Friday, January 18, 2008

Cybernite 2008

Finally Cybernite 2008 is over. It held on 13th January at Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya. Well... after so long we worked for it, finally it is over now. I no need to ask ppl go for cybernite anymore ler.. This is the last Cybernite.... No more next time!!!

I think that night is great!! No matter what has happened before that, i can say it ends up nicely at the end... Perhaps not many ppl went, but i was happy cos my friends are really supporting. Without your support, Cybernite really dunno how to die ler... But... those lecturers... haiz... really speachless....

I think the program of that night is quite ok. But i felt that 10th college ppl can dance better than them. wahahahaha... dont u agree?? cant say that the dance is lousy, just that is not good enough for a professional dance club!! I guess Chinese yoyo is the best performance of that night... especially when they failed, guests look more happy and keep clapping their hands!! >.<''

This year we have our own Cybernite theme song!! "Beautiful Journey"!! The song is nice actually!! I thought that we committee will perform it nicely on stage that night. But i found that we sang badly on that night. Haiz... Duno what to say?? Is fated cos baihui didnt on her mike. Perhaps that was my worst performance on stage after 21yrs i live!! @.@

I think all committees have a great night!! Everybody keep taking photos... really SS!! wahahahaha... But nowdays i'm really bad luck!! Every HAPPY thing will follow by SAD thing!! Haiz... i Lost my bag... my stuff inside all gone!! Haiz... money gone again!! What the?? Can anyone teach me how to change my fortune?? sob....

Cybernite is down but still have PAPUM and MGS coming soon... Well, i really love to join activities. Dunno why?? Perhaps i want my life to be colourful back!! I hope CNY will come faster so that all bad luck will get out of myself...

Whatever happened is happened. I und this theory but is hard to make myself happy!! This is call human life i guess... I'm getting more and more emotional nowdays... Sorry if i dek zui anyone... I will learn to control myself better!! Going to grow age edi... must learn to me more mature... hehe...

Photo time~

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

my daughter is LOST

my lovely daughter, sony erricson w800i is lost yesterday, at the end of year 2007. What an good ending? my heart is bleeding... i cant control myself edi... i cant sleep even i'm tired... i cant eat even i'm hungry... what can i do?

yesterday went sg wang for countdown. Plan to have great fun there but ends up??? haiz... really possibilities unlimited!! sg wang is really super crowded. Cant even control my body inside the crowd. Actually we plan to leave cos is really too many ppl there.. But... on the way bck, my hp is lost. Haiz... those ppl there like to push here and there.. made me unbalance, made me unaware even my hp is got stolen!!! ish ish...

So many ppl lost their wallet and handphone!! i guess New Year is really a good day for pick-pocket "扒手"!! Perhaps they got super lotta money and handphones!!! haiz... really good business huh?

Really tons of bad stuffs happened on me at the end of year 2007. Today is the brand new year, first day of 2008!!! Will i be lucky now? no luck still ok but really dowan bad luck anymore!! I guess really need to cool down myself.. I understand that watever is gone, is over!! No use even i'm sad now!! But really cant control myself well!! Time is the best medicine for it i guess!!!

Wish everybody Happy New Year 2008!! Hope you all really have a happy day!!

今日名言:"久的不去,新的不来" T.T