Sunday, September 19, 2010

HapPy BiRthDay to U

Today is Ching Ching's birthday~~ Happy Birthday to you Wan Ching... May all your wishes made in Neway come true.... "GNGDC"!!!~~~ :p

Oh yes, finally I have my 4th round sing K in this year on last Thursday (Malaysia Day)!!! First sing K with my colleagues... Although we just sang for 2hours, but I guessed we have a enjoyable K Session? "da kat da kat, gei dek da kat"!!~~

We helped WC to celebrate her birthday in advance too... Sorry, just a small piece of cake for you! We are too full to eat... So... just bought 1 for u... But you never finish it.. T_T

Then, we walk walk around at 1U... Sy bought a skirt and a pair of shoes... Efficient... Anyway,I bought a pair of shoes too... muahahahahaha~~~ Not very nice designed, but suit to work... :D

Around 4:30pm, we went to Taman Metropolitan Kepong a.k.a Taman Layang-layang to play kite.... Oh yes.. This was my 1st time playing kite after so many years... (Cannot disclose how many years here... I'm shy :">)

It is not hard to play ya... As long as there is wind... then, you should be able to raise your kite HIGH HIGH!!! There are many people playing kites at there... So at the end, our kites' strings all tied together... =.=||| Luckily we still able to untie the strings... phew~~

At around 6pm++, we headed for a Shabu-shabu dinner in Kepong.. This was my first time eating shabu-shabu too... Not bad... nice to eat... XD

Cant wait for next activity... Come Come... let's plan another... hahahaha~

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mini Pahang Trip

Finally have chance to visit another coursemate's house... hahahaha.. Who? Ms Sam.. Thanks for bringing me to ur house eat eat and stay stay~

Obviously it is not my first time visit to Pahang... Why? Because Genting and Cameron are located at Pahang as well... hahaha.. But it is my first visit to Pekan and Kuantan. ^^

But I not went with any other coursemates... I went with Sam's colleague... LOL.. funny huh? Is ok la.. Know one more new friend... Nice to meet you LH~ :p

Sam's grandpa is really 客气~~ We went to his house had a dinner... He gave us angpau~ Really paiseh to take it... But is ok... Sam, I took on behalf of you only... hahahaha...

We went to climb climb hill, walk walk at seaside, eat eat here and there... Teluk Cempedak is really a nice beach.. The water is so clear until I can see the shells and crabs below the water... Very very nice... DSLR holders may have a visit to TC, snap some nice photos back.. ^^

Good things must share... Let me share you all the photos... ^^


Sungai Lembing

Teluk Cempedak