Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Birthday Celebration #2

July really quite lotta coursemates birthday~~ After KitHau and YY birthday, last week we celebrated for Beng, TK, and Eugene's birthday as well... Beng's birthday on 23rd, TK on 25th and Eugene on 26th... Actually there is one more, SengKean on 25th too.. lolz~~ Happy Belated Birthday to all of them now~ HAHAHAHA~~

This time we went to a chinese restaurant to makan dinner on 23rd night. Erm? it located at seapark, forgot to look at the restaurant name.. lolz~ paiseh~~ :">

The food not bad la... The soup is refillable~ u can drink as many as u can~~ wahahahaha~~

Snapped some photos at restaurant there before left... Kento is not a good photos taker... Photos taken by him mostly are blur or not nice one.. haiz~~ Nice SLR when come to his hand will jadi cacat... Lolz~~ Sam.. u should spend some time to ajar ur sifu la~~ :p

After that, all of us back to YY's house.... First time so many people gathered at her house i think? Hardly have place to sit down... Lolz~ I hope we didnt make your house dirty... :p

As usual, just sing sing birthday songs, english, mandarin, cantonese and malay version~ ^^

Heading to end of July.. Planned to go to Taman Pertanian on this Friday (31st July), 9am... Will it be success? nobody knows... POSSIBILITIES UNLIMITED!!!!! @_@

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July Birthday Celebration #1

Last Monday was Yen Ying's (YY) 23 years old birthday. After a long long discussion, finally we decided to go TGI Fridays for her birthday celebration.

B4 celebrating at TGI Fridays, we went to Sg Wang Green Box for 1st Round birthday celebration. 8 of us went in total, sing for 3 hours from 1pm til 4pm. No lunch included, so everyone just tie their stomach while waiting for dinner later. Lolz~

At night, 15 of us went to SS14 TGI Fridays. I felt the staff quite surprise when I said I want to have 15seats. Maybe there is a little small, difficult to arrange so many places... wahahahaha~~

This was 4th time i went there... Still duno what food is nice to eat? Almost all of us ordered 2-course meal @ RM29.90. YY, YS, ZJ, Melisa and I shared 3 sets of 2-course meal. It is enough for us, somemore got some leftover... Lolz~~ Our stomach a little too small... :">

Other than helping YY to celebrate, we also helped kit hao to celebrate his belated bday (10th July). So the staffs asked both of them stand on the chairs, then they are requested to sing a song... It is easy to me, but it took quite some time for them to sing a song... at the end, they sang 两只老虎!!! Wahahahaha~~

What song should we sing??

Then they are told to blow off the candle... the cake is hold by a staff and Alvin... Both of them standing quite far from yy and kithau... wahahahaha~~ pity~~~ ^^

Blow Blow Blow~~~

After TGI celebration, YY is suppose to go for 3rd round celebration with her SSAA frens... So alvin fetch her to 19 house... At the end, both of us also followed YY go murni for her 3rd round bday celebration... I didnt eat anything there... really too full... @_@

About 11:30pm reached home, went out 12hours for YY 3 rounds birthday celebrations... now i understand how BaiHui felt last time.... She also joined my 3 rounds birthday celebrations last year... somemore is more than 12hours... Lolz~~~~ Thanks Bai Hui, My Dear~~~ muacksss~~

Friday, July 17, 2009






Saturday, July 04, 2009

Phuket Trip Day5 & Day6

On Day5, first time we walked to Patong Beach in the morning... My friends were hoping to play Banana Boat but there isn't any Banana Boat there... So, we just walk walk and play play water awhile and decided to go to Phuket Town in the afternoon and Phuket Fantasea at night...

We rent a car with tour guide at 160baht per person for 5hours so that we can go to Phuket Town... The tour guide knows how to speak mandarin.. He speaks well ya~ ^^

He brought us to Snake Farm... We didnt enter into Snake farm because the entrance fee is too expensive, 500baht per person!! So we just snap a photo in front of it... LOLz...

Then, he fetched us to Phuket Town, to a big exhibition hall where there are lotta stuff selling inside... Good.. This place is with aircond!! The things sold here is much more cheaper than Patong.. The sellers are more polite... Unlike Patong... I'm so scared when I try to bargain price with the Patong's stalls sellers... >_<

All of us get to buy something here.. I bought 2 tops, 1 shoes, biscuits, and some souvenirs.. Trying to spend all my money since it is 2nd last day already... ^^

Then, he brought us to a Cashew Fruit Factory, Sri Supphaluck Orchid!! Inside got various type of cashew fruit's products... All nice to eat but expensive to buy!! Many of us spent alot here... Luckily YS got lotta money... If not enough money to buy, ask from her.... DAI YI LOONG!!! hahaha.. I spent around 700baht here... @_@

After that, we went to Wah Chalong, a big temple... Unfortunately, ys, yy and I failed to enter to the temple because we were wearing shorts... So, we just walk walk around, snapping photos non-stop while waiting other friends who went in to the temple!!

At night, we went to Phuket Fantasea... The most expensive tour among all... 1250 baht per person... I dont know isit worth? But I think I wont go for second time except someone is paying for me.. hahaha~ The performance is nice actually... The costumes, backgrounds, PA and everything is worth for the price.. But it is abit boring sometimes... sleepy~~~ Other than watching performance, you can walk walk around there also.. there are buildings, stalls, entertainments, exhibitions inside... Snapped lotta photos again~~ ^^

After back from Phuket Fantasea, finally I went for Thai Massage with Simmei, Wayne and Winson!! The massage girl also felt pity when she saw my injured leg.. She even applied some medicine on my leg... Thanks!!! The massage is good although it is pain at sometime... 200baht per hour!! Worth to go!!!

On day 6, we didnt go anywhere... Morning went to 7-11 and have a "brunch"!! I felt 7-11 food is nice to eat... Variety of food for you to choose!! I will miss you 7-11!! ^^

Around 10:30am, we depart from Regent 2002 and go to Phuket Airport... Here's the end of my Phuket Trip... Bye bye Phuket... Dont know when got chance to back here again???

"I will miss you.... phuket~~~~~~~ I will miss all the moments I have in Phuket with all of YOU~~~~~~~"

Phuket Trip Day4

We went for Phang Nga + James Bond Island One Day Tour on Day 4 at 950baht per person. So, again depart early in the morning at 8am... Sleepy~~~

I forgot where we depart from... Some pier.. Dont know what name! Lolz... The pier is quite far from the waiting spot... Therefore some mini buses will fetch us to the pier... Weird + Cute Bus!! LOLz...

Here we depart~~~~ cheeeeeseeee...

This time, the tour guide is not as funny as the previous one... Just giving us some brief on where are we going for the one day tour... I didnt really listen to him but busy snapping photos with my friends... ooopppssss... :">

We went to Phang Nga Bay for sea-canoeing. Each canoe is followed by a canoe guide who will help us to canoe and enter to the caves!! the caves entrance is very low.. Everyone has to lie down so that can enter into the cave... I'm still wondering how did the guide keeps on canoeing when he lie down? erm??? Well.. he is really strong.... Can make the canoe moves so fast!!! ^^

Those guides are playful too... Keep splash water to us.... I'm totally wet although I'm didnt fell into water... =.=||| Made my phone wet.... Luckily it didnt spoilt... phew~~~

After canoeing in 2 places, we have our buffet lunch on the ferry... the food is not bad... Nice nice!! ^^

Then, we went to James Bond Island!! Nothing much to see actually... Just climbing into cave, walking around, snapping photos... You can shop there too if you want... hahahaha~~ By the way, why the island is named as James Bond Island? erm erm erm???

After we left James Bond Island, we are brought to another bay... Dont know is where? LOLz.. But this is the time they let you canoe yourself... You can choose to continue canoeing or swimming or anything~ I felt it is not easy to canoe.... The canoe does not move even i tried very hard.... Or move very very slowly.. bit by bit... maybe my hand is injured.. no strength... Thanks to winson for taking me here n there by canoeing!! Kento dropped into water when he tried to make simmei fell down into water... wahahaha~~~~ Dai Sei~!!

Back to Regent 2002 at around 5pm++. Do not have any night activity for Day 4. Some of my friends went to massage but me,yy,ys stayed in our room watching TV and sleeping only... Hahahaha.... "休息是为了走更长的路" ^^

Friday, July 03, 2009

Phuket Trip Day3

We went for Phi Phi Island One Day Tour on third day. 950baht per person for Speed Boat Tour. We will be going to 7 locations in total... Some you can go down but some only sight-seeing... So I also dont know how many places i went at last.. LOL!

We depart from Boat Lagoon... Met a new friend from Austratlia, Katia! She is pretty ya~ Yong so happy~~ Hahahahaha~~

I think this is the first time I took Speed Boat! Rarely take any ships or boats actually! The tour will provide everyone drinks like mineral water, 7-up and cola! It is nice to travel with Speed Boat... Very windy~~ Suang~~ We have a funny + interesting tour guide guiding us!! "He" calls himself as Beyonce~ "He" can sing well too!! "He" even berminat at our friend... Wayne~ What to do? Wayne is too leng chai!! He said to me, "your friend is very handsome when he took off his specs!!" So funny~ XD

We went to Maya Bay first... Went down walk walk awhile.. Drink drink sea water awhile.. really salty~ Lolz.. the wave is really HUGE~~ I'm so scared~~ :">

Then they brought us around the island.. sight-seeing at Viking Cage and Monkey Bay! I dont feel excited when i saw monkeys.. There are many monkeys in UM.. Welcome to UM if you want to play with monkeys~ wahahahaha~

Then we went for snorkelling at Loh Samah Bay i think... Not quite sure about the location name~ Just refer to on9 information.. hahaha~ Snorkeling isn't easy to me... Although I have wore life jacket... But at the moment i jump into middle of sea~~ I'm super scared~ Legs cant touch anything~ Grab my friends so hard... LOL.. Didnt really get to see the marine lives here.. Too scared to put my head down.. Just saw abit then is time to leave.. hmph~ The water is very clean and clear anyway~ Worth to go~~!!

After that, we went to Laem Thong Beach for buffet lunch! The food prepared is nice to eat.. yummy yummy~~ But I'm so bad luck.. Sat on a broken chair and then FELL DOWN!! Dont know who so bad go break my chair when I go take food!! Somemore my hands are shaking non-stop!! Dont know why?? ish~~ We went to walk walk awhile after eating, we didnt bring cash here... only can window shopping!!! @_@

Then is time to go for last location of the day... Koh Khai Nai!! We are allow to swim, snorkerling, shopping, snap photos, walk walk here!! Finally i get to see lotta fish here~~ We no need to jump into middle of sea.. Just at seaside... Put ur head down, and you can see lotta fish around you~ Nice nice!!

I fell down seriously at here!! I was hoping to climb up the rocks at seaside to snap photos! But the rock is too slippery and i fell down!!! It is so PAIN~ until i cant get up!!! This fell down caused 2 of my legs and my right hand injured!! It brought me a torturing trip for the rest of the days! Having difficulties to walk well and cant even use strength with my right hand!! A good experience telling me that never try to climb up on rocks without knowing whether it is slippery or not? T_T

The one day trip ended at around 5pm.. Then we went back to guesthouse rest awhile b4 going out for dinner....

I feel I'm hebat too!! I still be able to walk to Bangla Road from Regent 2002. It is quite far ya.. around 15-20minutes walking distance.... But this time i walked even slower.. Sorry for letting my friends waiting for me!! It is actually very pain and tiring!! Haiz~~

We went to eat McD... Pork burger!! It is quite nice... Cant find in Malaysia~~ hahahaha... After that, Yong n Winson went to see tiger show! 500baht per person with drink!! Wahahaha~ They said the aunty cant give them "excited" feel!! LOL...

third day end~ tiring and painful day! zzZzZZZzzz~