Sunday, December 30, 2007

bye bye to sem BREAK

finally til the end of sem break
1month plus passed
what have i done
sick for half a month?
went penang bout a week?
work for 2-3days?
started a business?
cheong K few times?
seems like doing nothing only
tmr is a brand new semester
tmr is the end of year 2007
the day after tmr will be how?
nobody knows
unpredictable life!
we should enjoy days and nights to the MAX!!! ^^

Saturday, December 22, 2007


haizhaiz... really duno how to start? Am i lucky? Am i unlucky? All i know is 'possibilities unlimited'!! i never thought of kidnapping happened in front of my house!! Really DANGER!! 2-3 minutes can happen lot of things really!!

Yesterday went to friend's house at Bandar Sri Damansara! It is a Christmas Party!! Went there eat eat drink drink and play mahjong! Really quite fun there but the ending is really bad! We decide to go home at around 2am. I didnt drive there, my fren SL fetched me there. But we decide to fetch another girl home to Tropicana there. The worst thing is my fren duno where she stays? zzz.. actually cant blame her cos she is malacca people, just stayed at KL for few days only. Then we find and find and find. After 1hour, finally we get to find her house! Actually we did call other people about the house location but i think that fellow got direction problem. He said turn RIGHT for 3 times but is actually turn LEFT for 3 times!! =.='''

After fetching her home, then SL fetch me home. By the time i reach home is about 3:30am edi. Then my fren wait me get into the house only leave. Before i close my house door, i saw a turquoise color Gen-2 car arrived, opposite my fren's car. I thought the car just want to pass by, so i went inside my house and close door. Then after i put down my stuff, i went to dining room and wanna off all lights. But i heard car's sound, then i saw my fren's car still outside with the Gen-2. I felt something wrong and faster get key and open the door so that i can see what is happening out there? Then i saw the guys hit my fren's car window hard!! Few times until it has broken! Me and my fren also screamed loud loud!

Those guys wanna pull my fren out from the car. Lucky my mum woke up and scream with us as well. Then other neighbours also awaken and went out from house. The guys then get back into their car and ran away!

Isn't it DANGER? if i never went out to dining room, what will happen to my friend? If we reach home one minute later or if i stay inside the car for one more minute, who will got kidnapped? i think by that time i get out from the car, i'm got kidnapped straight edi. Then me and my friends wont have a chance to say HI to this world anymore. One minute can happen so many things. Really unpredictable!!

i saw such scene from drama or movie only. Really never thought that it will happen to me!! my fren's car window is broken, her handphone and handbag oso stolen by the 3 malay guys! Haiz... really bad luck right? We plan to have fun but ends up.... perhaps u can say that we are lucky cos both of us never get kidnapped! But really scary!! I wont forget this FOREVER!!

I think i dun dare to go out late at night edi. Girls really have to becareful especially when u are alone!! Driving at night is really danger!! I wont drive at night after 10pm anymore!!! Hope my fren is ok now cos her leg is cut by the glasses. 真是不幸中的大幸!!

Life is precious! I will appreciate every single second from now onwards! we wont know what will happen to us the next second? really an unforgetable experience!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Yeah… finally get to go Eye On Malaysia. Wahahahaha… Although yesterday is not a good day to go, but nevermind la… at least I went there for once. Well, the Eye will be extended until national day of 2008. So, those who never go there b4 still got another 8months time before saying bye bye to the Eye.

Yesterday went with my darling, Jia Mun and Hui Xian and her bf, Jian Leon. We are lucky cos we get to see the laser presentation there. The presentation really not bad. I took lot of photos by my handphone. Haiz… really bad that we didn’t birng camera there. My hp cant take clear and nice photos at night. Sob sob….

Paid RM15 for the ride. Worth it? Actually dun really lor… RM3 for one round!! Somemore yesterday after rain, we can ‘t see the nice view from the windows. Really feel like wiping the windows myself but is really IMPOSSIBLE.

After the ride, SS taking photos with mun. wahahahaha…. This is call life~~~

Will I go there again? Perhaps I will cos I couldn’t get the nice place to take photo with the Eye. But I don’t think I will spend another RM15 for it again!! Really not worth it!

Photos time~~

Saturday, December 15, 2007

LuCky dRaW

wahahaha... today... finally... after 21yrs i live.. i've won my very first lucky draw... today went take part in panaGeek programming competition. Dun feel shock bout it.. i know ntg... questions so hard... i left it empty somemore... But the purpose of goin there is to eat nice buffet from PJ Hilton!! 5 Star Hotel!! Food not bad~~

Really never thought of getting a lucky draw prize. Wahahahaha... so happy!!! Is it a hint to show that i'm goin to be lucky from now onwards? Got a DVD drive!! Although i have one already, but nvm la.. Still can keep or sell!! muahahahahaha.....

A nice day of today!! ^^

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


always sick...

"Mr.Sick please leave me alone!!"

Friday, December 07, 2007


finally back from penang!! hehe... really happy cos i get to hui xiang with other friends. Although this time not everyone made it, but we still have great fun with it.

i went penang on last sunday! Went butterworth and stay at Pei Leng's house. Thanks to her that allow me to stay at her house or i might need to sleep at seaside! @.@

Then we went balik pulau on the next day, 3/12. Really long time didnt meet my xia xiang family. The people, view, houses there are still the same... Lotta memories we had there for last sem break! Well, something has changed, the kids growed up. Some of them taller alot! Perhaps they all will be taller than me when the next time i back to balik pulau again... when's the next time? really duno????

We went sona together on 4/12. This was the very first time that i went sona. At first, really feel suffering inside the room. The room is fulled of 药材smell and is super hot. Really hard to tahan sometimes. But very fast, i felt ok with it! Can sit there very long. Actually til now, i still quite curious whether i got sweat inside there anot? i doubt it was just steam air but not sweat. Anyway, my whole body still wet!! After sona, somemore get to eat RM1 laksa. Wahahaha... cheap ler?? taste good too... ^^

We leaved balik pulau on wednesday morning! Then we went gurney plaza to Cheong K together. 20people at once in a room. We hold a big big vip room!! Somemore got people sing 两只老虎!! wahahahahaha... really cute!! After that, we went to a Thai Restaurant to eat dinner. The food there... erm... i dun really like actually!! But the tom yam soup is Great!! others still okok but i think i wont eat again!! hohohoho....

After that, i stayed at xia lee's house. "Xia lee, Thanks for letting me sleep at your house!!" Then yesterdy afternoon bought bus ticket and back to KL. This is the first time i take bus alone for so long journey. Lucky didnt sesat when i walk from pudu to pasar seni lrt station!! But... my body really wet bcos of the rain!! Lucky now didnt sick!! haha...

Today, stay at home doing nothing again!! But results finally announced inside campus UM. Well.. i'm satisfied with my result although my cgp has dropped abit compare to last sem!! Tomorrow going KLCC PC Fair with friends. Finally i want to buy a laptop. Hope i get to buy a nice and cheap laptop... wahahahaha... ^^