Saturday, August 25, 2007

grandmother stories... ^^

Phew~~ really long time didn’t blog. Really quite busy for pass few weeks… busy in doing activities, busy in exams, busy in doing tutorials… Back to “no-sleep” life again!!! Hahahahaha… Now… really have lotta thing to blog… like grandmother's stories! haha... erm… where should I start now?

I went to a trip 2weeks ago. It was college’s activity, CC freshie trip!! Well… we went to Port Dickson again. Haiz… I’m really a bit sienz with that place now. But this time, I’m committee of the trip, the feeling is totally different from last year, when I was a junior. Haha… I really old edi lor… upgraded to become senior!! Hehe… ^^

The trip was quite fun. I ate lotta sands and drank lotta dirty sea water. Finally, I thrown by a gang of guys into the sea. I really feel like dying that time… so “senfu”!! I really dunno how to swim… the water there some more so deep!! I cant even stand up properly after that. But… it is still quite fun actually… wakakakakaka… as usual, became dark after I back from PD again!! Took many many photos again!! I found that this year’s juniors are more capable than my year! All of them are enough “SS” and super pro in acting!! @.@

After PD trip, exam week came! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… everyday exam!! Really can feel stress and tiring… I didn’t sleep for 40hrs continually. Am I great? Some more went to Klang ate Bak Kut Teh and watch movie during exam week! Haiz… what to do? Got inside “car” edi… cannot choose!! Haha… Hope my result wont be that bad!! If not, final has to work super hard ler… (p/s: Thx KL for bringing us go gai gai oh!!)

Got a bad news too!! I cant graduate in 3years anymore. This is really “sweat” to me!! Why why why? Why the ministry suddenly wants to extend my industry training? Haiz… why it has to start with my batch? I’m “white mouse” again!!! My convocation is sooooooo far from me now!!! I cant see it… where isit???????

The worst thing happened is about my teeth. My wisdom teeth broken. I thought it was just a small case… but I have to do an operation in order to remove the teeth. Now I have to suffer everyday! I cant eat well everyday!! Maybe it is a good opportunity for let me to diet but… I have to spend a lot in doing the operation!! RM400 ler… “tHuNdeR is back to poor life again!!” Sob… Monday I will go see dentist!! Hope I can recover ASAP!! *pray pray*

Today, this weekend, really the most free weekend I got after so long! This week no CCNA test! Wakakaka… so happy!! But happy moment is always short… Monday will start CCNA2. I have to take 3 tests every week again!! Haiz…

Today I went LI workshop! The workshop is really nice… At least I didn’t fall asleep there! But I’m a little disappointed because I didn’t get to go Putrajaya and watch firework!! Well, I watched firework many times! Dunno why? I still hope to go over and see it!! Hope everybody enjoy now!! Will I be able to watch?? This is a good question I guessed!!

Time for homework!!! Tataz..