Sunday, April 30, 2006


at last!! i got to watch superstar!! wakakaka.. didnt waste those tickets!! i got 7 tickets totally!! 5 'la la dui" and 2 VIP!! my mum n sis took VIP seats and me n frens took "la la dui" seats!! luckily i took the right seat!! "la la dui" juz infront of the stage and VIP is super far behind... wakakaka.. somemore VIP seats sponsored by Padini company is last 2 rolls... haiz...

i wore blue shirt to support john yesterday!! actually i'm not really supporting him!! but i dun feel like wearing pink shirt.. tat's y.. support JOHN at last... hehe... a good choice too... cos he won at last!! wakakaka...

personally i think that des sang better but john really got more fanz compared to des!! i think john is more like a superstar too... dunno why?? just my feeling!! lolz... took lotta photos n videos last night.. till my hp no battery... lol...

Gary n Landy are really good singers!! sang greatly... i love their 祝我生日快乐!! they sang really super good!! Landy really dance well... everybody cheer for her!! i guess guys might have nose bleeding when they c her dance!! hehe... and our very first Malaysian Superstar - John picked the right song to sing yesterday too.. He sang David Tao - 爱很简单 but the song is not that 简单 actually... still rmber the last scence after he got the prize... he sing again with everyone there!! "i love u......." really touched!! perhaps this is an unforgettable scence for him forever!!

is time for photos session!!

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Superstar John

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superstar's fanz

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Gary and John

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Landy and Des

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Gary n Landy

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Top 4 for guys...

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Top 8

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cool photo.. wakakaka... rick is there!! the 2nd one frm left!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

bad luck

why why why??
why am i bad luck always??
always bought thing which have lotta problems!!
anything which is new n good
when i bought it
it will have lotta problems
i always buy thing carefully
think seriously
but BAD LUCK always with me

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Let’s start with Friday night… I went yum cha with my form6 classmates at SS2 Island Café… actually is me who asked for yum cha cos long time never meet them… but then yum cha became a birthday celebration for xiau sing… oh yes… his birthday was on 22nd April… and so we stayed there til 12am and helped him to celebrate straight… we bought a cake and everbody sing birthday song for him… no camera that night, so only took very few photos by using my handphone!! Cacat photos… lolz… we stayed there til 1 something then back home… quite boring that night… especially the birthday boy… haiz…

Is good to have 2 more off days on Saturday n Sunday! I went Genting with my family… first time staying overnight there… stayed at Ria Apartment!! At first when I reached there, I thought the apartment will be very cacat but it wasn’t anyway… the apartment is big and quite clean… but there’s one thing made me felt uncomfortable... guess what? Got many tiny cockroaches there… I hate it mannnnnnnnnn…

I went Genting to watch I FM celebration actually… I got 12 free VIP tickets from my cousin’s girl friend… and ya.. she is the DJ from I FM… really happy that night cos I get to watch Daniel Lee again… wakakaka… although it wasn’t the first time I see him singing… but still feel like watching him again… duno why? His singing isn’t great and he isn’t handsome too… but I still like to see him… like his song… “现在很想见你”!! hehe… there are other Malaysian singers like 宇恒,温力铭,林宇中,林键辉,饶燕婷 and others too… of course the singer with the MOST fanz is Daniel… his fanz all wearing pink color shirt to support him… got teenagers and aunties too… lolz… I like the sketch most… the sketch is really great with singing, dancing, jokes and good story!! Really worth to watch that celebration…

I went snow world again… this time isn’t that fun compared to the first time… maybe going with own friends is more fun… can throw snow to each other… if went with family, I cant throw to my mum right? Later kena thunder strikes ohh… lolz… and one more thing, the slides got problem this time… I didn’t get to slide by using the safety hoop… so sad!!

Went home in the afternoon of the next day which is Sunday!! Really tired after the trip.. reached home and oioizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

A nice weekend to me… is time to share some photos with u all… enjoy ya…

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xiau sing's birthday cake!!

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took it when i'm inside the cable car!!

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took inside the First World Hotel

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snow world!

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sister n mum walking in front oh... leaving genting!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ScAnNeR sToCk TaKe

well.. today woke up at 7am and started work at 8am.. phew~~ pretty early huh? lucky didnt late to work today.. just ngam ngam hou.. lol..

today was scanner stock take day!! pretty tired after work.. my hand is really pain now.. guess why? cos i've been holding tat big big scanner for 6hrs time... scan n scan n scan.. bout 3500 pieces i have scanned!! now my hand is shaking.. typing oso hard!! really pain.. like 风湿.. haiz.. i'm old edi.. sob...

lucky today ah foong allowed all girl full-timers bck home bout 4:30pm.. haha.. so kind!! and now.. no more sleepy.. but my hand............................. =(

Monday, April 17, 2006

day which spent the MOST!!

yes.. today i spent the most!! 1.1k plus.. waaaaaa.... like a month of salary!! but i'm really happy today!! at least bought what i want!! hope i wont regret of buying it!! haha..

but tmr is another worse day to me!! guess what? need start work frm 8am and duno when can go home? haiz.. what to do? got scanner stock take!! scan scan scan scan scan... lolz.. duno need to scan how many pieces?? let's pray that job can finish ASAP!! then can go home oioi...

is time to oioi.. buh bye..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sing sing sing

sing sing sing... cheong cheong cheong... wakakaka... finally went cheong K with mei wan, chee seong n christopher today!! phew~~ first time sing for sooooooooooo long.. 9++ hours!! hahahaha...

at first plan to sing from 11am - 2pm.. then plus one more hour.. then plus again.. until 8 something!! now bit of sorethroat edi!! sing for duno how many songs!! mandarin, cantonese, english n malays songs!! haha..

today is my best off day ler... so happy!!! sorethroat but still very happy!! lalala~~ worth it... =)

Monday, April 10, 2006

RiNg RiNg ~~

ring ring ring~~
no more ring ring ring
at first change to polyphonic tones
then to mp3
i also want a hp with mp3......

buy buy buy~~
really want to buy a new hp at first
now suddenly no mood in that

money money money~~
hp which good functions is expensive..
my dream hp needs to have everything except 3G!
bluetooth, infrared, radio, great camera, mp3...

which which which~~
which to buy?
let's suggest to me!!!
i wan CHEAP n NICE hp...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006





Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm n0t sTuPiD ahhhhh ~~

finally watched "i'm not stupid" with mun today!! somehow we both changed our off day to tuesday!! haha.. is fate!!

let's talk bout the movie!! is really touching ler.. i cried non-stop starting frm the middle of the show onwards!! lolz.. i guess those pp beside will think tat i'm crazy!! small small thing oso cried non-stop!! really scared tat my mascara will fall!! later my eyes become so black like kena punch!! lucky i didnt!! wakakaka..

actually the show is funny too.. one minute of laughing then another minute of crying!! suddenly i felt that my dad n mum are great!! at least they can understand me more!! not always scold n scold n scold!! at least praise me sometimes!! but really!! sometimes i did think tat my parents are very "cheong hei"!! keep mumbling!! and i really didnt reply them!! cos the more i speak, they wil mumble longer!! haiz...

finally i went to eat swensens ice-cream today!! with my family!! help my sister celebrate her birthday too!! really nice ice-cream!! miss it too much!! ICE-CREAM is really my favourite food!! must have it every week!! wakakaka..

今日笑句 :小孩是怎样来的? “一男一女一起拖手,再亲嘴,然后睡觉就会大肚子咯!!
**thats why sex education is very important now!!**

今日悲句 ::“我没有买POKEMON卡, 我只想存五百块来买爸的一小时去看我表演!!
**busy parents always dun have time for their children, not even a single hour!! haiz..**

Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool

April Fool~~~ anyone kena jing gu by fren?? wakakaka... i didnt anyway!! but is quite fun to pakat and jing gu pp.. u know?? suddenly i felt that PA staff are very cooperative! we all pakat and jing gu our PIC, Makoto!! wakakaka... he kena... wakakaka... padan muka!! he always like to jing gu people!! noone wil pity him!! wakakaka...