Friday, October 31, 2008

ToDay is PiNkY DaY??

today is pinky day?? hahaha... Yesterday, suddenly think of something... Do guys Anti-Pink Shirt? After that, me n KK decide to ask some guys to wear Pink Shirt today!!

And so... we girls also accompany them wear lo.. But at the end, only Mr.Miaow wore... wakakaka.. What to do? Less guy have pink shirt!!! I guess to elder guys, they are anti-pink!! Even elder girls also feel pink is not so suitable for guys i guess... But to me, as YouNg GeNeRaTioN!! I feel, pink color is also unisex color!! Maybe my guy friends always wear Pink!! That's why I feel is nothing special!! keke...

So, i guess is time to update your fashion knowledge if u think Pink is only suitable for girls!! wakakaka.... Guys wear pink dont mean Gay!! No worries!! ^^

Pink Colour Team!! \:D/

Sunday, October 26, 2008

neW PenDriVe

yeah.. Finally i bought a new pendrive!! I wanted to buy a new pendrive, with bigger storage since 1year ago!! Lolz... But everytime also say say only, didnt buy!!! Yesterday, finally i went Digital Mall and buy a 4GB Kingston Pendrive!! Well.. now pendrive is really cheap... Only RM28.

I still remember i spent RM90 for my very first 1GB pendrive!!! Now.. 1GB pendrive is just RM15. 2GB is RM19. I guess nobody will buy 1GB pendrive anymore!! even 8GB, also around RM55-60!! Why dont i buy 8gb? Hahaha... want to save money for an external hdd! I saw 250gb one at RM199!! Cheap??

Many things want to buy... I want to buy mouse, keyboard, external hdd!! But... at the same time, i want to extend my laptop warranty, want to repair my dead CPU!!! haiz.. Everything is Money MoNey MoNeY!!! @_@

my new pendrive... muacksss....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

BT Sept + Oct Bday Celebration

Last Thurs, another bday party in BT as usual, twice a month!! This time is for Sept and Oct Birthday Boys and Birthday Girls!! This was the 3rd birthday celebration i attended!! Hahaha... But this will be the last time already!! I'm leaving soon.. very soon.. in 4weeks time...

This time no more pizza to eat. But there are many other *new* food to eat!!! Finally got chance to eat mini cornetto ice-cream!! haha... eat til feel like coughing now.. Haiz... but.. still worth still worth!! Blek...

Nothing much to blog... Have a look at photos ba!! But that day, i really get to learn something *new*!! Hahahaha... Something i never think b4!! One day one lesson!! hahahaha.. tata

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sifu's Birthday

toDay is Wei Hoe Sifu's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Sifu~~

So, we (Melisa, Shiyi, Ive, Kong Leong, Wei Hoe, and I) went for a so call bday celebration (but no cake @_@)!!! erm.. Actually i did think of buying a cake lor.. Just that.. that time is really too FULL edi... and after that, duno buy from where? Sorry sifu... no cake for u... T_T

Actually this celebration is for Kong Leong too.. His bday is on this coming Tuesday!! hahaha... Remember to go Murni wo... Show your BIG ic... birthday boy no need pay ler... hahahahaha...

ohya.. we went to taipan Station 1 to eat lunch!! Erm.. not so nice food oni lo.. okok oni lo... I forgot what is the name for the food i ordered also... Lolz... But i remember the number, 275!! Haha...

After that, went to Summit walk walk and watch movie lo... Summit really ntg to walk.. But is quite good for shopping... for cheap cloths!! Lolz... The cinema.. not as cacat as people said!! we went to THX cinema ler!! The sound effect is so big until i can feel the chair is shaking!! Haha... Dunno is it the chair too cacat? erm??

Movie we watched is "Max Payne"!! erm... ok lo... can watch lo... can see sexy lady ya... waHahaHa!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



很爱copy chatting message
不是直接copy & paste
而是转接地copy & blog

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RaiNboW dAy~

wow.. so long time never get to see such a nice big rainbow.. i guessed i saw rainbow 2-3times only. Somemore is not clear and cant see the whole nice curve!! But yesterday... i saw it... A super nice complete rainbow!! Yeah... So happy!! Keep taking photo even i'm in train, packing with lotta people!! lolz...

Well... yesterday we (BT Buddies) helped Karyn celebrated her belated birthday in Sushi King, Sooka Sentral. Now Sushi King is having a promotion!! RM2 for a plate of rice-based sushi!! anyway, this promotion is valid until Thursday only... Ohya.. only for member!! But i guess this is a great news for all the sushi lovers!! Too bad!! I'm not!

Erm... long time ago, when i eat sushi, the next 10minutes, eyes will start to swell!! But... lately it looks pretty fine after i ate sushi!! Maybe i'm allergic to certain ingredient which i dunno what isit? But.. at least now can eat!! Hahaha.. But i think i ate the least... only 3 small little plates!! But Yoon Onn ate 15plates i think!! =.=||| 20ppl went to Sushi King and eat!! see? so many ppl wants to help Karyn jie jie celebrate bday!! hehe...

after lunch, of course, went back office to work!! But... b4 we really started to work, we went to give present to Karyn!! Hehehe.. me, Stella and Jason (3 interns) bought her a small gift!! Well.. gift is actually bought by HL!! 3 of us pay for it nia... Karyn likes it alot!! So.. thx for HL's help!! lolz...

after my present, then is time for others (Permanent Staffs) to give her a lovely sexy present!! Lolz... i still remember her expression!! Hahahaha.. perhaps... CS will be very happy ya? Until today sicked? ooops... What happened? hehehe... Present is wat? Ahem... Let's have a look at the photos later!! Hope Karyn wont waste it will fully utilise it!! lolz...

ohya... i saw rainbow after work!! Perhaps.. if u got look at the sky at 6something evening... u will get to see it also!! too bad my camera cant capture the whole rainbow... only half half!! Haiz... wasted... But really feel happy to see Rainbow!! and finally.. me n BaiHui already LI for 5months!! Yeah~~ ^^

photos time~

Monday, October 13, 2008

this is the week

Last Tuesday, went back to UM at night!! Yahoo... finally i can use my UM car sticker!! Hahaha.. now... no need to be afraid anymore.. can enter UM easily!! yeah~ Went back UM for PTUM(Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya) actually!!

This was the first time i went as an audience! The actor,actress,dancers... still quite familiar.. quite a number of friends on stage!! They are mostly my dancer friends during my 1st sem in UM!! Time passed fast! i didnt dance for 2years edi!! Perhaps.. now... my bones... all not working edi!! No more dance life~ Anyway, my friends did well on stage!! The story.. erm.. ok lo.. funny lo... touching abit too... but it was really super big diff compare to my year!! hahahaha....

Then... On Friday, went back UM again!! Wow.... How come suddenly so rajin back UM? erm... hahaha... attended 10th PTCC(Pesta Tanglung Chinese Community)!! Haha.. Duno why? PT in September(Chinese Calender)!! abit =.=||| ya... hahaha... Erm.. the performances.. OK lo... Of course still need to improve alot... ooks like every year.. Not much improvements!! Always got some other problems occured!!

Anyway... 10th... You are the BEST in my heart ForeVer!! Is 10th made me stay in college for 2 years even my hse is so near!! hehe... Well.. SS and took quite a number of photos!! I'm Finally 3rd year!! old old grandma liao.. lolz

On Saturday, went to help my ah liang papa celebrate his birthday!! Erm... total 5ppl sing K in K-Box!! papa happy ler... 4 leng lui daughters sing with him ler!! Muahahahaha.... well.. papa came late.. he sing less actually!! Hope he really happy to sing K with us!! erm.. finally i tried timer for my hp camera! hahaha.. quite clear also... hehe.. After sing K, then went to "ah wah" eat hokkien fried!! hahaha.. really full!!!!!!! @_@

well... last week really not bad ya... at least got few events!! Hahaha... ohya... i will extend my internship training until 21/11!! means total of 28weeks!! Why i extend? Hahaha.. i miss BT buddies!! wakakaka.. so fake!!! extend to learn more and shun bian earn more money!! $_$

photos time!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya Holiday

erm... i guess lotta people have a quite long holiday of raya + weekend!! anyway, when ppl are holidaying on friday, i'm working in office.. sobz... T_T

Raya day.... ntg much special during Day time.. just went to tesco with my mum... buy some stuff then come bck... but Night time... really a special + weird NIGHT!! well... as my previous post mentioned, i finally got the chance to go Cheras Pasarmalam! Yeah... lucky no rain.. Thx God!

wow.. the pasarmalam really long! Not oni traffic jam, people jam also!! =.=||| i went with 10th college friends. 12ppl go there!! walk walk and eat eat!! Pasarmalam there really got more food to eat.. hahaha... got 6-7stalls of Uncle Bob's chicken... lolz... and got 臭豆腐!! Really smelly ler... but still many people queue for it!! due to too many ppl, so i didnt queue for it!! perhaps next time, it got chance... ^^

then... after pasarmalam, we went to 拜神!! sweat.. i only kno people go pray for CNY 1st day... but we went for Raya 1st day!! hahahaha... the most funny part is... when we go there... sesat for an hour... when we come back... sesat for another hour!! lolz... the place we went is call 南天宫!! Really super crowded.. and it seems like another Pasarmalam to me.. XD

then.. raya 2nd day... guai guai stay at home... raya 3rd day... went to work! lolz... 930am reach office.... 930am oni open door and light!! wakakakaka... oni 6ppl working at our side!! hahahahaha.... i'm so hardworking!! :p

Saturday, yesterday... went to 1u with xian and ru for lunch!! We went to gv xian a belated bday present!! hahaha.. really "happy belated birthday to xian"!! Hope u like the present!! hehehe...

then.. at night, went to relative's hse... Relative bought a new house!! New and nice house!! the Toilet is nicer than 5star hotel's toilet!! lolz... and behind their hse, there is a super big field!! @_@ how come my relatives all so rich de? and when will be the day that i can buy my own hse?? erm erm... duno nid wait for how many years?? =.=|||

Big big field

Nice nice Toilet

today.. ntg to do, no place to do... stay at home clean hse... lolz.. so guai...

tomorrow... another working day... week 22 ler... 26th week will be my last week in BT for this internship training!! Dunno will it be the last week?? haha... sometimes think of extending the training period!! erm??? think think first.. :p

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya + Happy Holiday

today is Big Day for malays ya... i would like to wish all my malay friends "Selamat Hari Raya"!! Get more "green" bao!! hahaha....

Well, perhaps to other people, today just another Holiday!! "Happy Holiday" for everyone!! 2days of holidays!! Then Friday need to work again!! Haiz... Friday sure very lonely in office.. Not many people working.. BT sure in quiet environment!! T_T

Later going to Cheras Big PasarMalam!! Yeah.. Finally got chance to go there!! Hope no rain later.. If not, then... GG edi... Pray pray!! No rain later.. hehe...