Wednesday, May 16, 2007

mihas 2007

here goes finish my part-time job... wat is my job? i dun really know what it calls actually... work in helping for registration of MIHAS 2007. When people came to the exhibition, ask them to fill up a form, then register for them... well... is quite simple only.. ^^

there are 3 kind of post for it, usher, assistant and typist. I'm the typist for Hall 2 at first, for first 2 days, then out of sudden, transfer me to hall 4 on the 3rd day!! haiz... quite upset for it at first, but actually is ok with it after that, everybody is friendly... ^^

but the job in hall 4 is really boring... frm typist change to form counting person... really faint after seeing all those form... all i can say is there are many people in this world who cant write nicely... they are many people with super terrible handwritting... >.<

after all, i think i cant judge one's age from one's outlook. hahaha... my supervisors all are so young!! younger than me... well... if ask me to guess, i think i will definitely guess wrongly... wakakaka... maybe is the dressing problem.. wearing balzer to work... first time i did that... am i look smart in it? hehe... ^^

now just waiting for my penang trip, dance not yet start choreograph!! haiz... tmr must work hard edi... ganbatte for myself... =)

** photo session **

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

is time to WORK

Long time never work, today went for briefing a while... stand for a while... legs are super tired... haiz... really old edi... luckily i'm typist for this part time job! hehe... no need to stand cos i can sit... wakakaka...

i'll be working tmr onwards at KLCC convention centre with xiau sing n his sister. Work as a receptionist for 5 days... first time join this kind of job, hope it will be wonderful... well.. really have to pray and hope that i didnt key in wrong data and lost any forms!! if not, cannot go home ler... sob...

hApPy WoRkiNg dAy!! ^^

Thursday, May 03, 2007

BoRinG HoLidAy

what a boring holiday...
Dunno what to write?
Dunno where to start?
Everyday staying at home...
Facing computer again and again.
well... it is quite enjoy sometimes.

Never mind...
next week I'm going to work
just a Part-time job
to earn some money
to gain some experiences

Then then then
i will be going to Penang on 19th
Go there have fun
Go there teacher kids study
out of sudden...
i'm so kind-hearted!!

Hope everybody has a nice holiday
Anyone going for trip?
buy me BIG BIG souvenir wor...