Sunday, October 28, 2007

my sky is changing colour

woo... my sky is changing color...
from grey... change to black....
sob sob... so upset....
i nearly fail my mid term exam!!
haiz... will i pass all subjects this semester??
nobody knows!!!
possibilities unlimited!!
good for me??
haiz... so down now...
but still have to study...
life is suffering....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sTuDy m0de...

finally... final exam is coming...
soon... i will be in study mode...
prepared time table for study
arranged well but didnt follow @.@
haiz.... still moodless to read ler....
hope my result wont be that terrible!
i hope i can maintain to be a 3-pointer!!
this semester is really tough if compare to last 2 sem
ganbatte ganbatte ganbatte everybody!!!

** yeah yeah... tmr can meet sweetheart ler!!! **

Thursday, October 11, 2007

semester 3

finally finish semester 3. No more assignments and tests!!! Now... only left final exams... zzz... really scary... this semester is really alot harder compared to last 2 semesters!! i hope i can still be a 3-pointer!!! really have to ganbatte for this study weeks!! **add-oil add-oil**

For sem3, i didnt join many activities!! Only joined Freshie Day for my college CC and Cybernite of FSKTM. I also dunno why i joined so few.. perhaps is really too busy!!! every week has on9 test!! Need to study always!! haiz... life is suffering!!! no fun!!! really sienz with my study stuff!!!

last 2 weeks really busy with my assignments!! everyday sleep at 4-5am... zzzz... my face is so "chan" now... but yesterday night, i feel so "wu liao" cos no more assignment to do!! haha... maybe i'm used to busy everynight edi.... now really feel sienz.... just now sleep til 12+++. wakakakakaka... so syok!!!

Anyway, this sem, i get to know more coursemates!! Last time, i only be with 10college friends... but this sem, something has changed!! 20+++ coursemates somemore went sunway and eat steamboat!!! wakakaka... i think such activity is good!! Can interact each other better!! Seriously said... i dunno many of them!! Know by face but dunno their names!! hahahahaha.... so cha!!!

i feel myself really have bad memory!! Always cant rmber ppl's name! those that went PD with me, mostly i dunno their names... knew one or two days then forgotten again!! wakaka... no heart ah me!!! even for 10th college juniors, mostly i forgot their names too... everytime also ask what's their names!! but i still cant rmber it... zzzz... nowdays really low profile in college edi!! Dunno why?? @.@

but the most surprise thing that i did is becoming a wakil calon. Wakil for my faculty's calon, Goh!! I really got no heart in election stuff!! Dun like to be involved in politics stuff!! Anyway, i joined because of fren oni... to me, which side is ntg, my fren win then ok la... haha... lucky, he won!! hahaha... congratulations!!!!

the worst thing happened is my wisdom tooth was broken!! haiz... really suffering... pain everyday for 2-3weeks!! Cannot eat well everyday!! ate porridge for 2-3weeks!! now abit phobia to porridge edi!!! Lucky i get to extract my teeth in UH, Dentistry for FOC!! if not, my wallet will be empty for sure!! well... is good to be a dentist u know? extract one teeth cost RM800-RM900!!! really expensive~ thx to Alvin who fetch me go see dentist so many times!!! together ponteng!! haha!! **我的智慧牙拔掉了!!我变笨了吗??**

Long time didnt blog photos up!! photos bout my PD trips!!! photos bout many many many things!!! sweet memories for my semester 3 journey!!! ^^

Friday, October 05, 2007


today viva dead edi...
why why why??
why suddenly program cannot run??

next week
many people not that busy
but i still have

study break coming!!
really need to study alot this time
i dowan to fail!!!