合
101朵 你是我的唯一,唯一的爱
108朵 求婚,嫁给我吧
111朵 无尽的爱
123朵 爱情自由
144朵 爱你生生世世
365朵 天天爱你
999朵 长长久久,恒古不变
1001朵 忠贞的爱,永恒的爱,直到永远

captured many nice flowers... all wrap by ourselves... 10th college really have lotta talented people ohh.. take a look ba...

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Sunday, February 04, 2007


today i sleep like a pig...
woke up at 1:30pm...
tat's the first time leh...

but tat's good to zzz now...
this week will be a super busy week to me...
perhaps no time to zzz...

Saturday, February 03, 2007


想不到。。。这样快就收到红包了。哈哈。。 昨天,我宿舍的华人社团搞了一个团圆饭活动。我们一共百多人去蒲种的一间餐厅吃晚餐! 3辆巴士一起去!还真的蛮有架势的! 哈哈。。

昨天突然发现原来有很多FSKTM的西尼尔都是曾经住过十宿舍的。还有一大班我不曾见过的人。他们都是已搬出去的西尼尔!不过,还真好。。 回来跟我们一起吃团圆饭哦!!

食物其实还好罢了! 是我太挑剔吗?我不懂哦! 总之我只觉得纸包鸡是最好吃的啦。。 菜和sotong真的很差哦!! 哈哈。。 不过一大班人一起吃,感觉还好哦!! 还有一大班很吵得阿公们! 唉。。 老人家果然是罗索!! 哈哈!!

当天颁发了很多奖项, 还有许多幸运抽奖! 但此中没我的份!但拿了一个令人“流汗”的奖!最佳八婆奖。哈哈!由于自已心中有数, 所以也没什么惊喜! 我的确几八的。。 但相信和我一样八的人应该有很多吧!这可真要谢谢投我一票的人噢! 不过别担心! 我一点也不觉得怎样! 大家开心就好!但请大家不要在其他人面前叫我八婆, 不然我的市场就没咯!哈哈!

1. 样衰衰,口臭臭  –  振业
2. 最佳八公  –  志伟 (ah B 代拿 – 他可真是之前的得主哦!)
3. 最佳八婆  –  我咯!=.=’’
4. 最佳明星脸  –  woo ken (edison)
5. Lek 仔 - 凯正
6. Lek 女 - 燕颖
7. 最佳情侣 - 凯宇,燕颖
8. 最佳帅哥 - 伟正
9. 最佳美女 - arabel
10. 最佳人选大佬 - 振业
11. 最佳人选大家姐 - 月萍 

其实蛮多都是预料之内的。。不过我真的猜错最佳情侣奖! 不过他们也真的是绯闻多多的勒!等下看看照片就懂他们是否很衬!


好啦。。 在此搁笔!下星期将会是个忙碌周! 希望事事如意吧!加油!加油!加油!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

ALOT to write...

well... alot to write for this week!! long time never crap here... hahaha... busy mar...

erm... attended FSKTM cybernite on 14/1/2007. paid RM79 for just a dinner. That's just the ticket to enter cybernite. i somemore went sungai wang with melisa to buy cloths. sigh... really spent alot... now i am so pooooooor!! sobz... empty wallet...

if u ask me whether isit fun in cybernite? perhaps i will answer u no lor.. not that the cybernite is very boring... the food consider ok to me... events oso ok lar... actually i went there to see lecturer's performance and of course.. support my college's frens who dance hip-hop on that night. well... lecturer dun really sing... and dance oso ok ok oni... maybe i sienz edi...

i think cybernite not fun to me is because not many people tat i know went cybernite. me n melisa r the oni 2 junior who went.. other junior are commitee. so sienz there... helping people taking photos. watching people laughing arounfd. But i'm sien there... sigh... lucky at last... b4 back... me n melisa oso crazy in taking photos... nice nice photos but u can c i'm growing in weight... sobz....

then then on 24th... there's a concert by UM students. well... dayao concert is even more crowded then PTUM. this is a good beginning. perhaps really got people come bcos of superstar. but nevermind, i guess everybody can see that UM students is really capable. even superstar thinks that we are great!! wakakakaka... a fun thing happenend on that night. one of the superstar said i'm her sister's best fren during primary skul... so strange... i dun even kno who's her sis... really weird!! hahaha...

oops.. nearly forgot to mention our snow white!! haha.. want kno who is snow white?? she is SSAA presiden. we have rented a snow white dress for her to wear on her birthday!! really pretty ah she... i think this will be a memorable birthday to her ba...

now... i'm still busy even after so many events. now busy with mid-sem exam, assignments, MGS, microsoft vista stuff and others.... hope it wont affect my studies ba... i'm repeating old steps as previous sem... join many activities again... really cannot change lar me... perhaps this is me ba... if one day i nvr join anything, i'm not thunder anymore lor... hahaha...

start work again... ciaoz...

memorable photos!!

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Festival Seni

finally... no more dance practise... can back home n sleepz... hehehehe...

festival seni was held starting frm 4/1/07. well... chinese traditional dance was the first competition for this festival seni... there were 7 groups from 6 different colleges has participated... there are 5 prizes but unfortunately... my college lost... haiz... but our dance is really much more simple n short compared to others... what to do?? we dun dare to break the rules... what do "tarian tradisional yang asli dan sejenis" mean?? looks like everybody has modified a lot... sigh~~~ nevermind lar... we still better than those colleges that nvr participate.. LOL!!!

is a good try i think... this was the first time to have pertandingan tarian tradisional cina in festival seni... we did our best!! smile n smile n smile... hahaha... this was the first time that i felt myself looks like "chun li" too... hehehe... really cute!! =)

took lotta photos again... nice costume we have... have to thx our "lao shi" --> kai chin who choreographed the dance!! 10th college must gambade next year lar....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

before competition!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

after competition!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

hApPy NeW yEaR

finally 2006 is over... today... brand new day of year 2007!! "hApPy NeW yEaR" everybody...

yesterday went countdown with uni frens... at first thought can go sungai wang this year but we went 1u at last!! this was the 2nd time i went 1u for countdown... anyway... this year was really more fun than last year!! there's a countdown concert this year!! Gary Cao Ge, Zhang Dong Liang, Zhuo Wen Xuan ... etc... were there in 1u last night!! Gary n Zhang Dong Liang really have super lotta fanz... everybody knew their songs... everybody sing together... really "yi chi ban"!! haha...

got some digi free gifts last night!! really good to be digi user sometimes... without digi, i cant have such a nice place for yesterday concert!! hehe...

well.. finally i saw my honey yesterday... after countdown, when i bck that time... saw ru, mun, xian n other frens outside banana's hse... nvr thought of seeing them last night.. really surprise...

hope everybody have a great year for 2007... but for me... the first day already not that good... cirit-birit again... looks like i always cirit-birit on 1st of jan... =.=''