Monday, September 28, 2009





Saturday, September 26, 2009

Graduation Dinner (batch 06/07)

Finally, we are in final year, final semester. Few months later, most of us will be leaving UM, FSKTM and go for work or future study.

B4 leaving everyone, I hope to have a graduation dinner (or lunch?) with all of you. A night for us to dress nicely and go to a nice place for dinner. lolz~

I have created a survey regarding on this topic.. Please vote for a place for dinner. If you have any other better suggestion, can leave a comment here. Thanks!

Lately, I think all of you have got an email regarding on Booklet. Please fill and send back to YY by 3rd October 2009. It will be a memorable album for all of us. No need to feel shy to fill up your biodata or giving your photo. We have knew each other for at least 3 years + anyway~ haha~

Please act this survey seriously. Thanks for your support ^^

----- Survey is ended!!! Thanks for your voting!!! -----

Friday, September 25, 2009

Amp Square, Sunway Pyramid

Last Sunday, I went to a new karaoke place in Sunway Pyramid, Amp Square, to help Wei Qi celebrated his 23rd yrs old birthday. "hApPy BiRtHdAy to YoU" ^^

This year, his birthday was special, fall on 20-09-2009, first day of Raya celebration too. "SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa" ^^

At first we plan to go redbox, but at the end, we decided to go to Amp Square for the very first time. The charges are slighly cheaper than Redbox or Neway. It is a good karaoke place to go especially during weekend. We sang from 11am-4pm on Sunday + Public Holiday. Guess how much is it? It is just RM11+ (cheapest lunch set) per person. What a good deal?? XD

Amp Square do not have any official website yet. But you can take a look at the brochure below if you are interested~~ Good recommendation for people who love to sing.. ^^

Snapped some photos on that day. But tt dunno why suddenly so shy to take photo? Got any sum xi? wanna share? hahahaha~~~

Birthday Boy
Inside the room
Group Picture (except tt dunno hide to where?)

神飘过 ^^

Busy with thesis lately... arghhhhh~~~ so sienz~~~~ @_@

Monday, September 21, 2009



能够活到90岁,真是不容易哦~对我而言,只要给我活到七八十岁,我也很满足了!最重要还是要活得开心和健康~ ^^


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Broga Hill @ 12th Sept 2009

Finally went to Broga Hill last Saturday with my coursemates. Journey started at 5am, driving from PJ to Semenyih~ Of course, I'm not the one who driving.. hahahahaha...

18 people, 4 cars went together... the highway is so quiet, no jam~ nice!! ^^

Reached broga at around 6am... There were lotta cars there when we arrived. Perhaps Broga Hill has became a hot spot for people nowadays.. I have read through some forums, saying that Broga Hill is Denggi Hotspot too. Anyway, I didnt get a single bite from mosquito.. Lolz.. Lucky~ ^^

It is really dark there... Without torchlight, I believe you cant see anything... The road is not hard to walk... Just need to becareful when you walk, it is abit slippery, narrow, steep at some places... If u fell down, maybe you will drop into a BIG hole... Luckily i just fell down, didnt drop into the hole.. But it is abit scary~~~ @_@

Failed to see sunrise on that day.. Too cloudy~~ I think around 45minutes can reach to one of the hill peak... Not all of us went to the top... Only 9people continue to the end... Others just waiting at lower places, snapping photos... Anyway, we didnt get to walk to the highest peak... Perhaps next time? LOL

I feel it is harder to walk down because it is really slippery... I wore an old lousy shoes.... Really hard to walk~~ ish~~

I love this photo~
Long way to go... @_@

Lousy Flag~~

We left at around 9am++!! Thanks to all my friends who helped me alot when i walked up to and down from the hill top~~ Ms.Kuat is really Kuat... kakakaka~

Bye bye Broga Hill~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Car Injured~

Last week took new car, this week new car got bang... wow~ so fast got new signature on my car.. so fast has to visit hospital.. so fast has to go for surgery..

People will say, it is ok, after repair then nothing edi... People will say, it is ok, small accident only, at least i'm safe.. People will say, it is ok, luckily is people bang me, not i bang people, at least is people pay for me, not i pay for people...

I said, no matter how, I am still very sad... I said, no matter how, my car is still kemek + calar... I said, no matter how, my car has to send to hospital for surgery.. Just imagine, someone made your face calar, and that someone pay back medical fees and cure your scar away... Then u wont feel sad anymore? Calar is calar edi.. No matter how? It will not back to the same...

Anyway, luckily it is just a small scar? People wont notice if didnt see carefully? But when want to repair, whole bumper will be affected... And... I AM SO STUPID... SO NOOB... sigh~~

Time to buy 4D?
Stupid metal, poke into my bumper..

Friday, September 04, 2009


Facebook has became a famous community network nowadays~ Other than adding friends, facebook provides many applications like games, quizes to the users too... To me, I love facebook and I will definitely login to it everyday if I can on9....

With facebook, I can keep in touch with all my friends.. Have a look at their nearest status, photos and etc... I can have a chat with them since there is a facebook chat provided also~

With facebook, I can play a lot of games like pet society, restaurant city, happy farm, biggest brain.. etc... Other than games, there are a lot of quizes created by the facebook developers... Although the results are not true, but it is no harm for playing too.. Just dont over trust on the result then you will be alright.. ^^

With facebook, I can also leave comment on friend's photos and posts. To me, leaving comment is a kind of concern also... Although sometimes may because that you want 38 on your friend's stuff, but if you are nothing in your friend's heart, I believe ur friend will not want to leave a single comment in your profile too~ Agree??

But lately someone told me that keep leaving comments on same posts is not good... Know why? because when 2 or 3 people keep commenting on same thing, people will feel that you are arguing only... @_@ Arguing is not small issue to me.. I will not hope to argue with my friend always...

Suddenly just feel that there is no same people in the world... Everybody has different thoughts in different thing... The only disadvantage of keep commenting is u and ur friend's email will be flooded with a lot of notification emails... @_@

So, if you dont like me leaving comment in your posts or photos, just let me know and I will not do it again~ At the same time, dont comment on anything i have commented because I'm not happy when people keep said I'm arguing with people all the time in facebook.. thanks~

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


The following~~~

has transformed to~~~

Good Transformation!!! ^^
Bye bye Datsun 120Y~~ Hihi New Saga~~