Thursday, March 31, 2005


get sec... 3,2,1 go... run run run run run........... today is salingan for sport day.. is 3rd day dee... but today has many events... all running events start... got lari berpagar, 800m, 200m, 1.5km walk, 3km terbuka and 4x400m.. dunno what happen to the teachers.. blue house's numbers all got problem.. haiz.. makes me terpaksa stay there and do amendment.. but i'm suppose to stay also... got event leh!!! haiz.. 800m somemore.. dun like to run long distance.. not enough stamina.. what to do?? no one want participate...

da events suppose to start at 2:15pm.. but dunno why it started at 3pm.. haiz... started late wil have to end late.. first event is lari berpagar.. after few classes finish jumping... rain drops... sooooooooooo happy... coz salingan mite be cancel and i can go home and sleep... but teacher dun care at all.. still continue the events.. haiz.. then rain stopped.. what to do?? go run lor.. 2nd event is 800m... scary la... hahahaha.. but i did finish it even i got last.. nevermind la.. i mmg cannot run at all.. i saw some people stopped half way also.. lucky i'm not the one.. hehe.. first time joining oni.. not bad liao.. my permintaan really low leh.. =)

then other events continue one by one.. rain started again bout 5pm++... a bad news come... my house class P1 has not enough people to join 4x400m.. haiz.. all go back dee.. "ffk" leh... geramnya... what to do?? they so cham.. ask me to run with them.. but i sort of no strengh dee.. didnt take lunch.. but they keep persuading me... finally i decided to join also.. better than whole group disqualified mar... have to run under the rain.. quite heavy somemore.. whole body wet amd smelly.. dunno is sweat or rain dee?? but our group got last also.. haiz... so sorry!!!

reached home at 7pm.. today stayed at school 12hours.. so tired now.. wanna sleep dee.. dunno will get sick anot?? haiz.. i dowan sick leh!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


yoyo... yesterday is chien's birthday.. so we bought a birthday present for him... hrmm... i think is really a surprise present to him... hahaha.. even i oso surprise la... buy underwear leh.... G-String somemore.. lolzzz... with a super big t-shirt oso... wondering y my friends buy soooooooooooooooo big shirt for him?? haiz....

really funny yesterday... i think this will leave a deep memory to chien.. haha... we did asked him to wear tat G... of coz.. he wont wear la.. but CBYow wear it on the spot in our class... waaaaaaaaaaaa.............. really feel so surprise bout his action... even put the underwear on his head.. dunno why is he so HIGH?? sot dee... but he said he remember a pepatah... " You can't look dignified while having fun ".... haha.. maybe la... then he must be having a great fun...

soooooo many people r havin birthday soon.... pk liao... nid to buy so many presents..... wondering wat wil CBSing, CBYip and CBNian receive on their birthday??? soon will know... i think CBYow will receive a lagi "special present" since he is so sporting..... hahaha... let's wait and see..... (",)

Sunday, March 20, 2005


blank blank blank....... dunno what to write?? think think think.... now my brain is full of scariness... afraid school reopen... i scare kena "dup" la.... i simply submitted many names in the sport lists... sobzzz... not i decide actually... most of it frm other people... but still i write in... scarieeeeeeeeeeeeee................ i want hire bodyguard dee......

anyway.. very happy on Sunday... cos still got friend help me n yeong ru celebrate birthday... haha.. still receive present... but this present is very memorable.... guess what?? are sticker photos... special right??? we took together in 1U... thanks ya pei kuan... muackssssss...........

following days... busy with dance again... haiz.... suddenly really no mood in that... this is the first time that i'm using english song to dance... is a very special song reedit by CBY... become CB remix dee.. but actually is "yeah" from usher... juz slightly diff and is shorter.... hahaha... hrmm... maybe whole gang of CB must learn the dance... lolzz....

ciaozz now... nitezz....

Sunday, March 13, 2005


finally holidays start.. but my life is lagi worst.. B.B.B

B => boring
life is so boring.. not goin anyway during holidays.. stay at home.. many homeworks and kerko job.. haiz.. planing to study because my results are very cha this year.. especially chemistry.. dunno wat's goin on at all.. sobzz.. but...

B => busy
my life is so busy.. one week holiday is really very short.. not enough time for me to finish everything.. sooooo many homeworks need to do.. have to study 10chapters of chemistry.. understand all.. study physics as well.. got monthly test when skul reopen.. haiz.. somemore need to choreograph a dance.. for gathering.. i mmg like to do that.. but i only have 3days to finish that and have to teach my friends during da holidays.. haiz.. no inspiration at all... who can help me???

B => bad luck
i'm so bad luck this few days.. yesterday i found that i short of money of chinese society members' fees.. dunno where the money go?? i'm sure i counted everytime.. haiz.. cham.. today at first plan to go 1U with my family in the morning.. wake up at 9am++ then reciv call from kimmy that blue house is facing a major problem.. need to go school and take some forms for sport day and have to pass up on this coming monday.. please la.. is holiday.. somemore blue house is not having enough participants for all the events.. so we have to go find out and filled in the forms.. i feel so sorry to my friends because i put their names in without asking them.. i know they dowan to participate.. but that's the only way.. so sorry... but still got many empty columns till now.. really hard to get people to join during holidays.. can't even ask them..

haiz.. why why why?? how how how?? who can help me??

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


today, purpose of i posting here is............... specially thanks to my friends -- qian yue, tan foong, kuang chien, sin yip and xiau sing... thanks for u guys' present!! i like it!! muacksss!!

ahem~~ one more thing... mun ah mun... dance la.. we will do it together!! gambade!! =)

Monday, March 07, 2005


wakakaka... yipeeee... i'm success.. i finished 10km run in the interval time... hahaha... in 80minutes.. oops.. actually is quite long liao.. nevermine.. i'm still very happy... wahahaha... i didn't faint... so proud of myself.. hey,friends.. i no need to go for body check up liao.. i'm very healthy... lolz..

today woke up very early.. about 5am.. wah.. really first time throughout this year... then we (14pp) go Dataran Merdeka together.. at bout 5:40am.. reach there bout 6am.. hrmm.. still early... we walk around, put luggage then go register and prepare to run..

running started at 7:15am.. at first i jog.. but started to walk after 10minutes.. haha.. really cha lar me.. not enough stamina.. sobz.. i run myself.. all my friends dunno go where dee.. can't find them.. haiz... so lonely la.. the journey is really very long.. like never end.. i began left behind after 3km.. i hardly can see people running in front of me.. haiz... really thinking to run faster at that moment.. but really dun have the energy to do so.. feeling goin to vomit.. maybe is the breakfast.. i shudn't ate breakfast today.. feeling thirsty also.. "where is the refreshment station?? i need water!!" finally after 5km.. there is a refreshment station.. i took a 500ml mineral water.. drink then run again.. that moment is really very tired!! really very hard to run.. walk all the way until those officers told us that only left 20minutes for 500m... wah.. i really scared i can't finish.. starting to run.. not jog.. is run.. run run and stop stop abit.. but still can't see the finish point.. wondering whether the officers are cheating us anot? run run run run run.. finally saw the finish point.. looked at it and run even faster.. haha.. reached finish point at 8:35am successfully.. took the cert.. began to faint.. headache also.. walking unbalancely.. go look for friends.. sitting down with them, drink water and rest..

today i really drink lotta water.. 500ml mineral water at first.. then a cup of milo and 6 cups of 100Plus.. ate 2 apples also.. didn't eat anything else.. still very full.. feeling vomit and headache.. we rest bout an hour.. really feel better after that.. not feeling vomit and headache again.. recover totally.. but my legs are very tired.. now still tired.. can feel pain liao.. tomorrow sure very hard to walk.. definitely very pain..

have to take a rest liao now.. sleepy dee.. hehe.. jiak neh.. =)

Sunday, March 06, 2005


wow~~ tomorrow is............................ MARATHON!!! haha.. first time joining.. feel abit exciting.. hope can finish.. 10km only mar.. haha.. sounds easy.. but is quite difficult to me.. "dun faint, dun faint, and dun faint"!!

today me, mun, ru, yue, nian, sing, yip and 2chien went down KL to take t-shirt.. for tmr running.. then we went sungai wang.. walk there.. fuiyo.. spent half and hour.. stupid yip lead the wrong way to there.. haiz.. nothing special.. juz walk walk there.. bought a necklace and Pn. Fatimah's present.. ohya.. we took sticker photo also.. with mun, ru and yue.. hrmm.. effect not very nice.. but is really cute.. hehe..

special thanks to my friend.. jun may, su ying, hong ling, sara, lee ling and rachael.. bought me birthday present even my birthday past long time ago.. is a very special present.. thanks a lot ya..

signing off.. must sleep early tonight..

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

bla bla~~

bla bla~~ is sooooooooooooooo hot nowadays..... sweat everyday... let's hope it rains heavily... haha... "rainy days please come over!!!"

nothing special happens this few days.. like very free.. no need stay back after school everyday.. hehe.. go home n sleep after school everyday... then eat n eat n eat.. like a pig.. haha.. grow fat dee.. have to start on diet!!! nevermind.. marathon is coming.. on this coming sunday... 10km run around Dataran Merdeka area.. sure can diet that day.. but i'm worring bout something... dunno i have the stamina to finish anot?? my heart is a bit weak compared to others.. scared will faint on that day... choi.. touch wood.. at first i dun worry at all.. all because of my friends.. keep persuading me not to go.. haihz.. dun worry la.. i will finish the journey successfully...

my dear friend... wish me luck ok?? ciaoz~~