Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farewell for Siow Ching & William

This is the 7th month I'm working in GI... And this month, we have 2 colleagues leaving... They are Siow Ching and William... Next week onwards, I wont be able to see them working in GI office anymore... Well, I guess it is normal for people to change job after few years? I hope they will have a bright future and stay happy everyday... We will miss you~~~

We had a farewell lunch at Mid Valley Pasta Zanmai on Wednesday. A very 1st farewell lunch I had in GI... The food is tasty... yummy...

After lunch, we start taking photos.....

The Gurls
The Guys
All of Us
F4 + William
SE Gurls

Last but not least..... bye bye Siow Ching & William.... Remember to come and visit us next time.... All the best to you 2...

Saturday, July 17, 2010


First of all, i would like to wish all July babies HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 生日快乐!! たんじょうび おめでっと!! ^^

Last Tues, I went to help my dearest coursemate a.k.a colleague celebrated her 2xth birthday!! hahaha.. Age is always lady's secret... shhhhhhhh....

We went to SS2 Island Cafe for the celebration. The food OK la... Can eat.. The price for the food is reasonable but for drink is really abit expensive... What to do? This is a place for people to blow water... I guess people who ordered drinks are more... Most important is, YY happy with it!! Right? hahahaha~~~

Then, on Thurs, company has a birthday lunch for all June and July babies... A pizza lunch... lotta pizza... This time, i ate lesser... Not feeling well... I shouldn't eat it... After lunch, I had HIGH fever... 39.6 degree celcius.... LOL

- June + July Babies -

- Candle Eating Live Show -