Tuesday, March 28, 2006

bye bye sales

finally end sales!! but is really suffering the day after the sales ended which is yesterday!! worked from 8am - 10pm!! waaaaaaaaaaaaa... super long leh!! super busy in keeping, counting, packing n transfering stock!! but finally finished today!! phew~~

since there's no more sales, looks like my commissions will be super low again!! less than RM100. sobz... why why why?? other brands all have sales but except PA!! haiz..

about 4 months i worked at PA!! ntg much learned really.. maybe juz some fashion learning!! but i still remain the same!! wearing same kind of cloths!! no BIG changes!! haha..

from what i know is that customers like to mess up the wagon!! pulling those 40% and 50% cloths non-stop.. and they always like to ask "where's fitting room?" or "how much is the shirt after discounts?"!! really feel bored of answering dee!! but what can i do? customer is always RIGHT!!

nvm.. tmr is my off day!! can have a long long sleep at home!! hahahaha~~

Friday, March 17, 2006

~ ReSuLT's dAy ~

yesterday was result's day!! really no mood after getting my result!! poor result!! not satisfied with it at all!! why why why? why my PA got no A wor?? haiz.. really disappoint bout that.. so many people got A for PA!! why dun i get it too?? why my Paper 2 scored badly? my essays got problem?? i will never ever know the answer!!

now now now... is time to make a big big decision! what courses shud i take in uni? i must take the right choice or else i cant even get into local uni!! but i cant apply engineering anymore!! if really wan tat course, i will need to go to sabah or sarawak uni!! i DOWAN leh!!

haiz haiz haiz.. really sad mannnnnnnn.......... have to blame myself for not studying hard last time!! really need to think carefully before any decision has made now!! back to thinking again!! give me some opinions if u guys have ok? ciaoz..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

day which decides FATES

tmr tmr tmr!! how will my life be after tomorrow?? finally stpm is out!! on 16th!! day which decide my fates!! wat is my feeling now??? duno duno duno? hope that my result is okok ler.. if not? i'm sure super sad n duno wat will i do?

after tmr, i need to decide what am i goin to study next time!! currently still have no idea!! i like science alot but still duno what to study? haiz.. if can, i wan take mass-comm too.. but my mum doesnt agree.. haiz.. no need think dee..

is time to sleep!! nitez everyone.. hope all stpm pp scores with flying colors tmr!! =)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

心情 (三)


Sunday, March 05, 2006

~ LeAviNg ~

from 1st of dec 2005 til now... about 3 months plus.. i'm working at padini concept store, 1utama. everyday work n work n work!! of course with off day for each week!! but still tiring n boring sometimes!!

today, one of the part timer resigned. From dec til now, i guess there are 10+++ people resigned. each of them have their own reasons, some found better job and some have to go for their futher studies.. really feel 'hmm sei dek" leh.. every month also saw people leaving.. perhaps.. i will be the next one soon~~

let's recall back!! who had left? hrmm... i think they are salina, mui theng, joanna, nan zi, jerry, elwin, lik yung, louise, aik thai, chris, king, tekwin, lee seng, michelle and today... wai min. Now only left 9 staff who are ah foong, ah seng, farah, nicole, deng, diana, sam, wei mun n me. but most of them are new staff. all havent confirmed except for the first 3 that i mentioned. suddenly i felt that to confirm a staff, is really a hard thing too. many people will resign before confirmed. i dun think working there is suffering. but just duno why? perhaps PA always hired people who juz interested in working for a while.. lolz.. like me.. hehe..

after march, more people wil be leaving for sure.. i will miss u all leh.. dun forget me ya.. call me for yum cha anytime!! =)

Friday, March 03, 2006

what a boRiNg dAy?

as normal!! went to work today!! but today having morning shift!! not that boring!! if is noon shift?? sure mengantuk only!! wakakaka..

duno why why why? PA business becomes so bad nowadays!! everyday 拍苍蝇!! haiz.. now mega sales leh!! but all customers like cant see PA at all!! dun even walk in and have a glance? why why why? tell me why?? we just stand there n saw lotta customers at Seed, Vincci n Padini counter!! why not PA??

my thumb is so pain now!! sobz.. bengkak dee.. did a stupid job today!! pulling off buttons from pants!! haha.. so funny!! is damn hard to pull it off i think!! but someone seems to do it easily!! maybe i just dunno how to do it?? haiz..

tmr have to work again.. somemore is noon shift!! pity me ar.. sure very boring one... let's pray that PA will be having lotta customers tmr!! achieving great sales!! ( dream only lar~~ ) Looks like this month wil be having very little commissions AGAIN!! haiz.. ciaoz~~ nitez~~

Thursday, March 02, 2006

LaSt BiRtHdAy pReSeNt??

yeah yeah~~ today received a birthday present from my colleagues.. is a pink color jacket.. perhaps this is the last present for my 20th birthday!! OMG!! i'm so old dee.. haiz.. but still never forget to say "thank you" to my colleagues!! hehe.. arigatou~~

yesterday was my off day!! went 1u n watch "49days" with family.. i think the movie is nice... not very scary although i still kena scared at some scenes... hahahahaha... i think the movie is very sad too... really pity that family...

i enjoyed my off day yesterday.. kept staying in front of comp, listening songs, singing whole day!! wakakaka.. long time nvr did that!! so happy!! =)