Wednesday, November 29, 2006

cheong K day

fuiyooooooo... today cheong K for 6 hours... not bad rite?? went with yip, sing, nian and sky. hahaha... only spent rm6 leh.. worth it rite? now redbox is having a student promotion for this school holiday!! well... if anyone want go cheong K, remember ask me to go wor... wakakaka...

will be going melaka on 30th. bout 4days trip. i never take bus to melaka before... ahahaha... will i sesat? hope not ler.. i go melaka for da yao activity actually... hope it will be FUN!!

time for sleep... nitez...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

cAmeRoN tRip

Yo… I’m back!! Just back from Cameron Highlands last night!! Feeling nice there!! Well.. this is the very first time I went there… hahaha… before going there, my mum somemore said that I will vomit… but I never!!! NEVER!!! Hahaha… to me… just a normal bus drive… makes no different!!

I went Cameron with my Uni friends. It is a 3days 2nights CC trip actually. We total of 14girls and 16guys went there from 21st to 23rd. guys more than girls… haha… pretty weird!!

we went quite lotta places like BOH tea garden, cactus valley, bee farm, butterfly farm, strawberry farm, market, waterfall, jungle tracking and lotta food stalls. To me the nicest venue is to jungle tracking. Well… it was the most tiring event too. I felt quite danger going jungle tracking actually! Raining mar… is hard to walk… really slippery leh… I guess many people fell down… of course… I fell also… but just a small matter… just sit down on the dirty muddy ground unexpectedly!!! LOL!!!

I think journey of climbing up to the mountain is harder. I felt hard to breath when going up. Especially when we walk up to the 557feet mountain. Really felt like fainting. My health is not that good since small. But I still made it… wakakaka…. Really happy… but too bad that time is having rain. We failed to see the great view because of the mist. And when we walk down, roads are sooooooooooo slippery. When night turned up, we hardly can c the road. That time of me, really tired and lack of energy! Lucky got people jaga me… hahaha… if not, I don’t think I can go back edi. Erm… that’s the first time I saw all guys so helpful. Helped all the girls going down steps by steps… not bad ahh!! Hehe…

One thing made me regret is that we never get to go to see rafflesia. Sob… there’s a good chance for us leh… but many people don’t have energy to go for jungle tracking anymore on the next day especially for girls… sigh~~ we should go for rafflesia and not for the 5hours long jungle tracking actually. But is too late to say this now. Maybe next time ba……

Bought some strawberry, tea and a bottle of honey back. Those gardens and farms visiting quite boring to me. Hahaha… the market there is quite cacat seriously. Maybe we went there too early… stalls not yet opened.

The last station of this trip is to waterfall. First time I saw waterfall with my eyes. I never play water there… all I can say is only 4guys went down and play… others all busy taking photos only. Nice view there. Wind is cooling… a bit like drizzling … pants n shirt r wet. Haha…

As normal, my eyes were swollen there. LOL. I cant tahan the smoke I think. Oh yes, we did barbeque there. This is the first time I cook the food myself. Lol. This is not the first time I go for barbeque but my friend always help me cook the food. So I never try before. But I don’t dare to do it again I guess. Later eyes swollen again. Not good!!!

Arrrggghhhh… my hp rosak. Dropped it on the floor accidentally. Now I cant hear what people talk to me on the phone but people can listen to what I said. So from now onwards, when people call me, I will ask them call my 016 number. Lucky the hp I dropped is nokia but not w800i. if not, I sure cry there. Anyway, u all can still sms my maxis number cos sms-ing is still functioning. Only not for calling I should say.

Well… Photos time… ^^

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

SeMeSteR 1 eXam d0nE!!!

Finally finished exam!! Feeling okay for the first 4 papers… but today… my heart is broken… I guess I’m having a HIGH probability to fail my OS paper… sigh… what happen ar?? I got study but still don’t know how to do? Careless mistakes made me lost 6marks… then 15marks gone cos don’t know the question at all… and for the remain one… all also not sure… except for no.3… confirm 9 marks… but total is 50 marks leh… die ler lar… if fail then have to retake… really don’t dare to think about it… feel like crying only right now!! Sob…

Yesterday still planning where to go today?? But now really moodless ler… cant even feel burden released and can sleep… now is even worse than yesterday!! Sleep also cannot edi… over worried I guess… is now too late to think back but my brain cant stop thinking about it!!

Haiz… sad sad… anyway… I’m going to Cameron on this coming Tuesday… hope is a nice trip although not many people going!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bye bye WXES 1109

haha... done another paper... paper is easy but i duno how to do? LOL... what to do?? memory not good enough plus i like to make careless mistakes... haiz... let's pray for the 3 remain papers.. i do hope can get at least one A leh... gambade gambade!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

here goes TITAS paper.....

Woohoo… finally finished my very first final paper…TITAS…hahaha… TITAS isn’t easy to me… my brain really not that good for memorizing stuff… questions sound easy but I still dunno how to do… some really I know I read before… but I still forgotten… sigh… wasted the tips question wei…

Never mind… I guess I can get a B gua… hope so ler… need to add more oil for other paper… still hope I can be a 3-pointer… hehe… =)

Today is day for taking CC photos too… today we whole gang of brazil team went in exam hall and sit for TITAS exam… hehehe… why said brazil team? Because our CC t-shirt is yellow + green color… erm… to me still looks like pineapple… hohoho…

But not everyone turned out today and took photos… many absent. My LALA family like very cham… left quite few numbers of people… haiz… what to do?? They dowan to come… perhaps the most disappoint one is my papa ler…

photos time...

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CC group photo!!

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my "lala" family!!

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SS taking photos again!! LOL