Wednesday, December 28, 2005







连我也被背叛 !

唉 。。。


Saturday, December 24, 2005

sTuPiD BuS

Really bad luck yesterday… took bus to work as normal but the bus……… sooooooooooooooo dirty… caused my shirt n pants very dirty. Dunno what happen to the bus actually! Didn’t come on Thursday! And on Friday, the bus became so dirty…

When the bus moving, the dirty water kept pouring from the top. U knows? There’s some holes on top of the bus, those black n dirty water just keep on pouring to the bus’ seats. All passengers were screaming like hell. At first I thought I didn’t kena anything. But soon, I noticed that my shirt n pants were dirty. The air-con…. Lotta dust was falling from the air-con hole. Argghhhhhh…. I wont take the stupid bus in this few days anymore.

Today was Christmas eve. I’m here wishing everybody here “Merry Christmas” ah… and me??? “Happy Working Day” only lar… haiz…

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BreAk dAy..

Today is my break day… hehehe… no need to work leh… long time didn’t blog… lotta thing wanted to say… let’s start with the nostalgia night held in my school………

Nostalgia night is specially held for form6. But my class only very few people present… haiz… what to do?? Lotta them not cooperative at all… haiz… nevermind, I still enjoyed my day there… took lotta photos with friends… many of them have a new look after STPM… some cut hair, some dyed hair, all became leng lui n leng chai.. hahaha… me??? No different at all… lolz…

Next, let’s talk about my work. At very first few days, really feel tired n legs pain only. But now, very ok edi.. wont feel legs pain even I worked FULL day. Maybe I’m immuned?? Hahaha… let’s talk about people there now. Got 2 supervisors, foong n seng. Then 7 full timers who are Chris, Jerry, Alvin, Farah, Michelle, Nicole n me and 4 part timers who are Nan Zi, Joanna, Mui Theng n Salina. But now oni left Mui Theng, other part timers resigned edi.. and of course there’s a new part timer who is Yung. Lolz.. i can bully new staff edi… hahaha… jkjk.

Overall, most of them are friendly and helpful. Didn’t scold me even I so dumb.. haha.. but I quite afraid of foong ahhhhhh… her face very fierce… but now feel better after knowing her about 10++ days. She likes to joke a lot too. No more scary. The most yong sui one is jerry ler.. always bully me ah… perhaps he dun know that I very fierce actually. Now I’m giving face to him cos I’m still new, respecting him as a senior, “Uncle Jerry”. I sure balas dendam one day. Erm… I guess I already started it… hahaha…

Rumors in my working place??? The first I think about is Joanna n Jerry ler. Are they couple?? I also dunno leh… Joanna’s words like cant be trusted… hahahaha… most of the staff there got their own boy or girl friend edi. Nothing to talk about.. hahaha..

Oh my god, I blog so long edi. Is time to stop lar.. hope next week I can blog again lar… dun know got off day anot?? Praying…

Before leaving, let me wish everybody who drop by my blog here “Merry Christmas n Happy New Year”!! enjoy ur day… I’ll be enjoying toooooo…. (ahhhh, work arrrrrrrr!!!)

Let’s have a look at the photo…

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nostalgia night--kenanganz


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nostalgia night--me and kimmy

Monday, December 05, 2005

nEw c0mpUteR...

Yeah… finally I bought a new computer… arrive tomorrow… spent RM2000+++. haiz… no money now already… and tonight is my last time using this computer to blog… after 7yrs using this old old computer… finally can change to a new one… yeah… no more lagging or "hang gei" … ahahaha…

Tomorrow off day… yipeeeee… very happy!! But this might be my last off day of Dec… ahhh… padini really full of people everyday… really tired after working everyday… having FULL day always… stand til both legs very pain… haiz… indescribable tired…