Thursday, November 27, 2008

bYe bYe BT~

Finally.. no more extend! 7months! I have worked at BT for such a long period of time! Now... finally no need to work? I should feel happy cos i have completed my Internship Course! But... i think i miss BT life.. miss everyone there... "I Miss You" :">

Last Thurs, went sing K with colleagues, farewell for me and Baihui. Then... Monday... My dept people treat me a lunch at San Fransisco Steakhouse, MidValley. 2nd time went there. Nice lunch.. Thanks Huina+Karyn+Miaow~ Huina's son, Max is so cute. I want to play with him so much!!! miss him so much.. looking back at the photos.. feel wanna give him a hug + kiss!! wahahahaha

This week really spent a lot of money! Tues went to Rasamas, KL Sentral for lunch. Wednesday went to Kabul, Sooka for lunch. But... farewell lunch ma... worth worth... now less chance to lunch with them edi... will they miss me? erm???

Went to watch movie with Karyn and Miaow at night oso. A stupid movie, Quarantine! Made me feel vomiting only... haiz... wrong decision. Nevermind, we watch again next time... HL want belanja... wahahahaha.... When is the chance? wow... cannot see........ >_<

Snap lotta photos this few days! Thanks everyone!! Thanks to ur wishes and gifts!! I like it so much!! Hope my cookies really OK!! i long time didnt bake cookies... is abit sweet and hard!! oooppppssss....

Lotta people need to thank! My supervisor, colleagues, intern friends.... thanks all of you... I will remember all of you forever. I will remember every single moment of BT life!! I have learned lotta things during this training. erm... dunno got chance to work at BT in the future anot? hahaha.. is still far... will see how in a year later?

All the best everybody. Take care and stay Happy! Bye bye~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bye bye Bai Hui~

wow... i'm officially a FILO girl.. First IN Last OUT BT intern!! BaiHui finally completed her internship training, a week earlier than me... bye bye~~~~~ we will miss u.... Muackss...

Farewell night at Greenbox Sg Wang on last Thurs!! well.. farewell for me too although i still have one more week to go... That night, dunno why? Nobody wanted to sing in the beginning!! But at the end, someone wanted to sing so much!! who who? wahahahahaha

snap some photos there... but not very nice.. abit blur + dark! haiz.. 8 ppl went... me, baihui, cheryl, simon, karyn, miaow, stephanie and hendry! sing K til around 11pm then back home.. i think i old edi... tiring... lolz

Next day, officially BaiHui's last day! Didnt eat lunch with her.. oops.. went to GoMobile fair with Karyn and Miaow! Anyway, BH have her farewell lunch with other interns! Hope she wont angry me!! The GoMobile fair... just like a PC fair but is selling mobiles!! wahahaha... abit sienz... But this was the 1st time i step into PWTC!

Big Mobile + Miaow =.=|||

Erm.. actually i have made a BIG BIG farewell card for BaiHui! Already made long time ago.. thats's the photos are abit old! oops.. didnt get to update the photos cos already pasted on it! lolz... Hope she love the card and the little balloon i gave her.. wahaha... 借花敬佛! :">

the Interns

Friday, November 14, 2008

internship week 27

this week is Internship Week 27. Tuesday (11th Nov) was Jason Khoo's Birthday! Cheryl at first plan to bought secret recipe cake for him. But.. at the end.. the Buy 1 Free 1 cake Promotion is really too Attractive. So, she failed to buy it and thus bought him a bday cake from Baker's Cottage. Erm.. his bday present is attractive. Let's see what is it?

Wednesday, not so good!! Work until 9pm. Wow... broke my record for working until so late in BT!! I hope this is the only OT record!! hope sooooo....

Then, Thursday, is another good day for me. An additional holiday for Interns! Yeah~ All the staffs went for training, therefore we are given a holiday. So, i went The Gardens RedBox with BaiHui. It is newly open. Food is nice, environment is nice, everything is nice. 2ppl given 3microphones. Wow~

sing til so 'lum' :shy:
BaiHui + JJ ^^
Nice Meal.. yummy
Students are the Best!! Lolz

And so, today, back to work. Today the sky is nice in the afternoon. Blue Sky White Clouds! Crazy in snapping photos after lunch, on the way back to BT. Ohya.. Thx miaow for treating me makan!! hahaha.... But in return.. kena bully by him... haiz...

Best Photo of the Day
BaiHui, Me, Miaow, Jason
Stephanie, BaiHui, Miaow, Jason
Dun press me down.. I'm Short Enough! T_T
Thunder kena Bully leh... >_<

Oops.. Thursday was Ganesan's Birthday too. I didnt went for his bday celebration. But today, i saw his lovely bday present from colleagues!! wahahaha.... Superman... And... who is the one.. behind him?? erm erm?? wahahaha

Sunday, November 09, 2008

LI 26th week

wow wow.. Finally finished my 26weeks of internship training!! 6th month Anniversary!! wow wow.. I can still remember my very first working day! Wearing a yellow shirt with Jeans!! lolz... And.. keep fishing in front of computer... oooppppsss... shhhhhhh....

time really passed fast!! 6months of BT life... Learned lotta new stuff here.. Get to know more funny friends... So, i guess i'm quite happy working at BT! Thats why... i....... extended my internship training period!!!!!! Now.. my last day is 28th Nov... lolz... many people also shocked about my decision... "Why so stupid and extend?" wahahaha.. Dunno ler.. happy mai work lo... got money ma.... $_$

Friday was leng lui Josie's last day in BT! She worked here about 3-4months! So we went to KL Sentral Secret Recipe to farewell for her. Hope she will stay happily in future!! ^^

at Secret Recipe

me and Josie
anyone got any comment bout him?
looking at leng lui until so...........
Funny teammates! KK, i help u next time! ^^

Suddenly, i noticed that kids like me. As usual, Friday after work, went to take LRT and back home. But something weird happened. There's a small little malay boy.. keep smile to me... wahaha.. so shy ler me.. when he wants to cry, i smile to him.. then he will reply back and stop crying.. =.=||| Wondering isit something funny on my face? made the boy boy so happy!! He even shouted "bye bye" loudly to me when he walk out from train... lolz........ funny funny...

Cute little boy boy

today.. whole day stay at home... so guai!! Help mummy sew cloths!! wow wow... yaya... perhaps i'm not good in cooking... but simple sewing... is an easy job to me.. ^^

Saturday, November 08, 2008

James Bond

Today went to watch movie with Bai Hui. I still think this was the first time i watch movie at TGV, KLCC!! erm?? not very sure!! Perhaps i went b4 when i was small!! Cannot remember!! haha

Why go so far for a movie? Simple reason because the movie ticket is FOC!! The movie is James Bond - Quantum of Solace! The ticket is given by Adecco Company. Erm... What is Adecco? Adecco is a human resource solutions company. To me, Adecco is important. Adecco is the one that will give me Salary! $_$

me + free ticket ^^

Well, I was suppose to watch this movie with all BT current interns. But when I reach there, only found that neither me nor BaiHui has Jason's contact number!! So sorry to him. Made him watch alone!! haiz...

The movie is not bad!! But again, i felt dun understand at some parts!! hahaha.. Dunno why all movies gave me same feeling lately? Maybe i'm always sleepy in cinema. Anyway, sleepy but didnt sleep!! Not like somebody!! hehe...

Took some photos inside the cinema! What to do? We are too bored inside!! Ticket said 11am but the movie started at 1145am!! @_@ Super bored inside.. Start to look around.. capture capture capture!! Got leng chai sitting in front of us somemore!! but.. Failed to Capture!! T_T

me and Bai Hui ss in Cinema :">

somebody talking inside the cinema @_@

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally Lecturer Came~

Wow.. Today finally got visiting lecturer drop by to my Internship Company!! This is my 26th week ler.. My last week supposingly... Today suppose to be my LaSt DaY lor.. But.. now.. my last day is so far away.. I cant see it AGAIN!!! haiz....

Erm... my visiting lecturer is Ms. Su Moon Ting. Erm.. i guess different lecturer will have different "visiting" way!! Hahaha... some.. might ask you to present!! some.. like mine... no need to present at all.. Just sit there.. talk talk talk... chat chat chat!! Looks fun? To me is not lo... 20minutes of Q&A section ler... answer questions til @_@

Dunno how will my result be? Haha.. i didnt get to see my evaluation marks. I just demo the systems i did... suddenly i feel... in this 6months.. I just did so little thing... Hope it was enough to PASS!! Well... for those who not yet meet with their lecturers... You all can start prepare now.. Know more about your company is good! Know more about your project is even best! At least know what is the project for? What have u learned? bla bla bla

Finally it's over!! But today not so good mood!! Dunno why? Girl is always unpredictable ba~~

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Hehehe... Today finally got chance to watch the Movie i want to watch!! Yeah yeah.. I guess this might be the last week for the Movie on Showing!! Oops.. Forgotten to mention the movie name, it is "Eagle Eye"!!

Went to watch Eagle Eye at 1u TGV!! Rm6 only.. Sometimes really good to be an Early bird!! I went with my Darling (JM), Honey (Ru) and Xian!! 3 of them are my good friends when i was Form4-5!! Well... I guess we didnt go out together for quite a long time!! What to do? All busy study and working!! hahaha...

Eagle Eye is nice i think. But abit 夸张 too!! It makes me feel Computer is everything... Computer is like God!! hahaha... That's why so many people studying IT? hahaha.... "Rupa-rupanya nak jadi God!!" lolz

After Movie, then went 记得食 for lunch!! Chat chat and eat eat!! Here goes our day!! Hahaha...





4 of us~~

Haiz.. but today I'm abit bad luck!! My car car KO edi ler.. Keep die engine.... cannot start!! Suddenly.. brake not working well!! Really scary!! Lucky is Day time not Night time... Anyway, now take to repair shop!! I hope it will be fine!!!