Sunday, May 15, 2011

Company Trip 2011 - Cameron 2D1N Holiday

Finally... Here comes our Annually Company Trip!!! Perhaps this is the first Overnight Trip GI had it so far? Well, I do prefer overnight trip... Longer time to play and have fun... Please have it again next year!!!~ Or is better if we can have another this year? :p

We went Cameron on 16th April for 2D1N trip!!~~ Although we unable to follow the plan thoroughly, but everything still go fine at the end!!~ Just... SOMEBODY late... and weather not too good... Keep raining... But luckily we get to BBQ at night... The rain stopped for us... Thanks GOD!!!~~

We reached Cameron at around 12pm+? The earlier gang went to Bee Farm first.. Then when others reached, we went to Rose Valley... Well... Nothing much to see except flowers... Good time to snap photos.. *kat cha* here and there... :">
- Bee Farm -
- Rose Valley -
* turn turn turn turn turn *
- Only Group Photo -

Never forget to intro our lovely couples in this Cameron trip... :p

After Rose Valley, we went to check in to our bungalow... We had lunch there... Thanks Wan Ching for buying so many food from Kampar... Nice Lunch!!!~~
- Kampar Curry Chicken Bread -

After lunch, we went to Kok Lim Strawberry farm!!!! Yahooo.. My Favourite Strawberriesssssssssss... First time, I pluck it by myself... lalalalala~~~
Big vs Small

After that, we went to walk walk at night market!!!~~ I bought corns, strawberries there!!~~ :">

Then, we back to Bungalow for our BBQ a.k.a Steamboat dinner!!~~ Let's prepare it together!!

After preparation, let's begin with bbq and steamboat.... Is time to eat!!!~~~

Joyful + Funny moments!!~
- I will never steal Mamee again -
Oh~ vs Ah~

Gaming Moments!!!~
Let's guess what is this?
How about this 2???
This one???

Punishment Time... (Thankiu Vincent and Jacynda T_T)

We slept quite late that night... Play cards and mahjong until 3am+!!! It is cold in the night... And I chosed a very nice room with YY,WC,SY!!!~ The toilet door cant close... The room door cant lock... The window cant close too.... Brilliant room!!!~~ >_<

KW, WC and SY left in the early morning on next day.. Wuwu~~~ They didnt join us to Boh Tea Farm... They went Cactus Valley and Kampar!!!~~ T_T

Is OK... So we went to have Blunch and depart to Boh Tea Farm at around 12pm!!~ The journey to the Boh Tea Farm is not easy... The road is bengkang-bengkok and very small!!!~~~ We trapped in a jam on the way to Boh Tea Farm... Luckily... we get to get over at last by moving the car here and there, left and right, front and back...  lolz
cars are queue-ing~~~

Finally... We reached... Welcome to Boh Tea Garden... Time to walk up now.. lolz...
I love this the most... Cool~~ 
Our *turn vomit* camera man... Oh... Quite yeng this time.. LOL
This is scary!!~~~
- GI F4 -
Our juniors look Cool huh? lol

Here goes the factory...

After we came out from the factory..... It started to rain again... So... We have our tea-time first before moving to next stop... XD
Oh ooo.. Going to Rain...
Snapping photo with Bin Tai Lou... hahahaha

After Boh Tea,  we went to Kea Market to buy some foods before going back to KL... That day is a good day... I didnt eat breakfast, lunch or dinner officially... hahahahaha.... Diet!!!~~~ WOW...

Here comes the end of my Company Trip... When will be the next one? *waiting*