Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New LRT Train

Finally the long waited four-cars train started playing the Kelana Jaya LRT line!!! I read about this news from The Star today!!! Really didnt expect that I have chance to travel with the new train today after work... But... I did.............

The train is much more longer... The train is less crowded... Normally I would have no chance to sit when I travel from KL Sentral Station to Taman Bahagia Station... But today I did... I get to sit right after I stepped into the train... Nice!!!!

There are lesser seats allocated inside the new trains... The new trains have a special area for the wheelchair-bounded passengers... Well, that means it has more spaces for us to stand and squeeze together... lolz...

Snapped some photos... Due to the limitations of my hp camera, i failed to capture the whole train... but... it is obviously longer............ than those 2-cars train... lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

myspace comments

Wishing All my Friends Merry Christmas!!! Get more Presents!!! Have a nice day!!! I don't mind getting a xmas present late... hahaha... ^^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

> Messages for my Coursemates <

hahaha~ at first thought of not writing the messages, but after i read it from YY's blog... I decided to drop some messages to all my coursemates... Bai~~ When are you going to write? Since you are the organizer... kakaka~


Message For YOU

Bong Chang Dick

Yoyo… Find a day go sing K ya~ Nice to meet you… Manager~

Dillon Ngo

Dillon Papa~ Take Care!!!

Fong Hui Loong

Take care… I guess I speak to you less than 10 sentences??

Fong Kha Chun

Hope you can find RM5k job ASAP!! LOL

Fua Tai Keong

Come come… teach me play guitar… XD

Gan Chin Kiat

Mostly people will feel u very quiet… but I feel u pandai “zhat” people!!

Goh Hong Loong

Boss… I thought you going to treat us a meal?? WHEN WHEN WHEN?

Kang Kai Chern

God… 多多指教 in GI… LOL

Khor Su Teik (Reese)

Reese gor gor… take care ohh… wish you found a gf who loves basketball… hahaha

Kong Eng Chin

Eat more eat more… too thin edi~ All the best in working at non-IT field…

Kong Seng Kean

Hi SK… We are SK II. When want to discuss business???

Lean Zhen Whei

Nice to work with you for cybernite project… All the best ya~ Take care!!!

Lee Kong Leong

Kakashi… Don’t always ask me to tell you things that I dowan to tell la… CNY come find me… I treat you eat cookies I baked… :p

Lee See Haw

シーハオさん、どうぞよろしく おねがいします。Take care ya!!!

Lee Tzan Yuen (Alvin)

闲来打麻将啦 ~

Leonard Tan

Thank you!!! Thanks for helping me in assignments… you are a great speaker… all the best…

Lim Chee Weng

I think you 好吃好住 from sem 1 until sem 7… hahaha~ take care!!!

Lim Wei Zheng

Take care… Let’s go yumcha when free… ^^

Low Kit Hau

Teach me how to be so smart la~~

Mervin Sho

Less talking to you~ All the best ya!!!

Ng Chee Beng

我怕狗!!! :-S

Ng Swee Guan

Must treat my primary@secondary@uni friend good good ya~ ^^

Ng Wai Lim

Take care and all the best for everything

Ng Wei Qi

Let’s go sing K when free!!! Take Care!!!

Soh Chin Kiong

Don’t always bully by people la… must be strong abit~~~ kakaka

Soo Lip Meng

Wish you diet success!! LOL

Tan Boon Seng (Winson)

Eat more la… so thin!!!

Tan Chor Jun

Thanks for introducing Job to me… Owe me a meal… LOL

Tee Wei Hoe

Sifu, take care ohh… 55 find a simou for me…

Toh Thiam Hock

Leader, thanks for your guidance for thesis… Don’t always play game only la… must go out find girl friend… lol

Wong Mun Tat

Hope the people you love will love you too… All The Best

Wong Wei Chieh

I’m shocked that you know who am I… hahahaha~ Take Care

Woo Mun Keat

I understand that old people is more 长气!!! But sometimes you are really too noisy!!! Kakaka~~ YY don’t hit me…

Yong Jian Wei

Hope you 55 find a super rich girl friend and buy a super big house… LOL


Message For YOU

Arabel Chin

Leng Lui, All the best ya~

Chai Siaw Fuai

Don’t be so quiet… talk more talk more… hahaha~ Take care ya~

Choong Zhi Jing

Don’t so greedy keep say want find rich bf la… wish you happy always ya~

Kek Chia Tee

Ms Cutie, nice to meet you~ Don’t always let people bully you!! Must learn from Kuat… KUAT~~

Kuat Xia Lee

Although I know you are kuat, but you are too thin… Eat more!!! Ask bcd buy you more food!!! LOL

Lim Hui Qi

I am jealous that you are tall and thin… T_T good luck ya~

Lim Xui Ting

Next time when you come to KL, come and find me sing K ya~ Thanks for fetching me around in Penang… Take care

Loh Oi Ting

Let’s go sing K again next time… Take care ya~

Ng Bai Hui

Dear… I will miss you always… Wednesday FOREVER!!!

Ong Chu Hui

SSAA President cannot lose one… Add OIL…

Ong Hui Lin

Ah hua… Long time never see you acting… hahahaha~

Ong Yen Ying

Have to see you everyday during weekdays for 2 years… haih~

Penny Chok Li Ping

Great to perform singing together with u on DTC stage!!! A memorable day for me… ^^

Sam Sue Hui

I am paiseh to take photos with my hp when you have SLR in hand… hahaha~ Wednesday FOREVER!!!

Tan Jia Pei

Do I speak to you before? Do you know me???

Tan Yuen Theng

Qing ren… I will help you jaga Kenneth in GI!!! Hahahaha~

Tien Yik Seiw

大姐… When will find me 大姐夫?? Don’t so picky laaaaa

Tew Shi Yi

Ms God!!! When want go movie, sing k and yumcha again? I miss those days and nights… hahaha~

Tow Sim Mei

Remember what you have promised me b4? Keep an eye on your future guy colleagues? XD

Yap Huei Ling

Your house so near… CNY go your house take angpao!!! :”>

Yeow Eileen

Knew you since 7 years old… really very very long time… hope you find your mr right ASAP… Good one already appear near you ler… hahaha~

Yong Jia Hua

Hello primary@uni friend!!! You are really a nice friend to meet...

Take Care everyone!!! Must remember ya~ XD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Week Working at GI

Finally finally finally.. I am no more a student... Officially become a worker on 14 December 2009. Working at Global Intelligence as Software Engineer. A good day to remember.. hahaha~

How is my working life? Very very very very boring....... Everyday stay in office studying studying and studying... 2 weeks later there will be a test for it... Argh~~~ Can i pass the test?? Seriously I don't know what am i studying for these 4 days?? haiz~~~~~~~~~~~~

On the second day i worked, GI have a small xmas party in the office... Each of us bought a xmas present (min RM15) and exchange with colleagues.... Guess what I've got for my xmas present?? it is...
which is..
50 pens

When i opened the present... in my mind.... there is one word... "SIENNNNNN"

Anyway, thanks for the present too... I have free pens to use from today onwards... LOL

Some snapshots @ GI