Wednesday, October 26, 2005

sTpM iS c0mInG s0oN

last post before stpm... i'm here wishing all my frens best of luck in SPM and STPM!! wishing everyone here so that will get straight A's.. hehe..


Friday, October 21, 2005

BiRtHdAY SeAs0n

Really lotta people birthday this month!! First is You Hui (3rd) then Yoon Tim (4th), Rachael (6th), Jun May (7th), Kha Chun (12th), Jeremy (18th) and today... my lao po... Mei Wan... hehehe.. happy birthday lao po..

We ( CB Gang ) went to help Kha Chun celebrate his birthday on his birthday night.. we went Paris Restaurant and ate dinner.. ermm.. food really not bad.. must bring my family there to eat next time.. haha.. after eating, we cut cake there straight.. this is really bad cos all of us were so full and hardly can finish a piece of cake.. but the cake is really delicious.. from secret recipe one.. dunno what it calls dee?? Is a type of chocolate cake.. lolz.. anyway we still left abit after 13pp ate.. then we decide to go Honeybee Café. First time goin there.. really a good place for pp to yum cha n playing.. there got cards, chess n lotta magazines to read.. we played "Heart Attack" there.. loser have to eat cake.. guys’ gerak balas is really slow.. only guys lost that night.. ah siang n cbQ keep eating cake oni.. so funny.. they look so full but still have to eat.. wakakakaka.. who ask them to lose?? Before leaving.. we took lotta photos as well.. we are really noisy there.. dunno whether the workers there got talk bad bout us anot?? Haiz.. about 10pm++ all girls n chien went home but others continue their night in subang..........

on 18th october, jeremy’s birthday.. this time we didn’t go out n celebrate.. exams coming soon.. all not free to go out anymore.. we bought present for him n sang birthday song to him in class.. he looks so "pai seh" cos we all gather around him n sang diff languages of birthday song to him..

then me n nian went to help mei wan celebrate her birthday earlier.. we two with chee yean n hsu zhen went to mei wan’s class n find her.. actually we planned to "jing gu" her cos I brought some gold dust n prepared to spray on her.. she quite surprise because she thought that we juz gonna to take photos with her but.......... too bad ler.. we kena spray too actually.. she looks like a shining Christmas tree.. again took some photos but not ready to post on yet.. will post up SOON!!

Today not goin out with mei wan they all.. she celebrating with her friends mar.. anyway, once again, I’m here to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope u really like the present we gave.. =)

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kha chun's birthday

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mei wan's birthday

Monday, October 03, 2005


Friends going one by one.. all went to other countries and study.. left me here in Malaysia.. preparing for STPM!! What to do? No money and failed to get good result to apply scholarship… haiz..

First who left us is hong ling.. that was really a surprise to me cause she said she is going to India suddenly.. we just went to her house and farewell with her..not goin out anyway cos she need to pack up lotta stuff.. super messy.. hehe.. next is sara who went to UK.. we went Mong Kok restaurant,1U and farewell with her.. then is jun may who juz went to Ireland on Friday.. this time left very few people to farewell with her.. what to do?? Our friends all gone to study mar.. hehe.. we went Bayu Timor, Taman Megah and farewell with her.. basically we just chat chat and took lotta photos with them coz I’m not going to see them in 1year time.. haiz.. will miss u guys!!!

Let’s have a look at those photos:

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at hong ling's hse

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at Mong Kok Restaurant, 1U

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at Restaurant Bayu Timor