Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FSKTM Survey Final Results

Happy New Year 2009!! with this great celebration, today i would like to announce all the awards here... hahaha... who are the winners?? who who?? me me?? you you?? XD

Well.. I will announce all those top3/top5 results here but the winners are not arranged in sequence... und? It means the name appeared at the 1st place not necessary to be Top1 winner!! Hohoho...

>> FSKTM Leng Chai 英俊潇洒大帅哥 Top5 <<
- Bong Chang Dick -
- Lee See Haw -
- Lim Chee Weng -
- Lim Wei Zheng -
- Ng Wai Lim -

>> FSKTM Leng Lui 倾国倾城大美女 Top5 <<
- Arabel Chin -
- Ong Chu Hui -
- Sam Sue Hui -
- Tien Yik Seiw -
- Tow Sim Mei -

>> FSKTM 38 King Top3 <<
- Alvin Lee -
- Tan Chor Jun -
- Woo Mun Keat -

>> FSKTM 38 Queen Top3 <<
- Loi Sooi Kuan -
- Ong Yen Ying -
- Tien Yik Seiw -

>> FSKTM Lek Zai Top4 <<
- Kang Kai Chern -
- Low Kit Hao -
- Toh Thiam Hock -
- Woo Mun Keat -

>> FSKTM Lek Lui Top4 <<
- Loi Sooi Kuan -
- Ng Bai Hui -
- Ong Yen Ying -
- Tew Shi Yi -

>> FSKTM Celebrity Face 最佳明星脸 Top2 <<
- Lim Wei Zheng vs Chen Hao Min -
- Woo Mun Keat vs Li Can Sen -

>> FSKTM Mr. Good Guy 好好先生 Top4 <<
- Lee See Haw -
- Ng Swee Guan -
- Toh Thiam Hock -
- Wong Mun Tat -

>> FSKTM Ms. Good Girl 好好小姐 Top4 <<
- Kek Chia Tee -
- Ng Bai Hui -
- Yeow Eileen -
- Yong Jia Hua -

>> FSKTM Devil King 恶魔王 Top4 <<
- Alvin Lee -
- Chew Zhen Yu -
- Goh Hong Loong -
- Lim Chun Hong -

>> FSKTM Devil Queen 恶魔后 Top4 <<
- Loi Sooi Kuan -
- Ong Yen Ying -
- Tien Yik Seiw -
- Tow Sim Mei -

>> FSKTM Best Rumous Couple 最佳绯闻男女 Top5 <<
- Alvin Lee + Sooi Kuan -
- Chang Dick + Xia Lee
- Mun Keat + Yen Ying -
- Mun Tat + Chia Tee -
- Thiam Hock + Yik Seiw -

>> FSKTM "They Should Be the Couple" 最想撮合男女 Top4 <<
- Alvin Lee + Sooi Kuan -
- Mun Keat + Yen Ying -
- Mun Tat + Chia Tee -
- Wei Hoe + Shi Yi -

>> FSKTM Cutie 天真无邪之可爱教主 Top3 <<
- Kek Chia Tee -
- Ng Bai Hui -
- Sam Sue Hui -

>> FSKTM Lazy Worm 超级无敌懒惰虫 Top3 <<
- Alvin Lee -
- Chew Zhen Yu -
- Dillon Ngo -

>> FSKTM Best Boss 呼风唤雨之‘话事人’ Top3 <<
- Goh Hong Loong -
- Loi Sooi Kuan -
- Woo Mun Keat -

Congratulations for all Winners... Dont be sad of getting some "bad" awards!! Got it better than nothing!! This is how i console myself.. lolz... When your name are listed here, means you are more well known than others... You got lotta friends voted you!! Hahahaha...

Lastly, thanks for supporting me in conducting the survey!! Thanks for waiting the results.. I guess the results for couple might no longer be true? Perhaps there are something new?? Hehehe...

Oh yes... is year 2009 again.. A brand new year... If there is a FSKTM reunion dinner again, will you all go for it? We will eat at some chinese restaurant at PJ here... Wont be New paris SS2 again.. Another place!! The date is yet to be confirmed but will be in January.. I need some noice from you all.. OK or KO? hehehe.. Kindly contact Sam, BaiHui or me for further information... Or if you have any great restaurant to intro? No need shy and just tell us..

Thanks Thanks! Happy New Year 2009! XD

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Penang Trip

let's continue with Penang Trip after Balik Pulau. I reached my fren's house on 24th Dec evening. Then went for a dinner, went into USM walk walk... wow... i feel USM is nice ler.. hahaha.. Looks more New than UM!! wahahaha... Too late at night, cannot snap photos.. sigh~~

Then we went for xmas countdown at eGate. I follow yue and sing's friends there. Met lotta new friends at Penang this time.. All USM students.. Lolz.. We went to a mini pub, a pub that not like those dark dark inside but is bright bright inside.. Lolz... First time i paid for a alcoholic drinks, Heneiken Beer. After few mouth, face started to red... red like apple.. @_@

me and yue.. *yum xing*

group photo.. with given party packs!! ^^

Next day, at first.. Sing plan to bring me go walk walk around Penang with Yue and new fren, YiNi.. But.. out of sudden, he kept cirit-birit. Lolz.. Ended up he lent us his car car only. wow... So i drove his car around Penang.. wahahaha.. Shocked~~

Finally got chance walk into USM again. Snap a photo at the entrance.. Cheeesseeee...

Then we started our journey from Penang Drive. We went there for a dimsum "brunch"!! The food not really nice.. Unless u love chili sauce.. can always dip the dimsum with it.. @_@ This is the shop.. lolz

Snap a few photos beside Gurney Drive with Yue and yiNi before move on to next location... A bit smelly there actually.. haha

Then we went Batu Feringghi. It was raining when we reach.... drizzling abit... So, we still walked to the beach... I love sea.. Love to look at it.. wahahaha... Although is raining, still quite crowded there... Got people played parachut somemore... Snap some lame photos.. hahahahaha...

yeah~~ Nice Shot from Yue!!

After that, we went to Bukit Bendera. Bukit Bendera is finally re-open.. But it is really too crowded due to Xmas Day... Therefore we didnt get to go up by cable car. Too long queue.. Maybe next time if got chance? er???

After that, we went to Tokong Ular. Anyway, I didnt see lotta snakes there.. It just a temple to me... There is a place where tourist can take photo with snake... Expensive photo + danger!! smart people like me... Just stand there looking... doing nothing... lolz..... There is a Shrine Hall of Guan Yin there... Go there pray pray~~ hehe..

After that, we went to Queensbay there for shopping. A big big doremon at the centre court stage... So cute~~ hehehe... Didnt get to buy anything... Fall in love in a shoes... but didnt buy.. lolz...

That's the end of Xmas Day.. Stay at home on Xmas night.. On9 only.. hahaha... Long time didnt on9... :p Next day went to Gurney Plaza Redbox for a K-Lunch.. The lunch is sooooo little... a Special Xmas Lunch that we dont really like.. Ish~~ 2hrs only.. Really abit not enough~

At night, went to Queensbay again... For a stupid movie.. "The Spirit"!!! Ish.. really felt like wasting money... Bought a new shoes there.. The one i fall in love.. hahaha... Dinner at a Thai Food shop.. The Green Curry really not bad... Perhaps is we too hungry?? hehehehe...

Went home on 27th Morning... Thanks to sing.. I no need take bus home~~ hahaha... Went to Ipoh and bought a Yim Gook Gai... Nice nice... yummy....

This is all about my trip for 8days!!! Today first day of class... back to study lo.... study study study~~ hehehehe...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Penang Trip - Balik Pulau

after TI, next day, early morning went Penang with weihoe. We suppose to meet our Penang Xia Xiang friends at around 1pm. We bought 930am bus ticket from Ipoh to Penang. But the bus came at 10am++ =.=|||

Then after we on the bus, the bus spoilt suddenly. So bad luck... Thus, everyone have to wait for another bus to come... Lucky we still at somewhere near Ipoh... The bus came after 20minutes... at the end, 930am bus became 1045am bus... =.=|||

Reach Penang almost around 2pm. Then Edwin and HuiLin come and pick us and then went to Balik Pulau together... Thanks to Edwin for fetching me.. Everytime need to mafan him.. so paiseh~

I stay at Balik Pulau for 3days... stay with my foster parents!! Every year i will back to Balik Pulau once. But this time, I'm the only one who stay for so many days.. Others have left after 1night. Lolz... Very boring at there actually.. Everyday eat, sleep, tv, talk.... I'm much fatter after i back from Penang!! Can u imagine a breakfast with 2pau, 2kuih, 1packet of mee? fattening.... T_T

Snap alot of photos with my "sister" there... Super SS!!! wahahahaha....

After that, I went to meet my Form6 friend who is studying at USM. Thanks for my foster parents for fetching me to USM!! Will miss them~~

Teluk Intan Trip

Now proceed to my next destination -> Teluk Intan. Kong Leong fetched us go Teluk Intan to find Melisa!! We stayed at Melisa's house for one night!! Her house very nice ya.. Forgot to snap photo... ish ish~

Teluk Intan got not much places to go. There is a "Shanghai Beach" there. Lolz... Melisa said is not beach, is river only... Lolz... People only go there fishing i guess... hahahaha... There is a playground there... A nice bridge there... Mini Penang Bridge? XD

river or sea? haha
nice bridge oh?
me and Melisa

After that, we went to Menara Condong. Haiz... The menara is closed after 6pm. Thus, we didnt get to go up to the Menara, just snap some photos of that menara. I still wondering why they want to build a condong menara? =.=|||

The day we went is 冬至!! Thus, we got to eat colorful tang yuan made my melisa and her mum. Lolz.. Big bowl of tang yuan ler.. I never eat that much before! So full~~ fat fat~~

No chance to eat 猪肠粉!! Dunno why it didnt open that night? maybe is bcos of Dong Zhi!! haiz.. wasted~~

Did nothing much there.. Play UNO cards at Melisa's house only. hahaha... But the food there is really alot cheaper compare to KL. good good~~

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ipoh Trip

My first station of my trip is Ipoh!!! Early morning 7:30am, took lrt to pasar seni then walk to pasar seni and take bus to Ipoh alone!!! I reached at around 10am, then met with weihoe and kongleong at Ipoh Bus Station. KongLeong will be our Ipoh Tour Guide since he is from Ipoh! Thx Thx!!

We went quite number of gua at Ipoh, Ipoh Parade and Jusco too. Shopping malls at KL always the best!!! LOL!!! All gua are temples to me... go there pray pray.. hope I will have a very very good year on the coming year!! hehe...

First Destination... Ling Sen Tong~

Second Destination... Nam Tin Tong (Right beside Ling Sen Tong)~
Kongleong said our human lifespan will increase 10yrs when we cross over the bridge!! Lolz

After that, we went for lunch at Ipoh Town!! The food okok lor... nothing special.. XD Then we went to Ipoh Parade walk walk.. see see...

Next, we went to Perak Tung~ A nice place to train your stamina!!! I got lousy stamina!! T_T

How to read?? @@
Nice View on top of Perak Tung
Me, KongLeong, WeiHoe
Both of them didnt wait for me on the way down!! T_T

Next, we went to Gunung Lang!! We didnt take ferry to the opposite.. so just snap snap photos awhile and then move on to the next station!! lolz...

Then, we went to Ipoh Jusco... At first thought of watching movie, but the time is not suitable!! Then we went to CyberCafe see see... really see see then left... and then back to Kong Leong's house!! Actually we planned to go to Melisa's house at night one.. But... due to some reasons, we decided to stay at Kongleong's hse for 1night!! Lolz... I rampas KL's room and sleep.. ended up both of them sleep outside living room... :">

Ipoh's famous food... Ipoh Ngar Choi Gai!! I feel not so nice only... Cold chicken only... Lolz... This is the reason why it so famous? wahahahaha....

Then we walk walk at pasar malam.. Someone bought a new wallet ohh.. hahaha.. Suddenly cant think of the brand name edi~ hahaha...

Again plan to go for movie, but all tickets sold off!! Wahahaha.. So we back to Kongleong's house... Online awhile, play game awhile and sleep.... Sleep more so that we can proceed to Teluk Intan on the next day!! yeah~~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Back~

yahoo~~ Thunder is back to PJ after 1week+ of holiday at Ipoh, Teluk Intan and Penang!!! My blog is so quiet lately.. haiz... nobody dropping by~~ T_T

Not tired although just reached home.. But lotta cloths waiting for me to wash!! haiz.. so I guess i cant blog for further right now!! Be Right Back!!

Ohya... Do not go and watch a new movie... "The Spirit"!!! The movie is so lame and stupid!! Many people slept in the cinema!! My friends felt like leaving after watched 50% of the movie in Cinema!! Well... i did watch finish.. So that i wont waste RM10 and get nothing.... But still got nothing except lame + stupidness~~~~


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miaow's Birthday

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Mr.Miaow @ Donal Duck @ Monkey

Today went back BT again, for miaow's birthday celebration!!! Dunno Miaow surprise to see me or not? hahaha... Lie him that i will be at Ipoh today!! Lolz.. Lie the interns as well.. wahahahahaha...

Bday lunch at KL Sentral Chicken Rice Shop!! Eat til so Full~~

After lunch, back to BT 3838 abit~ Snap Snap photos.. Got SLR wo... someone going to "sai meng" edi~ Hahahahaha....

Miaow got 3 presents, one from permanent staff, one from ex-interns and one from current-interns!! Lolz... No "crazy" present this time!! All very guai, bought normal present for him~

I wanted to buy something weird, but someone dun let me to do so... haiz...
I bought the present at 12:20pm today!!! hahahaha... a late present!!! What to do? Cant find what i wanted to buy... walked so many places.. at last.. bought a Miaow's Glass... XD

Last but not Least, Miaow, happy birthday ohh... wish u find ur Dream Girl ASAP!! Better go to primary school starting from next year!! Wahahahahaha.... Let's have a look at photos~



  -- 你是知识丰富 . 朋友很多的人...简单的说你是知性派,唯有智慧型的人才能与你匹配,特别是知识水准高,会话、应酬技巧高的类型… 且你有时认为和其他异性出游并非罪恶,所以你的恋人必须是有包容力的人,即聪明温和的都会人是理想恋 人. ** 你 的 理 想 对 象 是 成 熟 的 都 会 人 **


根据你的公元出生年月日,经过电脑计算,结果为5, 表示你上辈子是武将



Monday, December 15, 2008


Finally have a long long holiday~ 1month~ time to meet my old friends who went for study~ hahaha.. not so old.. Form6 Buddies~ Welcome Back~

Last Tuesday went to Mid Valley Redbox with my Form6 friends, Sin Yip and Xiau Sing!! Lolz.. 3person 3microphones! Good~ The food is nice as usual~ Went for a K-Lunch then back home!!

Sing + Me + Yip

Then on Saturday, I went for a NTV7 Concert (十分红演唱会) with form6 friends, Yue, Foong, Yip, Nian and wKuan! This concert is great with a lot of Great + Popular Singers!! The bad thing is Saturday was a rainy day! The venue is at Padang Timur, Amcorp Mall there... The field is so wet and muddy~ I got a feeling of concert at Padi Field.. Many ppl took off their shoes.. Walk inside... Got worms somemore... @_@

I really feel 神木与瞳 are great!! Dunno how they sing so well and so powerful? Will they sorethroat after that? Lolz... JJ Lin is always so good!! Cute and chubby with little 小酒窝!! Janice oso sing very well... But thx to her 阴天假期, suddenly it rains again at the end of the concert! Therefore, we left earlier... Missed Harlem Yu singing part... Lolz... Anyway, the Concert is great! Just a little tired and dirty after that!! Muddy legs!

Heavy rain b4 Concert but people still come to the concert.. Proven that Msia people loves concert!! Especially FOC entrance!! wahahahahaha... Me too... :">

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WaLLeT Big HoLe~

wow.. today is another BIG SPENDING DAY!! That day is RM150, today is RM300!! Wallet from Empty became Big Hole!! @_@

erm... well.. today went to PC Fair with Yuxin~ i guess she spent more! Bought a new Dell Laptop!!! Lolz.. Nowadays laptop really cheaper~ Same laptop with mine, with better specs, with cheaper price too!! Ish ish~

I bought a new External Hardisk! Finally decided to buy... 250gb Seagate Hdd with ismart casing!! The casing really nice.. I love it so much!! So match with my laptop!! Hope it wont spoil la.. Although it comes with warranty, i hope i wont need to claim for it!

Bought a new mouse... Finally bought after 1year of consideration!! Bought a retrachtable mini mouse at RM18! erm... it looks nice but not nice to use.. hmph... haiz.. so sad... this mouse seems like too light.. i cant control it well... move a little bit, the pointer dunno go where edi?? T_T

Bought printer cartridge too... Last time i bought one Black ink cartridge (HP21) at RM50++!! Now....... Color ink cartridge oni at RM55!! =.=||| How come the price so big different de? Anyway, i bought the twin pack!! 1black + 1color at RM88!! Lucky can claim back RM55 from vista boss~ lolz.. Finally~~ after 2years~~

Now.. have to save money edi~ But I will not be at PJ for a week on next next week!! Another spending week!! Haiz... My internship money all gone edi lor~ need to use PTPTN edi~

new Hdd + Mouse ^^

Super Crowded PC Fair!! Queue b4 11am~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WaLLeT eMpTy~

wow... today... wallet bleeding again~~ Finally i decide to go for hair rebonding. Lolz...

Pudu Plaza really a good place to go if you are seeking for reasonable price saloon. For long hair, Rebonding + Cut + Treatment is just RM150!! pretty cheap for me.. Better than PJ.. RM280~ lolz.. Dont worry about the cream they used, not those cheap local brand. Mine is swarzkorf cream (not sure about spelling)!! If u want Shisedo, i guess is around RM200~ The saloon i went is call 银座!! Hahaha... free advertisement for them~

Now my hair is so flat~ My sister too... keep complaning!! =.=||| I guess we need some days to let it grow, become more natural look~

Time to save money~ Cannot simply spend anymore!! Seeking for part time too~ Any recommendation?

My new Look ^^
Sister and I

Monday, December 08, 2008

Facebook Applications

Lately... I was addicted to Facebook Applications. Well... if u ask me, is that so fun? I will feel... Not so fun actually... But... since now is in Holiday Mode, nothing much to do, everyday on9, on9 and on9! Thus, playing fb games has became one of my entertainment!! hahahaha...

Friends For Sale - An application to buy ur friend as ur pet! You can give an interesting nickname to ur pet, can put ur pet on work (kiss, dance, date...etc), buy gift for ur friends, put ur pet on sale, set ur pet free and more. Well, being an good owner, i wont set my frens free or put them on sale. Just give them some funny nickname, put them work work abit.. help me earn earn money lor... :p

Yi Hei Zai Lui - An application that very sienz... Everyday pukul people, earn money, buy assets, do work, up level. Quite sienz actually. But whenever people pukul you, and you lost few millions, you will feel sad and gik sum.. lolz.. But at the same time, when u earned few million after pukul somebody, you will feel happy and fun~ Just like that... Boring? But i always play... >_<

Pet Society - An application about pet. Is a very cute application. You can create your own pet... play with your pet, train your pet...etc... Nothing much special... But i still like to play... I want to help my pet win all Gold trophys... is HarD!! I always failed.. T_T

Guess The Sketch Challenge - A sketching game.. Like win, lose or draw!! A group of people entered in a room.. Each of them will be given a title, then they have to draw and let others to guess.. Of course, take turns... if not, all draw at the same time.. sure @_@!! lolz.. Suitable for people with excellent english... if not, will be like me.... Dunno the title means what? then how to draw?? haiz..

Who has the Biggest Brain? - Wow.. this game is challenging.. See who has the biggest brain among you and your friends.. There are 4 parts... Test on your Analytical, Calculate, Memory and Visual Ability!! wahahaha... I guess my brain is the smallest!! T_T

Well.. there are a lot more... Find out urself ba.. :D