Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

~ mo0dLeSs ~

dunno why?? very "fan" this few days.. too much of planning.. too much of considering.. at first, plan to perm my hair.. but too many people said it will spoil my hair.. if i dye my hair, my hair will be super cacat ler.. how how?? spend bout rm200 to spoil my hair???

then now, plan to buy a new hp.. errrrrrrrr... this made me headache! dunno what to buy? scared i will regret after buying it!! how how how??

today is really bad luck er... did so many mistakes when i typed DO.. haiz.. dunno what happen to me?? very blur case... arrggghhhh... WHY AM I SO BLUR?? sob sob..

16th is stpm releasing date... phew~~ finally know when is it? but is quite sad for me... cos i might not be able to go take result on that day?? why?? cos somebody dowan change off day with me lar.. so bad!! haiz haiz.. what to do?? hope that the new staff can exchange off day with me ler... my usual off day is on wed mar... 16th is thurs leh... haiz..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

0uR BiRtHdAy!!!

Well well.. that’s lotta people having birthday this month as I stated earlier!! Let’s start with tan foong’s birthday on 13th.. me, jia mun, yeong ru, peik yoke, qian yue, bor yow, sin yip, xiau sing, yeaw nian, wai seong and wen loong went to a “stick” shop and help foong celebrate her 20th birthday!! That day all girls wore skirts and of course guys wore pants.. haha… first time saw those cb guys wore so properly… with long pants n shoes… haha… this is the right way actually… all girls wear so nicely, guys must suit us oso mar… the food there not bad!! We took lotta photos there too… but is quite regret that we didn’t take a group photo at last… too bad ler… yow’s camera put of battery dee… always like that… haha…

Then then, on 14th, valentines day!! It is no BIG deal to me… I dun have any lover to celebrate with me… sobz sobz… for 20yrs time, I’m still alone… lolz… anyway, I so call celebrate my birthday with some lonely friends on that day… we went honey bee café and yam cha… long time never meet those friends.. they are fui chin, su ying and pei kuan… lotta stuff to talk about… fui chin gave everyone a small little cute flower too… it is made by ferrero roccher … so cute… again, photo sessions up… crazy in taking photos again.. then a couple joined us… guess they are who leh?? Of course is hui xian n jian leon ler… jian leon so boring with so many girls there… lolz… too bad ler… we went home bout 11pm. Went home n online together… haha… =)

On 15th, my birthday… is a working day to me… but I got noon shift that day… so good… everybody full shift except me… so touched leh… haha… we went shakeys and have lunch!! At first, I thought only yee ching, yeong ru and jia mun will come… surprisingly that tan foong n qian yue came too… really surprise especially when I saw yue cos I thought she’s working tat day and didn’t ask her to go have lunch with me… really touched ar… but we didn’t take photos that day… only a few by using yue’s camera hp. The photos look cacat… color weird!! Lolz… what to do? No one can bring camera cos we all working after having lunch… haiz…

Next is yeong ru’s birthday!! Her birthday supposingly on 20th but she celebrated earlier by one day which is 19th. We went My News Café and have dinner!!! Who came leh?? They are me, jia mun, hui xian, pei kuan, tan foong, qian yue, peik yoke and our skul flower (Nian). Nian is really 伟大leh… only one guy went that night. What to do?? Ru is his wife leh.. must give face abit mar… we took plenty of photos that night. Took in front of mirror too. Lucky we cant c another head inside the mirror… lolz… after having dinner, we went to play futsbal and pool. I’m not pro in that… a cacat player… haha…

These were what I did for the past 2 weeks. Before leaving, I would like to say “thank you” to all my friends who came and celebrate birthday with me!! Of course, thanks for their present too… lastly, thanks for their precious birthday message also ler… they are jia mun, yeong ru, hui xian, pei kuan, su ying, fui chin, sin yip, xiau sing, yeaw nian, yee ching, mei wan, tan foong, qian yue, peik yoke, bor yow, lin wei, wai seong, kha chun, wen loong, kah wei and etc….. Really thank you ya… =)

Let’s have a look at the photos below… enjoy ya.. tataz…

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foong's party --> whole gang of leng lui ^^

Image hosting by Photobucket
foong with nian,yip,sing

Image hosting by Photobucket
OMG!! bully birthday girl!! so bad!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
valentine's night!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
blowing candle!! only 1 candle!! one yr old?? haha..

Image hosting by Photobucket
cheeeeseee.. only one piece of cake oni.. ><

Image hosting by Photobucket
ru's party --> bully nian n ru!! ^^

Image hosting by Photobucket
3,2,1.... smile.. =)

Image hosting by Photobucket
mirror mirror hanging on the wall... who's the most pretty of them all?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

~ 計下你下世做咩 ~

例如: 先前出來的是1440 那就是1x4x4=16,1x6=6   


1 代表你下輩子是強盜   
2 代表你下輩子是普通人   
3 代表你下輩子是窮人   
4 代表你下輩子是空手道高手   
5 表示你下輩子是讀書人   
6 表示你下輩子是鬼,也就是說這輩子完了以後沒有投胎   
7 表示你下輩子是巨富,嗯,和李嘉成差不多有錢吧   
8 表示你下輩子是頭腦極其發達的人,PS,也就是說四肢簡單,和愛因斯坦啊愛迪生什麼的有一拼   
9 表示你下輩子是堅定的共產主義信仰者,hoho,這個最厲害啊,沒准是未來的啊馬克思什麼的


Sunday, February 05, 2006

心情 (二)


当天是PA Launching 日


this month, February really got lotta people having birthday. They are joseph ding, tan foong, hoc mun, yeong ru, swee keng, william, yee shiang, ming foong ... etc...

so i'm here wishing all my friends hApPy BiRtHdAy!! enjoy ur day ya... =)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

心情 (一)