Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding Wristband

Anyone looking for Wedding Wristband? ^^

Or even Wedding Hair Clip or Hairband?

Handmade Wristband and Hair Clip!! Simple and Nice!!

Interested? Drop me an email... You can have another design in another colour too.. ^^

Sunday, October 09, 2011

My First Red Bomb

Weeee~~~ Finally... I received my very first Red Bomb from my friend... Maybe it is the FIRST one... I feel happy when I got it... SY also invited me to be her Ji Mui... Hohoho... Nice One... :p

Her wedding in on 11th September, Sunday. Therefore, me and friends went to Segamat 1 day earlier... So that we do not need to rush on Sunday. Thanks Ah Mao and YY for bringing me around Melaka before we depart to Segamat. 谢谢你们... :">

We woke up very early on Sunday morning to prepare game stuffs and of course.. Ban Leng Leng.. :"> And our bride, woke up early too.. hahahaha.. I thought she will be busy sleeping when we reached her house.. :p

As usual, we prepared few games for the bridegroom and Hing Dais to play. I guess we are very kind-hearted. The games sound too simple for them? I finally learned how to snatch Angpaus from Bridegroom... Hohoho... I will use this well for my next attending wedding... My cousin's one.. HAHAHAHA...
- Hing Dai Ji Mui -
- Games Session -

After the game and praying ceremony, we depart to Muar, the Bridegroom's house... On the way we going, it is raining... Pity the car dolls... Seems like Sook Sui already... But... Still cute.. ^^

The morning ceremony ended and we rest a while before attending the Night Dinner. Thanks Neo and Sin Yin for renting the hotel and bungalow for us to stay... :">

At night, the wedding held in Yong Sheng Banquet Hall. Sin Yin is very pretty on that night. Ooops.. I dont mean she not pretty in normal days.. HAHAHAHAHA...

Drinking, Photo, Singing Session...

We have 1 table of GI members. Sinyin has became our one and only Aunty in GI officially now. I will remember to wish her Gong Xi Fa Cai in next coming CNY. KAKAKAKA....

The Photographer... PhotogMao

Last but not least... Congratz to Neo and Sin Yin again.. Wishing them have a sweet and happy future... Of Course... Wishing them... 三年抱两 too... XD

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Blogging Time

It has been quite some time that I missing from my blog here. 
When I'm studying in Uni, I blog twice a week.
When I'm working in GI, I blog once for 2 months.
What happen to me? Simply because I'm too busy working everyday. Reach home at 10pm usually. Aikz~
Today... I wish to blog more... 
Let's start with some Happy and Funny snapshots I took for the past months. ^^

Happy and Joyful Gatherings
Secondary Buddies
Uni Buddies

The Funny and Weird one