Saturday, April 26, 2008

my College life

finally done 3 papers... wahaha... Actually really feel less stress after Computer Security and SAD paper... That's why yesterday night, right after exam.. we went cinema and watch Forbidden Kingdom... Hohoho....

Lately always go out pou with few friends... Not yum cha then is cheong K.. if not then is watching movie... wahahaha.. Too rich ler us... But perhaps this is call hostel life ler... Friends alot ma... But i only know tat when i'm in Sem4 now... Wahahahaha... Well.. this kinda life will end soon... All of us will move out from college next semester... Perhaps they can still have their night life~~ but me.. sure less edi ler.. Sure cannot go out so often one... ZZZ

wanna know who are my gang of "pou" friends? Wahahaha.. dun c they always go out.. exam all with good results... Actually their looks really like study kind to me.. hehehe.. they are... God(kChern), Ms.God(sYi), Hamster(wHoe), Kuat(xLee) and my qing ren(yTheng)... kLeong oso ler... but lesser... what to do? got Sun no Thunder ma... LOL

Erm.. actually lately took lotta "fei fei" photos.. Wahahaha.. Duno why lately i like to capture ppl so much ler... Sometimes in class.. ntg to do.. see friend sleeping at a side.. sure take down the photo... zzz.. Me sot edi.. too boring in class... wahahahaha...

Haiz... is time to study edi.. yesterday so relaxing ahh... Didnt study at all... Jus on9, play game, watch movie... wahahahaha... Seems like exam is over?? Haiz... just a way to 安慰 myself oni... still got 3 more papers.. I NOT yet read at all.. @.@

Anyway.. i would like to post some of my 作品... ^^

Friday, April 18, 2008

All the Best!!

Final exam is finally here... All the best everybody who are going to have exam.... Ganbatte... ^^
After final will be a brand new life... Working life... @.@

Saturday, April 12, 2008

MGS 2008

Now finally got time to post Blog.. hehe.. What to do? Really busy with assignments for this few weeks... now.. finally all done.. in study week... mood of study?? >>NO MOOD<<

This year MGS held in Hotel Istana on 4th April 2008. Well.. i'm the Treasurer that doing nothing on that night. Can choose to sit with friends, can choose to go later... hahaha... Dai Sai lor... Really bad right? But bendahari really got nothing to do on that night. Perhaps now only the time for me to work for MGS... Doing the complicated account.. haiz... sienz....

This year, i'm happen to be my roommates' hair styler. Haha... Dont be sweat.. i still did a not bad job for them ler... haha... "roommates, am i right?" Melisa happened to be so "yao ying" and Yue Ping became so pretty.. hehe... But i got no time to set hair for myself.. nevermind la.. since i dun have nice dress to wear also.. simple simple enough lo.. No time and money to buy... hahaha... but dun really worth to buy a dress too... everytime oso wear once then keep... really abit wasting money ler...

My tablemates are Melisa, Yue Ping, Zhi Jing, Bai Hui, Sheue Li, Ching Min, Wan Loo, Sim Mei and lastly... "God" Ive. He happy ler.. sit with so many leng lui that night... actually he was Yik Seiw's replacement. Dunno y my da jie suddenly dowan to go? Really sweat... Haiz...

Took lotta photos that night. For sure, i wont be able to take it all from everyone. Everytime is like that, that's why i borrow camera from Goh, brought it there and took photos for myself to keep... Hehe... smart ler??

The food there is very bad... haiz... 5 star so what? food is zero star ler.. my mum can cook better la.. haha... but perhaps this is what a 5 star hotel means? Nice decoration, nice table, nice chairs, nice service.... but bad food.. hahaha... anyway, i'm super hate that hotel now.. So many mosquitos... The hotel is like Hotel Istana Nyamuk to me.. One simple dinner made be got bitten by mosquitos more than 10 times. Sob Sob.. T.T

Time for photos... ^^