Thursday, January 29, 2009

HapPy 牛 YeaR~

CNY basically is a time for me to grow fat~ Everyday eat eat eat~~ Cookies, CNY tibits all around~~ haiz... I'm getting fatter and fatter~~~ T_T

CNY is a time to get Angpaos too~~ Yahoo~~ 1st, 2nd and 3rd day also busy visiting relatives~ Busy greating people.. "gong hei fatt choi", "happy new year"... etc... In returns, angpao come come~~ kekekekeke... XD

CNY is a time to answer relative's questions too~~
no.1-> finish study?
no.2-> working edi?
no.3-> got bf edi?
no.4-> when want to get married?
those are top4 questions that i got the most~~~ @_@

CNY Day 1 went to visit relatives at KL area, father's side relatives!! I love Day1 the most.. cos angpao BIG BIG~ KL people more rich~ LOLz... $_$ Actually quite boring at relative's house. Looking at people gambling... then a bunch of people chit-chatting. And so i'm just sienz-ing with my sister~ then at night went to lou sang~ nice food ohh~~ Thanks to my uncle treat~ ^^

Day 1 Look (No red this year)
me and sister
gambling ( i didnt play ohh.. they play too big edi~~ )

CNY Day 2 went to visit relatives at Rawang, Mum's side relatives!! Went there makan and makan!! Uncles sitting together and chat, aunties sitting together and gossip, kids playing around... running here and there! Oops... then i stay in front of pC and on9 lo... wahahaha...

Day 2 Look with Fly Sunglasses

CNY Day 3 went to seremban!! Half day trip... To visit my mum's elder brother's families~ Really just purposely drive there, sit sit awhile, eat eat awhile then back to KL. Luckily there's no traffic jam~~ Smooth smooth journey!
Back KL at around 4pm... planned to watch movie with family de... But no more tickets.. Lotta people at 1Utama! really unpredicted~ lolz..
Then at night went to Relative's house for dinner... Open house~~ Due to some problem, suddenly no electricity.. at the end, became candle light dinner~ Lolz.. so romantic... Cousins somemore can play pool with the light of candles only... Geng... wahahahaha

Mummy at 1U

Today, CNY Day 4... Not going anywhere i think.. Sitting in front of my lappie... Looking at tutorial questions.... doing thesis.... so sienz..... haiz... zzz-ing~~~

Monday, January 26, 2009

hApPy MoO MoO YeaR

Is time to Say Bye Bye to Rat~~ Buh Bye Ratie~~ Dont come to my house anymore ya~~ XD

HapPy MoO MoO YeaR~ 牛年新年快乐~

Now, I would like to wish everybody here have a nice CNY! Get more Angpao! Win more money in gamble!! Always stay happy, pretty and young all the time~~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Small Gathering

Yesterday went MidValley with my form5 Friends (Jun May, Su Ying, Hong Ling, Lee Ling)~ long time no see again~~ LOL

I think i didnt get to meet Hong Ling for 3years++!! Pretty long ya~~But she looks the same~~ Didnt change at all.. Still Tall + Thin~~~ (Opposite of Me T_T)

Went to a Noodle Shop~~ One of the Restaurant under Tai Tong groups~ The food ok ok la~ Price reasonable lor~~ But wallet is really big big hole after so many reunion + gathering~~ Nevermind~~ I will gain back soon... Angpao Angpao here i come~~~~

After makan then simply walk walk around at MidValley! Hong Ling and Lee Ling so paiseh to take photo at Centre Court of Mid Valley~~ Lolz~~ No nid shy de... Got me teman u all ma~~ Wahahaha~~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FSKTM Reunion Dinner 2009

Finally got a little bit of time to continue blogging on FSKTM Reunion Dinner 2009. This post is important ya.. Cos this might be our batch, last reunion before we graduate~~ When will be the next reunion? Perhaps convo? Perhaps 10years later? 10years is abit too far~~ But will u attend the gathering or reunion dinner if i send a sms to u 10years later? LOL

Thanks for 30friends who giving face and attended the Reunion at SS2. 31ppl in total, so there are 3tables in total! Although last year had 40ppl attended in total, but i still feel satisfied~ really thanks for supporting~ I Love You All~

I guess the food is alright! tasted nice i think~ But i guess guys might feel not enough cos there are only 6dishes~ What to do? PJ is always a place with high living cost~! Everything is much more expensive than others! I hope everyone enjoy it~ hope so~~~~

Finally got chance to give out prizes for the Awards! At least didnt waste your time on doing the survey few months ago~ If u won a prize, no matter it is a bad or a good one... U must feel happy lo~ At least, you are somewhere inside ur friends' heart ya~~ Thanks for people who did the survey too~ Thanks for ur cooperation~ ^^

Here goes the award winners~ Congratulations~

Devil King
Devil Queen
Lek Zhai
Lek Lui
Good Guy
Good Girl
38 King , 38 Queen, Best Rumours Couple, 最想撮合男女 (they win all dee)
Lazy Worm
Best Celebrity Face
Leng Zhai
Leng Lui

Best Boss ->> Goh (Absent)

Our theme for this Reunion Dinner is 万紫千红庆团圆! So everybody is suppose to wear something related to red or purple! Well.. Most of the people did.. Thanks Thanks~ People who didnt, i assume u all dunno anything about it! Forgive u... kekekeke...

ohya~ helped 5friends celebrated their birthday too. They are our Big Brothers and Sister ohh~~ Happy Birthday to you all again~~ ^^

Most of the photos we took are quite blur~ Quite disappointing actually~ But is still our memorable night~ Photos are blur but clear in my heart~ I will lock this memorable day in my heart for sure~ hehe~

Best + Most Sweet photo~~ hahahaha

Last but not least~ Thanks to my committee, Bai Hui, Sam and Chang Dick~~ I know Dick is so scared to work with girls~~ LOL~~ Dont worry... We wont bite u~~ kekeke...

Happy Moo Moo Year to everyone~ Hope you all get many many angpaos and win alot alot if you are going to gamble~~ ^^

Monday, January 19, 2009

FSKTM Reunion Dinner Preparation~

This time, we decide to give out all the awards during dinner. Perhaps this dinner still quite sienz.. But i think is better than last year gua~~ LOL

I start to prepare all the award gifts from yesterday~~ Made Made Made~~ DIY only due to no budget~ All are lousy presents... Hope my friends will appreciate it anyway... I spent my tutorial time to do... Now need do tutorial~~ T_T

Below are some presents that i feel NiCe + InterestinG~

Before dropping ink on it~
Playful Committee~
wahaha... DO NOT LOOK ALIKE~
Dick lose this award edi~ So sad~

Not yet got other photos from BaiHui~ Tmr Update again~ Thanks for coming~ Nitez~ ^^

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a Friday~

Friday with class~ Pity all SE students~ just went to UM for 2hours class or less~ hahahaha... Luckily petrol reduced price~ Phew~

Today class ended earlier as usual~ Good lecturer ya~ LOL

After class, I went Sg Wang with Melisa, Zjing and YSeiw! Went for a K-Lunch at GreenBox! Finally got chance to spend my 2 Free K-Lunch voucher on time! So 4people sing but the bill on 2people only! hehe... Nice food + salad buffet~

Then we proceed with CNY shopping! This is the main reason of we going Sg Wang actually. Initially is idea from me and Melisa but both of us didnt get to buy the stuff we wanted to buy. But i think zj and ys bought what they want~ hahahaha... Fated~~

Met with oyy, kento, winson, cjun and tata at Sg Wang too~ Guys also need new CNY cloths~ hahaha.. Oyy bought a top~ They said sexy ya~ wuihh...weettt... Will i have chance to see oyy + zj wearing it? kekekeke... waiting~~

Yum cha for 1hour++!! Crapping nonsense only~ Get to know some hidden news~~ "下车", "一月九号" and more~~ XD

Back home at around 7pm~~ Monorial is really packed~~~ Bus is packed too~~~ Ish~~~ Reach home at around 9pm~ pretty tired now~~ zzz~~

Hope FSKTM Reunion Dinner will be success~~ our theme... "万紫千红庆团圆"!! My dear coursemates, Please wear Red or Purple to dinner ya~~ but if u dun have, wear similar color lor~ Pink and Red are always from the same family~ If u want to buy, also can~~ kekekeke... ^^

Thursday, January 15, 2009



很开心得到junior们的邀请,他们可是联络了每一位senior哦~谢谢你们~虽然我们3rd year的,很多都没去~~真是不好意思!而且我们FSKTM的也没什么封红包给大家!哈哈!

其实我也想过不要去的~我的好姐妹们都没去!也许是心不在宿舍,也许是怕陌生~但是,这次绝对会是最后一次吧!明年今时,我都毕业了!团圆饭肯定没我份,在加上不想另junior们觉得我们都不支持他们,所以就去咯!只要是我能力范围内,我一定会支持我朋友们的活动!吃餐饭,虽然是RM20, 但一年一次嘛!就当作少唱一两次K咯!

这次,我们到Old Klang Road的仁仁海鲜酒楼去!看来应该有整10桌以上,真的蛮热闹的!虽然大部分的人,我都不认识!但还好还有蛮多senior去,不然真是闷呆了!



其实CC给了我很多的回忆!要不是他,我早就离开宿舍了!谢谢所有senior们的照顾,希望十宿舍华舍会越办越好!新年快乐~ ^^

CC Reunion Dinner 2009
Cute + leng lui Juniors
明星脸(陈冠希+ 林志炫 )
在干嘛? :-S