Saturday, June 28, 2008

bye Bye Zhong Jin~

so fast... 7th week i've been working at BT as intern... i suppose to work for 26weeks... well.. 19 weeks more waiting for me... it looks long... but i guess time will pass fast... a semester without studying.. Hahaha... ^^

last thursday, my "daddy" Zhong Jin finally completed his 6 months Internship! Wow... Really great!! I'm waiting for my turn as well... hahaha... November still abit far from now... Anyway, i wish he will have a great life in the future! "Bye Bye Zhong Jin"!!

We planned a small small farewell lunch for him.. Ordered pizza and beehun... not many people involved! All are internship related people... there are interns, ex-interns, intern coordinators... LOL... Really can form internship special unit. Hehe... After the small lunch party, we let ZJ play a simple treasure hunt in the lab. Purpose of playing treasure hunt is not to give present to him that easy! hope he like the shirt! ^^

next week will be 8th week! a week that can get salary... Hehehehe.... This is great.. Now really at 'Wallet EmpTy" status! @.@

hope later will have a great reunion with my form6 friends! C ya....

Monday, June 09, 2008

HeaRt BRoKeN mE

heart broken edi...
results dropped so MUCH
my sky turned back to GREY color
Dunno need to eat how many ice-cream to recover
sAd feeling faster leave me FAR FAR....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


kakaka... today went KLCC Convention Centre for SMIDEX exhibition with Simon, Cheryl and 5 intern friends! Hehehe... today abit like a half day trip... Morning went to office, sit sit awhile.. then went to KLCC at around 11am. ^^

Never thought that undergraduates from other uni also like to take photos alot... HAha.. all abit SS there... keep taking photos~ Malaysia really a country with lotta developments. I can see lotta machines, systems, cars, foods there... hahaha... actually there's lotta things to see at there, but... due to time contraints, we need to leave early.. Only get to see some of the booths.. Bought keropok to makan.. expensive keropok... @.@

after that, we went bck to KL sentral and makan KFC... Reach office about 3pm.. half day gone... But abit tiring... walking with high heels really need lotta practices.. hahahaha

Today not a good day actually... Duno why my linux system corrupted... All have to redo again.. A good time for me to train myself? haiz... hope tmr can settle everthing... Everything back to normal!! ^^

Photos time~~

Sunday, June 01, 2008


3 weeks of Internship Training has passed. Wow wow~ time really passed fast!! Everyday wake up 7am++, go work at 8am++, back home at 6pm++.... This kinda routine will be repeating for 26weeks~ Now still have another 23 weeks to go... Looks long ya? But i guess... It will be really fast!!

How's my work? Er... Ok Ok lor... Like that lor... Got things to do... But feel abit sienz~~ Doing something that i never learn before. Currently under training at British Telecom at Plaza Sentral!! Using Linux doing networking stuff!! Hahaha.. SE student went for networking internship!! =.='''

Perhaps is a good chance for me to learn other things.. Double Major... ^^ But.. I really can feel that my thesis gonna Die... Hahahaha... Well, there's a proverb call "When the boat reached the harbour, it will be STRAIGHT"! I really believe this word leh... I guess i will have to take group thesis project! Dunno got fren want me as their group member anot leh? Noob member with limited knowledge in SE! Haiz...

Results gonna be released!! I guess i can pass all the subject gua.... If not, i sure cry at home for a day! zzz~ All The Best everybody! ^^