Sunday, September 28, 2008

aNotHeR FaReWeLL

another farewell for this week!! Syah and You Qi are finally left too.. hahaha... Finally ya... Just Joking!! We'll miss you 2 for sure!! Now left me and Stella as interns in BT!! Haiz... we are really FILO!! First In Last Out!! what to do? Government wants us to go through training for 6months!! o.O

well... 20weeks have passed!! Left 6more weeks to go!! Happy? er... actually after so many weeks i work in BT, i also not sure will i be happy on my Last Day!! hahaha.. Dunno ler? Happy because i have completed my 6months internship training, fulfilled 12credit hours!! Sad because gonna leave my nice nice colleagues!! hahaha.. Happy or Sad will win? Dunno oh... :p

Due to puasa, so we had a dinner farewell party in Sushi King on last Wednesday!! this was my 2nd time in Sushi King!! Hahahaha... but.. it was Syah's first time in Sushi King ler.. hehe.. "rupa-rupanya banyak orang tak makan sushi di Sushi King!!" wahahahaha....

well.. just eat eat there... and we had special guest too!! guess who is the person? wahahaha.... is our fresh ex-intern, Yuxin!! muahahahaha... i guess syah and youqi felt surprise to see her? erm....

We bought mugs for syah and youqi too... hahaha.. nick,yuxin,syah,youqi also got mug as present!! Dunno why me n stella love to buy mug so much!! Hope they really like the present!!

Tomorrow... another new intern will be here!! hahaha... hope he will be a nice person!! Or else, stella will be very cham since the new intern will be her new partner for project!! lolz...

tata... photos for u!! ^^

Sunday, September 21, 2008






亲爱的朋友们,也许我时常会无端端的生气,无端端的骂人!但每当生气后,我总是觉得后悔!请大家不要见怪!但我的生气通常是不会多过半小时!唉。。真像个大小孩,小气鬼!!不过,不会有隔夜仇嘛!哈哈!买粒糖果或买支雪糕给我就OK la... ^^

Saturday, September 13, 2008

BT Events on Sept 08

wow.. too many events for this week!! Birthday and Farewells!! Celebrating birthday is something happy!! How about farewell? sobz... 2 intern friends just left us yesterday!! Sobz... yuxin left edi!!! T_T

On monday, 080908!! We went to GreenBox, Sg Wang to help Han Lun celebrate his 24th Birthday!!! Erm.. i think originally is we wanted to sing K!! Then dun have any good reason for it.. then say wan help yuxin + nick farewell!! then at the end became HL's bday celebration!! LOL.. well.. i really long time didnt sing!! sing cacatly... haiz... somemore kena video recorded!! =_=|||

Well... they bought him a special present!! a special lamp!! hahahahaha... dunno how to describe! Perhaps photo is the best to show u the present!! erm... eat eat, sing sing, take take photos for few hours!! lolz...

Tuesday went Sushi King to eat lunch!! wakakaka... so rich ler!! everyday spend so many!! If not got rm5 voucher, i think i wont go sushi king at all!! hahahaha... eat eat, snap snap photos again!! this is my life~~

Wednesday ntg special!! Just that yuxin n stella also not taking lunch with me!! T_T

Thursday.. wow... first time whole day meeting!! Hahahaha... First time i ate lunch with my dept people only!! We went to Zen,Sooka to eat!! hehehe.. is Huina's treat!! "Thanks, Huina!!" Actually that was a farewell for yuxin from my department!! After 4months of training, yuxin is now time to leave BT!! Haiz....

Friday, yesterday!! well.. another farewell!! For yuxin and nick!! this week 2 people are leaving us!! our sweet intern "couple" finally completed their internship training!! Next week onwards, nobody for me to tease liao... haiz.. so sienz... hahaha.. well.. just joking!! They just good frens!! they just normal frens but get to know each other for 8years!! LOL

We went to San Fransisco, Mid Valley together!! 11ppl went and ate lunch there!! ate til almost 4pm!! that was the longest lunch i ever have in BT!! Lolz.. what to do? busy taking photos also!! and the meals there are super BIG portion!! Next time, i suggest girls should share for one meal enough!! really cannot finish!! We are just wasting food!!! haiz...

Here goes my whole week!! Now my wallet really got one BIG hole!! nevermind!! Once in a while!! Last but not least!!
"Bye bye yuxin! Bye bye Nick!! Wish both of u all the best for everything!!"

Photos time~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paramount BBQ Party

Last Saturday, there was a Paramount BBQ Party held by our Paramount coursemates!! wow.. this is the very 1st mooncake festival that i celebrate with my coursemates!! Last time, always celebrate with college friends!! Now.. everything has changed!! No more PTCC from 10th anymore!! i hardly keep in touch with my 10th juniors!! why? because i have moved out from 10th and not going back to UM for 1 sem!!

Celebrate with different people really got different kinda feelings ya!! Last time in college, we will have a performance nite!! Everybody will work for it together!! But this time, just a simple BBQ party with my coursemates!! Although there's no performance, but i guess our organizers really worked hard on it!! "OYY, you are the BEST!!"

And of course, not to forget our fried bihun and fried mee chef!! LOL.. I feel really not easy to fry so much noodles using a small pot!! "Boss, you are really GENG!!"

Well, after eating, me busy helping people to take photos!! hahaha... Due to the bbq smoke is really....... and so....... my eyes...... swell like hell!! Make me cannot take any photos with such ugly face!! so sad!! But nvm, helping friends to take photos is a happy thing too!! hehehe...

other than bbq + eating, we did play a game call "In Between"!! But we not gambling, we are just eating agar-agar!! Loser will have to eat CJ's special made agar-agar!! Muahahahaha.. taste well? erm... ask anyone of us who was there!! They will tell u...

Well, we did play tanglung as well!! But didnt walk too far with the tiny tanglungs!! Scared of dogs!! Cos is quite late edi... 1am+++!! play tanglung == burn tanglung too!!! bbq tanglung!! muahahahaha...

Photos time!!