Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bye Bye VIVA~

I'm Back!!! Away from posting for quite some time... Guess why? I am busy doing my Final Year Project.... Started the project since last semester, let's count... spent about 10months doing it........ and TODAY... Finally.... it's time for VIVA... it's time to present it to my panel.... And NOW.. is time to say Bye Bye to Viva...

My FYP is actually about "Journey Planner for Public Transportation in Kuala Lumpur"!! And my group is biggest group... 5 members in a team... Thanks to all of u for accompanying me doing the project for 10months++!! Specially thanks to my leader... ttHock~ "YOU ARE A GOOD LEADER" ^

Anyway, FYP is not end yet because we still have to submit a super long report to the faculty and our supervisor... But, the due date is still far away and so....... still can play for 1-2days before working on report and studying for final exam....

Today I would like to introduce all my members... They are Yong, Shi Yi, Swee Guan and Thiam Hock... the leng chais and leng luis from my faculty..... Feeling interested to know them? Tell me.... hahahahahaha~~~

Saturday, October 03, 2009

FSKTM Graduation Dinner Survey Result

The survey is ended... Thanks for your voting....

The results are as following:
  1. Karaoke ____________ 24
  2. Hotel ______________ 23
  3. Tenji ______________ 14

Everybody agree with the results? Although sing K is an usual activity for most of us, but we can still make it more special, more unusual... Perhaps less chance to have so many people go sing K together? We can have a super big VVIP room... ^^

Someone suggested to have some programme on that night... Anyone wants to perform? Any suggestion? Tell me ya~ Or perhaps each major should perform one programme? BaiHui suggested something great at her blog... hahahaha~

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival.....
>> hApPy MoOnCaKe FeStiVaL to aLL my FrieNds<<