Friday, February 25, 2005

HeRe g0eS tHe cHiNeSe nEw yEaR!!

here goes the chinese new year..今年是鸡年!! kokokokokkk.. 15days finally gone.. took many angpao dee?? open and c liao anot?? me?? not yet!! maybe later tonight.. haha.. wondering how much angpao money will i get for this year?? hrm.. let's think back what i did throughout dis CNY??

1st day.. balik Seremban.. i drive there.. haha.. 1st time drive for long distance.. everytime when i exceeded 120km/j.. my mummy will sure shout at me.. scare me la.. make me terrified.. Seremban is my mum's hometown.. we went to 舅母 house at 1st.. really bad luck that day.. her house no electricity.. sobzz.. very hot.. so we decide to go find 舅舅 and some 表姐.. not staying overnight at Seremban.. went back home at night.. 2nd day.. went to Rawang.. mum's side also.. went to another 舅母 hse... oni one place for that day.. we reached there at 9am.. went there eat eat.. chat chat.. then went home at 5pm.. nothing special.. got a few angpao.. 3rd day.. my 姑姑 came to my hse frm Melaka.. we went 拜年 together.. at KL area.. is all my father side's relatives.. got a few BIG BIG angpao.. wakakaka... we watched a ghost movie at my uncle's hse.. "The sisters"-- a thailand movie.. dunno what's goin on at all.. the show is soooooooo boring...

4th day.. haha.. i went 拜年 with my classmates.. all kenenganz... we met at foong's hse at 11am.. then go to yow's hse.. his hse is far.. at Shah Alam.. is a bungalo.. then we back to pee jay.. going hse by hse.. went sungai way and eat bak kut teh.. our last destination.. yue's hse.. we reached her hse bout 7pm but left at 1:30am.. wow~~ the next day dee.. geng le?? we gamble a lot.. siang n chun won the most.. that day is really fun compared to the 3days b4.. goin out with fren is a lot better...

5th day.. no more 拜年.. stay at home.. hrm.. some fren went to my house practicing dance.. reciv my 1st present that day.. from my band--SHEHE.. haha.. is a t-shirt from Giordano.. thanks ya..

on the following week.. 6th to 10th days.. school life again.. monday is valentine's day.. nothing meant to me.. no valentine yet.. sobz.. tuesday.. my birthday.. reciv a big present from my honey, darling n xian in the morning.. is a photo album.. i want it long time ago.. really thank you.. but dunno why?? not in good mood that day.. really having a bad birthday for this year.. wednesday.. i went to my 契细佬 hse.. to 拜天公.. gamble a bit.. sing k also.. thursday n friday.. focus on preparation for gathering..

11th day.. is chinese society's gathering.. quite success.. really happy.. went to fren's hse at nite.. an old fren's house.. met some other old fren who long time no see too.. 12th day.. went to celebrate yeong ru's birthday... bought her a present.. on the following days.. back to school life.. can't feel CNY anymore.. yesterday night.. 元宵节.. didn't go anyway.. stay at home.. baked cake and watched tv.. i heard that nowadays guys not 捞柑 anymore.. they 抛香蕉!! wondering izit true?? if is true, then girls will be the one who 捞香蕉 kah?? weird la..

so here's the end of CNY.. sign off now.. 咯咯...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

foUnDeR's dAy!!

today is founder's day... all the scouters, scouts, rengers and guides have to wear full uniform whole day in school.. we got flagbreak at 7:30am.. today really can see many scouts there.. almost full attendance.. we took many photos after flagbreak also.. =)

horse shoe

17 Petaling

let's think back what i did last sunday?? haha.. i went "the CURVE", ikano and ikea with my darling, honey and xian.. that day is my honey--yeong ru's birthday.. we went there to help her celebrate and bought her present.. we shop around and let honey to choose her present.. after few hours shopping.. we bought her a shirt.. a very nice shirt.. besides, i bought present for another fren also--foong.. her birthday juz over.. and i bought her a scaft.. sharing with yue, yow, wei and chien.. a pink color scaft..

on the way back, we did something weird.. we keep taking photos in bus on the way home.. i saw some uncle and aunty staring at us... haha.. but we ignored them... take n take n take.. like never took photo before.. alwis laugh n laugh n laugh also.. siao dee.. haha.. dunno why suddenly got mood to take photo.. that day really sot sot dee... since my darling dowan to post on the photos.. then i post.. wahahaha...

cheese =)

me and my honey--birthday girl

Sunday, February 20, 2005

gAtHeRiNg ^^ 联欢会

wow~~ finally...finally...and finally... our gathering -- 夏日的奏鸣曲 ends.. prepare for 2months dee.. especially for dancing.. thanks everyone.. we did the BEST!! cool n nice... =)

today, 19th Feb.. my skul -- chinese society had organize a gathering.. we did invite 15skuls.. but ended up 4skuls coming.. haihz.. what a bad thing?? we left many bread.. haha.. perhaps our secretary n her family will have to eat bread for few days... haihz... pity them...

title of our gathering-- 夏日的奏鸣曲.. hrm.. no particular reason why name this? we sang songs related to the title.. haha.. yee ming really a good singer.. she sang 宁夏 very well... if compared to 夏天的微笑 , we really sing badly... cos we only practiced today in the morning and facing a big problem -- using mike.. we really bad in this... perhaps have to practice more.. haha..

our dance r nice.. 3 dances.. opening dance-> 会读书, a cool dance.. we practice hard.. dance really badly even on yesterday practice.. but ended up not bad today.. wakakaka... thanks for cooperation frm u guys -- 凌汉, 子欣, 浩宇, 美云, 行辉, 素维, 以恩 "we are the best!!"... for 快乐崇拜, effect still ok.. but i think we can do better.. a bit lack of planing.. can get 60% as what the MC said... closing dance -> 爱情36计, a girly dance wid 2 guys.. haha.. really a good idea.. the dance is very nice.. GOOD!!

we got sketch oso.. hrm.. i think it is a bit long.. but is really a funny sketch with good sound effect.. guess what's the title? is 疯神榜.. haha.. great rite? we got an "angpao" game also.. i didn't play this one.. but many people played.. enjoyed it.. the last thing -- 大合唱.. we sang 爱无所不在.. everybody sing together and shake hand one another.. said bye bye to everyone.. "thanks for coming!!"

then we took photos and we dance n dance again.. everybody is so high!! we dance even better then juz now in official... weird!!! nvm.. as long as we enjoy.. then we clean the hall.. very fast finished.. many pp helping us.. good cooperation!! guess why? cos we wanna go for celebration.. haha.. we went McD.. go there eat eat and talk talk.. we are so noisy.. especially KK.. very noisy.. everybody is looking at us.. we laugh loudly but talk softly.. go "zhat" people.. haha.. those kena "zhat".. really cham... too badla...

now... let's have a look at our photos...

opening and closing dance

from sitting down to joining dance.. hehe..

sketch and singing

Wednesday, February 16, 2005







Tuesday, February 15, 2005



** 在此,我祝福大家 "
情人节快乐"!! "hApPy vALeNtiNe's dAy
"!! **

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

hApPy cHiNeSe nEw yEaR!!!

yo.. today is da first day of chinese new year.. is rooster year!!! gok gok gok... muahahaha...
nothing much to say.. wishing all of you a happy and prosperous new year!! get more angpao also.. wakakakaka.. "angpao, angpao i'm coming... 红包我爱你!!"

恭喜发财, 红包拿来!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005








Monday, February 07, 2005

c0oKiEs dAy!!!

c0oKiEs dAy!! i bake cookies this two days.. hrm.. chocolate chip cookies and cornflakes honey.. yesterday i bake chocolate chip cookies.. hrm.. first time doin it.. got the recipe from my old classmate--su ying.. good trying.. last time i bake chocolate cookies only.. that one very mah fan.. nid more time.. this one easier a lot.. but end up very....................................................................
haihz.. dowan to say anymore.. is really bad.. the shape cacat.. somemore very hard.. my honey said will help me FINISH all.. i'm waiting..

today i bake conflakes honey.. this one is better.. i bake before.. few years ago.. hehe.. this one lagi easy.. i think about one hour then finish.. somemore results better.. can let people eat.. no need me, one person finish all..

tomorrow will continue baking.. going to bake "gok zai", peanut puff.. dunno wat it calls in english.. hehe.. might bake pineapple tart and chicken floss roll also.. hope can success!! if not then cham.. i will become "cookies girl".. everyday eating cookies only.. choi.. it will definitely success!! wakakaka...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

mY bAnD!!!

quite boring everyday writing essay about my life and post.. today let's talk about my band.. hehe.. i got two band.. hrmm.. not really a band la.. just a group of friend who like to sing.. join together.. go take part in competition..haha.. and WON!!!

basically my two band is almost the same person.. juz one has 5 people and another has 3 people.. let's talk about "SHEHE" first.. we formed dis group last year.. due to the singing competition.. how we got the name? hrmm.. SHE stands for 3 girls and HE stands for 2 guys.. haha.. juz join together.. like "S.H.E" rite? hehe.. quite surprise that we get into final coz we sing badly at first.. forgot lyrics pula.. haihz.. but we sing very loud.. maybe because we have 5 people.. most people in a group.. that's why got into final.. whoa~~ after that we practice very hard.. decide to sing acapela--our story.. is a song by tension.. we really tiru them and sing.. very hard... cause need sing and do those background music.. at first really sing till very cha.. 走音a lot... haha.. but we did quite well in final.. that's why.. we are the ChAmPiOn!! want see how we look like?? haha.. got leng lui and leng chai oso.. hehe..

not bad right? this is da first time we took sticker photo together.. from left top clockwise-- jeryn, alvin, alanis, ariel and me... another one just took in kk's house.. although we in different skul now.. but we still keep in touch and go 唱 k.. haha.. we really like to sing... lalalalalala..

is time to talk about my second band.. A3.. why we name as dis? coz our name is start from "A" also.. Alanis, Ariel and Angeline.. we formed this group 2 years ago.. first name as "girls".. but we decide to change last year.. we took part in competition also.. first time only manage to get into final.. didn't win.. haihz.. what to do? one of the member cannot sing.. sorethroat.. we change the song last minute.. sing badly in the competition..

nevermind.. we decide to take part again if got chance.. that time i already form5.. really hard to get a chance.. but i decide to go in form6.. wakakaka.. here is our chance.. to fight back.. we really took part again.. not play play.. and got SECOND this time.. wahahahaha.. very happy.. cos we got two prizes.. first and second also us.. many people scolded us.. how can take two prizes? shudn't took part in two diff group at the same time.. haha.. who will know we will win? juz wanna take part onli.. really very surprise that won two prizes.. =)

we like to sing s.h.e's songs a lot.. maybe because we got 3 people also.. and we really got "selina", "hebe", and "ella".. haha.. we won by singing "白色恋歌".. we like to sing 配音 a lot.. hrm.. i think we did quite well in competition.. improve a lot compare to the year before.. maybe our singing is a bit like them.. but our look really different..

really different a lot.. haha.. s.h.e looks a lot prettier.. different people mar.. anyway.. really happy to have friend like them.. can alwiz go sing together or even dance together also.. ^^

this is the photo we took after the competition.. with solo champion -- yee ming.. we really happy.. holding our trophy and cheeesssseeeeeee... =)

Saturday, February 05, 2005

VeRy tiReD... MuScLe pAiN dEe...

today very very tired... from school till now... finally got time to rest... why why why? why i so busy and tired?? firstly because of those kerko job... early morning have to go around the school to find people... went here and there.. block by block... very tired.. after school got dance practice somemore.. that one make me geram.. my dancers alwiz ponteng to somewhere else.. everytime also not here in the same time.. very hard to practice liddat.. dunno how to improve it?? everybody havin tuition in different day.. dun have time to practice... haihz.. gathering is coming soon... how??? da dance is still so CHA!! i really very worry...

after the dance practice.. then went collect form for econ's club.. go class by class again.. somemore not yet finish collecting.. haihz.. some of the classes said monitor absent.. some said not yet collect money.. didn't bring... haihya.. really all sort of reason.. i think i can diet dee.. cos i didn't eat also.. only a donnut for half of the day from 6:30am til 3:30pm.. haihz... hope won't get sick again.. dunno whether tired will cause one to sick anot? better NOT!! ^^

i went home bout 3:30pm... go bath and eat lunch.. i think not lunch anymore... maybe is tea-time.. lolzz.. then rest a bit.. waiting for yow to fetch me to megah badminton court.. wait till fall a sleep.. haha.. really tired ma.. dunno why today so damn traffic jam.. from my house to megah need about 20minutes.. reach there about 5pm.. haha.. by right shud be there at 4pm.. late... hehe.. really late.. then start playing.. 5people.. foong, yue, wei yow and me.. dunno why chien didn't go.. he said yue dun let him go.. dunno rite anot? 5people really hard to play.. even number is better... wei really good in playing.. but alwiz "fong shui" to foong... treat others BAD!! smash onli.. dun giv face at all.. really "重色轻友"!! me and yow definitely can't play double together.. too cha dee.. alwiz remain "0".. haihz... cham..

we went home at 6:30pm.. haha.. have to walk home by myself.. too jam... noone want to fetch me.. hrm.. quite fast... bout 6minutes oni.. take car nid 20minutes somemore... but i dun like to walk.. especially alone and under the hot sun... but today nice weather.. walk also not bad.. but tired more...

so so so tired now... muscle pain dee.. tomorrow sure lagi worst.. haihz.. must sleep early today.. tomorrow need wake up early somemore.. got kerko.. can't sleep late... thinking to ponteng.. haha..

Thursday, February 03, 2005


makan makan makan.. hahaha.. finally i recover frm sick.. can eat dee.. wakakakaka... today i went bayu timor and have a lunch there wid foong, yue, yow and wei... guess why? cos got people belanja us... and he is Mr.Alan.. he belanja us cos we helped him to paint mural... we ate bout RM100.. geng leh? the food not bad la.. quite nice.. i will give 65%.. i like the nyonya kuih... but foong and wei said not nice.. dunno why? but i really like it..even i very full that time...

chinese new year is coming soon!! waaaaaaaa.... can eat lotta new year food.. i'm going to bake biscuits.. haha.. hopefully can success.. if not i have to finish it by myself... noone will help me.. actually new year food bring lotta meanings.. like those below :
* Lotus seed - signify having many male offspring
* Ginkgo nut – represents silver ingots
* Black moss seaweed - is a homonym for exceeding in wealth
* Dried bean curd is another homonym for fulfillment of wealth and happiness
* Bamboo shoots - is a term which sounds like "wishing that everything would be well"
* Fresh bean curd or tofu is not included as it is white and unlucky for New Year as the color signifies death and misfortune.

well.. do u know that? all the meanings? have u ate before? i think i got some haven't try before... i will try it...if got chance.. new year is time to grow fat... dun u think so... ok la..wish u all...
hApPy cHiNeSe yEaR!!!