Thursday, August 31, 2006


today is merdeka day!! 31st August!! hApPy BiRtHdAy MaLaYsiA!! 49th years old edi... hehehe.... well... like last time... didnt went to countdown... just went out yum cha with my form6 friends!! i heard UM got fireworks!! really rich ar... one thing made me regret!! didnt get to attend SSAA freshie night!! they said is fun!! haiz...

this post is blog for celebrations... hehe... not only merdeka celebration but birthday celebrations too... well... they are many people who birthday on august!! last time i have very little fren whose birthday is on august!! but there are many in UM... so... we(CC) helped them to celebrate their 19 years old birthday this year!! ya... all 19... so good!! me like very old edi... sob....

the 1st who birthday is yue ping!! that time not so meriah cos not many people attend!! but for the nex 5pp... is really very meriah ler... 5 of them frm 5 different family... so... everybody went down and helped them celebrate!! frm 26th to 30th... everyday there is one people birthday!! is really fate!! so they can celebrate together at once on 26th 12am... =)

well.. we sing birthday songs for them... 4 kind of languages!! we bought 2 cakes that night... put 5 candles... each of them have one... ahahaha... the cake is nice... delicious... but at the end... they start throwing the cake... haiz... kinda wasted!! they like to play with the cream... some of the seniors became human cake lar... ahahaha... everybody chasing around!! wan kena people!! lucky i didnt kena... abit on face oni... somemore is when they dun hv cream on hand.. juz can feel a bit oily...

quite pity those girls who kena their hair... haiz... very hard to wash off one... somemore have to wait til hair dried oni can sleep... unlikes guys... easy to dry... then can sleep.... so bad lar them... but i saw them enjoying... haha... those junior guys hide til run bck to their block!! wakakaka... but they still kena cos seniors chased them...

a climax part... 2 paiseh people took photo together... actually a guy n a girl took photo is very normal. but... other people made until they very paiseh!! blush ler them!! ahahaha... everybody laugh at them... keep taking photo... are they happy with it??? ahahaha.... wondering???

well... is good to have such activities!! can retain relationship!! but i dun like to play with cakes!! water i dun mind lar... hahahaha... time for photos again... enjoy~~~

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

UM c0Nvo

let's talk about UM convocation tonight. actually i shudnt spend time here... monday having exam... i havent study finish til now... but??? lazy ahh.... ahahaha... heard is objective.. if comes out with subjective, die lar me... =(

Convo started from 8/8 til 13/8. there's a ceremony of throwing our seniors every year in UM. so, 10th college CC did that too. we only went convo for 2days which is thursday n saturday. both day i went even i'm sick... ahahaha... what to do? i'm 38 mar... but saturday really very few people went. all guy juniors didnt turned up except for kai chern who came after the ceremony ended. =.='' haiz... what to do?? all went PC fair or back hometown. lucky we got seniors there! if not, i think girls wont get to throw seniors up. ahahaha....

actually there's a traditional talk bout this people throwing ceremony. i heard that we suppose to throw those seniors up in order to let them pluck leaves from the trees... hahaha... but i'm really wondering.... did anybody meant to do that?? ^^

during this Convocation, i joined 佛学会素食摊! i'm under "layanan" department. and so... my job is to serve customer, clean tables n helped around. really sad that i'm sick for that week. so i skiped my duty for 3times... haiz... really felt sorry ahh... but really cant tahan. even i went, oso useless...

Last day of my duty which on 12/8 is the most fun day i guess... all layanan team nid to wear apron n 头巾! we took some photos there but i dun have any copy with me now!! haiz... what to do?? all with seniors... somemore i dunno them at all... sobz....

nvr forget bout this... we had a convo dinner on 12/8 night too... hehehe... our good good seniors(graduate) belanja all of us go makan in SS2 resturant New Paris. i'm really chun that night. with my scouter uniform there... hahaha... i went there after camp fire... and so???? i'm special that night!! =p

now.. time for photos again... i think i took super lotta photos since i got into UM. everybody really crazy bout taking photos... but is good rite?? as sweet memories of us!!! ^^

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hehe... is our banner nice?

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convo group photo!!

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3,2,1... throw!!

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convo dinner!!

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our favourite cheering!! *gambade gambade*

Saturday, August 26, 2006

pHoTo SessioN ^^

well is time to upload PD photos... hehehe... enjoy ya!! =)

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

CC fReShiEs dAy!!

well... no more blogging bout my sick!! is time to blog bout happiness!! hehe... yea... i went for CC freshies day bout 2 weeks ago... not a day but a trip... we got a CC freshies trip actually... trip to PD for 2days 1night. it is short but still happy!! know?? my college is special... having cc freshies trip... wakakakaka... perhaps they are people might jealous us... ^^

we went PD on 6th morning. Reach there bout 11am... Having all sorts of activities there... learning our 10th college CC song which writen by "lin yu zhong"!! haha... gayanya!!! then separate groups using food's name in Hokkien!! i'm super blur in this activity.. i really dunno any hokkien words... everybody like cheering n doing sups in hokkien. me?? sweat there oni lah... =.='''

most enjoyable activity -----> went down to beach.. but my group people mostly cant play in water... me too.. leg injured... dun dare to take risk again. anyway my group... "pai kut ong" got 2nd place in that beach game... actually it is something like stations' game... quite fun but i cant play most of the games!! T.T

after the activity, everybody starts going down to water... and of cos, i went down too... i didnt join them in playing ball. haha... i dunno how to swim and plus my leg injured!! have to be more careful!! moreover, i got Waterfright too!!! so... i just stayed at shallow water area with yuen theng, yue ping and 'fish'!! we keeps splashing water among ourselves... drank much salty water... yuck!!! and all senior guys like to throw people into water very much!! they are like a pack of wolves... chasing all the girls... wanted to throw them into water... all girls like screaming n running away when the guys tried to approach them... most of them kena threw... but??? me n theng were super lucky... we r like invisible... they didnt saw us at all even we just in front of them... wakakakaka... didnt kena throw... but i still kena pressed into water by dai lou... sob.... really felt very uncomfortable when i get up...

bout 7something, we went bck!! my hair like spoilt... so dry!! sobz... then v ate n hav nex activity... doing video clips... after that, i found that many people like to act so much!! especially seniors... hahahaha... good acting!!! *claps*

then v started taking photos non-stop... bout few hours i guess... we were like people who never took photo b4... all rushing here and there to take photos. when time for LALA family take photo, all other pp oso rush in n take... when time for others to take, we oso rush there n take!! haha... abit weird to me at first but now is very normal edi... most of the time also like this!! hahahaha....

besides, v learnt songs with 手语 too... quite fun in this activities... maybe i like to sing n dance!! feeling good in that!! but i cant really remember it now!!haha... anyway, it's a pity i didnt get to take photo by the beach!! sobz.... isn't it weird i go PD without taking photos on seaside?? haiz... lack of time i can say... have to wait for next trip ler... :(

is bout all i guess!! wanted to blog up some photos here but i havent get it!! wil blog it when i got it!! bout 4gb of photos!! brilliant!! haha... ciaoz...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


cough cough cough
after fever then cough
why am i so bad luck???

Mr. or Ms. Sick always like to follow me
help help help
i dowan it anymore
anyone please help me

now my sorethroat is getting more and more serious
i cant even sing
my biggest hobby gone

when wil i recover???
can anybody tell me???
i dowan be patient anymore
weeks after weeks
i'm still sick!!!
why why why???
why me???
i want back my HEALTHY!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


fever fever fever
yesterday i'm strengthless
feel like vomiting
keep sleeping
and so~~~
i accidentally ponteng my tutorial class
dunno how to wake up???
why am i always so bad luck???
every tuesday sure SICK!!
once free and wanted to study
then SICK!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


i'm an alien!!
cant u believe that??
yes i am
if u can c how i look now...
sure terkejut i can say

this is al my fault actually
simply ate medicine
i know tht i'm allegic to some medicine
dunno what medicine

8yrs ago
when i'm in standard 6
i ate 2tables of panadol
then eyes swollen
i ate 1table of pain killer
my eyes SWOLLEN!!

is all becos of yesterday
dunno who accidentally pushed me
then i fell
knee injured
today morning cant walk well
terpaksa eat pain killer
when wil i RECOVER??