Monday, August 27, 2012

Kar Wei's Wedding

Another Devil Gurls' member married!!! weeee~~~ Congratz to Kar Wei again!!!

Although her wedding was in June 24th, but I still hope to drop a post in my blog... A memorable day for me!!~

This was the 3rd time I becoming a Jimui!!~ Yup.. I'm getting experienced!!~ I foresee future heng dais will become more and more pity!!~ kakaka~

These round, our theme for jimui is Ceongsam!!~ I get a new Ceongsam for this special day!!~ A Ceongsam made by my mum!!~ Niceeeee~

As usual, we prepared some games for the Groom and Brothers!!~ Blowing Balloon, Drinking, Dancing, Q&A as usual!!~ Hope they "enjoyed" the games!!~

Here comes the sweet couple... Mr. Wong Keat Seng and Ms. Ng Kar Wei...

Brothers and Sisters

Ceongsam Sisters

Sweet and Romance ^^

They have their wedding dinner at Hee Lai Ton, Jinjang. 

Let's welcome our main characters tonight!!~

Bride and Jimui~


Last but not least~~ Hope Kar Wei stays happy and sweet with her hubby forever!!~ 3 years hug 2!!