Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiger Year!!!!

As what I have mentioned from previous post, my cny ends quite early this year... what to do? Day4 started to work!!! Although not too busy, but still feel tired everyday after back from work.... T.T

em... On CNY Day5, I had a small gathering with my form 6 buddies... We went to 大港,龙凤酒家 for a dinner... The food... i feel... not nice.... Perhaps i wont go again?? :p

We have a special name for our gang in my class... We are CB gang.. lolz.... dont ask me why got such name?? i dont know... I would like to define it as Clever Buddies... muahahahaha... Don't know when is our next gathering? em...... Just hope all of you will stay happy throughout the tiger year.... our year.. ROARRRRR~~

CB Gang 创办人!! (Green Shirt)

On CNY Day6, again I had a small gathering with my form 5 friends... A very small gathering.. Just 5 of us in total... what to do? most of them are not around... at oversea?? em... Really dont know when can all of us gather together?? Perhaps in one of our friend's wedding dinner? lolz... Do remember to invite me when u all get married ya... All the best for the Tiger year~
(p/s LeeLing never upload photos... No photo to post... T_T)

Then, on CNY Day8, I went to Eileen's house with Weihoe and penny to bai nian... Thanks for your lunch, eileen... I want to go again ok? hahahaha~~ Guess what? I taught Eileen how to play mahjong..... and she said... she wants to buy a set of mahjong.... lolz.... naughty naughty....

After that, what else? Went to watch 72 Tenants on Wednesday.... It is very funny... But if your cantonese is poor, I guess the movie is not suitable for you... lolz.... 最经典的字句,“我是雪糕,我是牙膏,我是人造奶!!!” I guess... if you watched the movie, I'm sure that you can remember the line.... XD XD XD

Left 3 more days for CNY... I still hope to get more angpau!!! Who want to give me??? lolz~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



新年嘛 !也真的每一年都一样!年初一留在吉隆坡拜年,拿红包,吃吃喝喝,又过一天!由于很少和亲戚见面,有点生疏,所以真的有些闷!



年初三,回了芙蓉一趟。突然觉得自己老了,竟然有小孩要叫我表姨婆!!!幸好他们还小,不会说话,但明年就。。。。。。 他们也真的很可爱,双胞胎哦~ 一点也不怕陌生人,我跟他们玩得很开心~ 哈哈哈哈~


年初四,今天,开工了!办公室真的很冷清,人很少!明天应该会比较好。但是,今夜我在也感觉不到新年了。就如平时般,放工回家后,上一上网,准备睡觉~ 过完年咯~~~~~

今年的生日,过得好平淡~ 再也没有和朋友到处去玩。没有累坏自己,只是和家人吃了顿晚餐,看了部电影。“苏乞儿”也蛮好看,有带来紧张,欢笑,悲伤!看得我哭得好惨,好像不该在新年兼生日时哭泣。没办法啦,虽然我已不小,但还是很爱哭~~~~ 不好意思~~~~ :p




Monday, February 08, 2010




希望大家会喜欢!! 高星福福照!!

导演:Han Lun
编辑:Han Lun
摄影:Simon Hoh
演员:Han Lun, Cheryl, Karyn, Miaow, TK, Kelvin, Me


GI Annual Dinner 2010

Last Friday was my current working company, Global Intelligence's Annual Dinner. So, we went to Le Meridian Hotel for a buffet dinner right after work... The hotel is just within walking distance from our office... So, we get rid of traffic jam and went there to eat earlier... ^^

Color Theme of the night is Red and Orange color. We chose these colors due to CNY is coming... Tiger year is coming... Roar~~~

The food there is Okay... There dont have much choices of food... Compare with tenji, I guess only 2/5? lolz... But we are still superb full after dinner... Thanks GI!!!

There was a Dressing Competition and the winner is Siow Ching... Congratulations ^^

We are still new in GI, don't really can SS with them... We are still shy... sitting aside... lolz~ Maybe next year... We can SS together... hahahaha~

hoping for next big meal again!!!! XD