Sunday, April 26, 2009


今天终于决定一个人出去走走,散散心~ 我很少会一个人去逛街,没有目的,没有人陪~ 也许是时候长大了,不需要家人和朋友的陪伴,也可以独立而行!


我一个人吃饭旅行 到处走走停停~~ 也一个人看书写信 自己对话谈心

Mouse + Mini Computer Vacuum
White Top

How well do you know ME?

If you do have a facebook account, let's take this quiz... I'm interested to know how well do my friends know me? If you do not know me well, just shoot any answers... Is objectives.. and answers will be shown after u completed the quiz~ Then, you can start to know me now~ ^^

There are 2 quizes:

First one... is quite easy... I guess my uni friends will answer well!!!!! If you are not from UM, then you have to tembak for one question!! ^^

Second one.. is more tough... General about myself~~ For friends who know me for quite some time and still keep contact with me.... should be able to answer~


Saturday, April 25, 2009

lonely Night~

Finally done 2 papers... Left one more to go.. 10days later... Now can relax a while...

But... out of sudden.... abit upset.... nobody wants to peduli me~~ nobody wants to ajak me go yum cha.... all went for entertainment but dump me at home... facing computer... all boikot me edi... WHY WHY WHY???

SO SAD~~ cant think~ go to sleep better....

tomorrow, a better day... is waiting for me.. I HOPE~~


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Bored of studies.. bored of assignments... bored of thesis... so boring~

Today went to a boutique with my sister.... Tried a dress...

Looks Good? Fat? it Cost RM45.90!!

Conclusion......................... didnt buy!! XD

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Co-Curriculum Day 2009

Co-curriculum day (KOK Day) is one of the UM events that will hold every semester. In UM, every students have to take one co-curriculum subject before graduate. There are many courses but mostly are super boring courses~ hahaha... I took Guitar course with few of my coursemates. All of us are beginner... First time learning guitar... After 4months, i can tell you.... I still cant play well... Fingers too short~~~~ So hard to learn... T_T

Last thursday was KOK Day!! Actually the whole week was pretty busy... Last week of semester, all assignments need to be handed up.... Lack of practice before guitar performance... But I only need to play a song which learned long time ago~ So... for me still ok~ hehe...

Finally i got chance to step on DTC stage and perform again... I did dance on DTC stage few times before... This time... Guitar performance~ Really never thought of performing guitar on DTC stage before... Somemore, sing a song on DTC stage while my friends were playing guitar~ hehe.. so happy... But a bit nervous when i'm singing on the stage~ Sorry for not performing well~ :(

Although we took 4months guitar course together. But i do know my guitar classmates other than my coursemates... haiz~ But we took some group photo after performance. This is a memorable photo~ Perhaps i might not have chance to perform guitar on stage anymore... And for sure... this will be my last performance in UM!!


Rehearsal Day
Performance Day

Today... whole day watching drama... Finally finished Thesis Viva on Friday. Resting~~ Resting~~~ and....... Resting~~~ Monday still got presentation... One more assignment not yet done... Thesis report not yet finish~~ Now have to start work again~~~ haiz~~ Ganbatte to myself!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

hApPy BirThDaY to MeLiSa

~ Happy Birthday to you ~
~ Happy Birthday to you ~
~ Happy Birthday to Qing Ren ~
~ Happy Birthday to you ~

Today is Melisa's Birthday.. We went to SS2 Wong Kok and help her celebrated her 23rd birthday~ As usual, eat eat and snap snap photos~ Macam no creativity... perhaps next time should plan something more interesting~~~ XD

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Finally done my web application assignment. I guess I wont be doing any Asp.Net project in UM anymore. But at least i learned something from it. Lousy system.. But a junior told us that he likes our system, and hopes to get a copy from us.. wow~ happy~ But we didnt give him~ ooopppsss...

On Wednesday... As usual, I only have 1hour class... 10am class... reached at 10:05am... Open the door to enter lecture hall... wow~~~ So so so empty..... How hardworking are all my friends? ^^

Girls are always more hardworking ^^
Rarely can see BCD so hardworking?

Thursday, I went for an interview for my thesis project with ttHock, Yong and SGuan. We went to Rapid KL HQ which located somewhere not far from my house... Appointment at 2am. But we went at 1am.. at tne end, we went to lepak at Niu Che Shui~ Inside is super empty.. nothing to see except some Disney Cartoon Charater Displays~~ Information we got somemore not that enough... haiz.. wasted half of day~~ T_T


Today, 7:30am woke up and went to UM for presentation.. After presentation, we decided to go for a movie.. to entertain ourselves abit after long suffering from web application assignment. We went to watch 12 Rounds at 1U TGV. The movie is ok, action movie... At least I didnt fall asleep even I'm so sleepy~ haha

The cinema is so empty... we are the first 6 who entered to the cinema... Suddenly.. 1 person entered alone when the movie is about to start.. whole movie... 7people in the cinema... so syiok~ If the lonely woman didnt came and watch with us, we consider 包戏院看戏咯!!! wahahaha.. ^^

Friday, April 03, 2009



最近真的有蛮常下雨的,时常行雷闪电~然后家就跳电!!懒惰的我,懒惰开电,就当作推行环保意识吧~"Save the Earth" ^^

星期日,我和家人去了扫墓!一大清早就起床!准备妥当,等表哥他们,就一同去孝恩园!虽然还不是清明正日,但已有好多人提前去扫墓!不过这次还好,不会很塞车!其实我是到那儿拜我的爷爷,奶奶及爸爸~ 大约十点多就离开!


然后表哥请我们吃Nando's~~ Thank You!! ^^