Thursday, July 31, 2008

明星脸 Celebrity Face

As previously mentioned, lately we have conducted a small survey among my fsktm friends!! hahaha... results finally out with top8 or top10 finalists!!

To view the results, please follow to the following link:
Password is same as last time!!

Anyway, i hope all my friends will continue the Survey II as you look at the results! hahahaha... This time, all are MCQ!! Should be alot easier for YOU!! ^^

Well, out of so many awards.... "Celebrity Face" is most attractive to me... Now only i know that i got so many friends who look like Stars!! Hahahaha... Dont believe? Let's have a look at the following photos...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

to My Dear FSKTM friends

Hihi... this is a survey for fsktm batch 0607 chinese to do. Hahaha... Although i know it is abit =.= but i do hope all my friends will participate! Please do not fill in empty answers or same answer for same question!! Hahahaha... Nobody will know who fill up, it is P&C for sure! Go go go... Forward out the message to all our friends ba~

Here is the link:
password: hahaha.. ask around lor.. i will give u for sure!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parties all aRouNd

hahaha... suddenly dunno how to start?? let's start with OYY birthday celebration.. we went steamboat together on saturday night... oyy's birthday eve!! Hahahaha... went Sunway for steamboat!! At first wan go eat at Summer, but is really FULL!! So........

We went to another nearby steamboat house and eat!! Weekend really crowded with people!! Need to wait wait wait!! Hahahaha.. that was the 2nd time i went!! everytime went there also need WAIT WAIT one... hahahaha... total 12ppl went, OYY, simmei, kento, winson, muntat, goh, alvin, tkeong, chee weng, weiqi and his gf... I feel like abit wasting money... Cos i ate little and i dun like to makan seafood!! hahahaha

After that, never go home but went to Paramount house to help OYY celebrate birthday.. We gave her a small booklet with all our wishes!! Hope she like the "photos" i made!! i know the photo not nice, but is not my FAULT!! hahahaha.. i got limited resources!! ;p

Kento them really 'big square' oh.. sponsored their house for cream war... hahahaha.. i'm so katsu.. hide from the war... i didnt bring cloths and towel ler.. scared kena cream!! hahahaha.. next time if got chance, i will play!! LOL!!! well... bday girl at the end became cream girl.. but i guess everybody is happy!! can see from the videos.. jus that the floor is really dirty!! hahahaha

wow.. that night i nvr bck home and sleep.. stay at simmei's hse.. this was the 2nd time i went to fren's house and sleep ler... hahaha... did nothing there... just played Heart Attack.. Made my hand red and pain.. @.@

then next day, went cheong K again.. that was the 4th week i went... really 4weeks in a roll.. No more this week!! sienz liao... hahaha.. this week nope.. next week duno... ^^

today!! my office had a small farewell party for those staff that are leaving in this month.. they are Alvin, Huan Len and Anu!! We had lunch at KL sentral Secret Recipe! Big gang went there.. Muahahaha... Now got promotion for rice set... RM10 with water somemore.. Cheap cheap and quite nice too... hehehe... captured some photos... especially on someone... kakakaka... ^^

is time to SLeep... Dunno why lately so tired? haiz... old edi ler me... nitezzz....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

GaMinG m0MeNts

Lately.. keep playing an online game.. Guess what is it? haha... It is "Super Dance Online", SDO... Actually previously i did play a game similar to it... O2Jam.. But now no more o2 edi... change to new game... SDO! Hahahaha

Started 2 weeks ago gua... on the starting week, many of my Uni friends also got play.. But lately, they all dowan to play anymore.. haiz.. Why they so fast bored of the game? I still want to train more leh...

I'm still pretty noob for that game... Once go into Advanced Room, then will lose til no eye see... Haha.... Wondering those people how to play de? i cant even see the nodes.. @.@

my character is call thunderSK!! Hahaha.. she is pretty and has nice body shape!! Really one... Have a look at her ba~