Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time to say Goodbye~

Away from blog for quite some time... Reason why? Because I was busy packing stuffs... Preparing to shift to my new house..... ^^

Yup... Finally I'm shifted to a new place, D'Aman Crimson at Ara Damansara... First time staying at condo... There are facilities like swimming pool, gym room, playground and also badminton court here... Sounds great huh? But the maintenance fees is pretty NICE too!!!

Although the house at SS3 is not my own house, but I still feel sad to leave it.. I stayed there for 12 years I guessed!?! I will miss you... I will miss Taman Bahagia LRT Station too... T_T

Now... LRT Station is no longer located 5 minutes walking distance from my house... I have to wakeup early every morning and ask my mum to fetch me to Kelana Jaya LRT Station... Really not so convenient....

Anyway, new house new life... I spent a week time to make myself get familiar to the new environment... The house is not well furnished yet.. Need to restore some bullets before I can further furnishing my house... :-S

Anyone wants to come for badminton or swimming? Welcome.. ^^

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kar Wei's Wedding

Another Devil Gurls' member married!!! weeee~~~ Congratz to Kar Wei again!!!

Although her wedding was in June 24th, but I still hope to drop a post in my blog... A memorable day for me!!~

This was the 3rd time I becoming a Jimui!!~ Yup.. I'm getting experienced!!~ I foresee future heng dais will become more and more pity!!~ kakaka~

These round, our theme for jimui is Ceongsam!!~ I get a new Ceongsam for this special day!!~ A Ceongsam made by my mum!!~ Niceeeee~

As usual, we prepared some games for the Groom and Brothers!!~ Blowing Balloon, Drinking, Dancing, Q&A as usual!!~ Hope they "enjoyed" the games!!~

Here comes the sweet couple... Mr. Wong Keat Seng and Ms. Ng Kar Wei...

Brothers and Sisters

Ceongsam Sisters

Sweet and Romance ^^

They have their wedding dinner at Hee Lai Ton, Jinjang. 

Let's welcome our main characters tonight!!~

Bride and Jimui~


Last but not least~~ Hope Kar Wei stays happy and sweet with her hubby forever!!~ 3 years hug 2!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bukit Tinggi Company Trip

This year, we have company trip to Bukit Tinggi. But we didnt organize it by ourselves like previous year, we took a 2D1N team building package from Selesa Resort, Bukit Tinggi. 

Again, we departed in the early morning and reached at 9am. The organizer divided us into 3 teams, and I'm in team 3... The skinny team... lol

The morning games are alright. Some simple water games but it was tiring for me too. But we did having fun in playing/splashing water after that right? haha..
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Water Splashing Time

Due to my team is tiny, we got 3rd place for the morning session matches. This is so sad. T_T

After that, we have 3hours free and easy time. Some of them went for a swim, some of them went for tennis. And me? I know neither swimming or playing tennis. So.. Just walking around, hanging around with colleagues, snapping photos... while waiting for lunch.. hehe
- Swimming Session -

- Tennis Session -

Is time to check in before lunch!!! Here is the place we stayed!!

After check-in, we went for a lunch. Then, prepare for noon session team building activities. Say cheeseeee~~ before the games start..

The noon activities are really not easy. I failed to complete one of the task. I tried my best, but my hands were too tired to hold the string. Therefore, after I walked 1/4 of the journey, I decided to reverse back. T_T

After that, we have a crazy game... The team members have to go down to the lake, swim and carry the little bakau boat across the lake... My team.. all skinny and only one person who know to swim.... aihhhhh... Compare to another 2 teams who having more swimmers.... we really kesian...

I thought we will get 3rd place for the noon matches again... Who knows? This time team 1 became 3rd place... In the morning, they are the champion but........ suddenly... we found that the skinny have some advantages in laser map, crawling, spider web games... lalalala~

This is what happen when a giant has to cross the spider web..... :p

The easiest game of the day....

After all, my team got 2nd place because we lost to Team 2 in the lake crossing game. We are extremely tired and dirty after the noon session... 

Everyone back to the apartment for a rest and bath before dinner and night activities...

Hmm.. The food there actually not very nice... can eat... maybe because we are too hungry... 

We cancelled the night activities at last... Too tired for night games... So, we have our own night activities.......................... gambling~~~~~

We decided to leave in the morning after breakfast on the next morning.. Oh yea~~ We went to French Village and Japanese Village in Bukit Tinggi then..

First stop: French Village...

Riding van to Japanese Village....

Second Stop: Japanese Village...

On the way back.... we ride a smaller van............. and they are......... sweet~~~ :">

And so.. here's come the end of our 2D1N trip... Have to wait for next year for the next................... company trip then................

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

香港之旅 第五篇 : 金紫荊廣場 & 赤柱 & 中环 & 澳门钜记


第一个地点,金紫荊廣場。这地方不太容易找勒。从地铁站走去也蛮远的,而且路上也没什么路牌指示,所以找不到的话,就得问人。嘻嘻~ 是时候问一问帅气的警察先生了。:">


临走前,我们的两位朋友去了Starbucks 买Mocha。结果,闹出了一个笑话。先问一问大家,倘若您在香港,你会怎样购买一杯大的Mocha呢?
朋友: "Mocha 大 geh"
服务员: "无加大geh?就买细的咯!"

过后,我们便乘搭40号绿色专线小巴至赤柱。听说刘德华住在那儿,可是我们没遇见。T_T 大家可以在赤柱街道走走,不过,我觉得还是庙街的东西比较便宜。哈哈。






原本是想到威尼斯度假村的,可惜我们不肯定那边有没有钜记,害怕没能买到老婆饼,结果我们还是到会澳门岛去。唉~ 好可惜哦,听说那边景色很美,可惜,我们没去得成。告诉你们哦~  氹仔岛是有钜记的,所以可以在那边买老婆饼啦!