Saturday, November 28, 2009

Streamyx Promotion

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Mini Graduation Trip -- Penang

Right after exam on 19th November, I went to Penang with some uni friends for 4days 3 nights. This was the 4th time I went to Penang. Every year I will go to Penang once since I entered UM. Previously were because of 下乡计划!! This time was because of Graduation Trip.

Actually we do not planned for any graduation trip, just joined with some friends (11 in total) and had a small trip in Penang. Thanks Kuat and Xui Ting for bringing us here n there around the Penang.

Finally I have visited many famous visitor spots around Penang. It is tiring because we have to walk here and there from morning until night. We stayed in Sri Sayang Apartment. Nice apartment to stay with. Not too expensive... Good... ^^

First day, when we reached, it was already late in night... Just went to eat bak kut teh~ then went to night market walk walk~~~~ at last, went to beach side for a drink... LOL.. Pub located at beach~ Nice!!!!! This is how Penang people yumcha at night??? LOL

Second day, we went to eat dim sum as breakfast. Then went to Kek Lok Ji, Penang Hill and Queensbay Mall. At night, we went to eat BBQ steamboat at forgot dunno where? I feel i ate more BBQ food than those steamboat one... wahahahaha~~

This is First Class train!! All will score First Class for this Sem!! ^^

Third day, a rainy day... Spoilt our plans.... Cannot go botanical garden... So, we just went to some temples and I did 求签 in the temple... I guess the 签 not too bad although I do not fully understanding it.. Then, we went to World's Biggest Toy Museum... I feel really wasting money in Toy Museum.. Perhaps It should renamed as Toy Collections than Toy Museum? Everything is inside Cupboard.. >_<

签文 - 明白吗?

Taekwando Sam vs Kungfu Panda

At night, xuiting brought us to Tambun for steamboat. Penang's food really cheap if compare with KL... Abit unbelievable when i saw the bill... :">

Then later at night, we went out for supper again.... We went to Gurney Drive to makan makan!!! After makan, we went to beach again.... 吹吹海风,真写意!!! Too bad I'm having headache that time... Very not comfortable especially when I'm sitting inside car... Feels like vomiting only... @_@

4th day, before we back, we went to beach again to snap photos... wahahahaha~~~ Just walk walk at beach side... 吹海风 again!! Then went to eat "Brunch" at the cafe near Kuat's house....

Journey ends after that and all of us headed back to KL for 3P course!!! My holiday was ended... Just 4days holiday and I'm back to study for a short course... After course, I will officially become a Software Engineer at Global Intelligence.... 14th December 2009... First day of work..... Soon SOon SOON!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Accident AGAIN!!!

From August to November... Every month my house's car got bang.... And today~~~ The worst accident.... The car cannot be repaired anymore..... zzzzzzz

What do you think? This old car.... the metal is really hard.... Not easy to get bang until like that... @_@

Luckily my mum is ok... really 不幸中的大幸!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Right finished my 2nd last paper, went to yumcha for 2nights... Wahahaha~~ I still think i yumcha less than 10times in this year~~~

First night, went yumcha with Jun May and Fui Chin. Long time never meet with Fui Chin. So shocked when i know what happened to her recently.. I'm glad that she is recovering now.... Nothing much i can do for her except praying for her... I hope she can live happily and stay healthy forever... "Fui Chin, if you need help or anything, I'm ready at anytime"

Second night, went to meet Pei Kuan and Siew Ann... Both of them are my good friends in Form 1 and Form 2.. Didnt meet with them for few years after we graduated from secondary... One at US, one at UK, one at Msia... What to do? Both of them still look the same... Siew Ann is still so pretty and got so many guys chasing her around..... "Siew Ann, dont so picky la.... wahahahaha"

Dont know when will i meet with them again? Suddenly feel time passed fast... Secondary school life left me for so long already~~~ really miss you all... come find me yumcha whenever u are free ya.... I still using same number, staying at same house... Take care everyone!!! ^^

19th is my Uni's last paper.... After that, i have to say bye bye to Uni Life edi... i feel happy because finally i can graduate... i feel sad because i have to leave my friends... Many of them might not working in KL or even they are working here, we might not keep in touch as often as now...

My mum always say, we will have different friends in different stages in our life... Anyway, whenever you are free, you are welcome to come and find me, ur secondary/uni friend.... ^^

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Say bye bye to FSKTM

Finally i have finished my study in UM... Finished as in no more lectures and classes... Now.. left exam exam and exam... Will be free after 19th November............. "I'm waiting for u... 19th~"

Yesterday went back to faculty(FSKTM) to register for 3P course and passup my thesis report.. Finally finished thesis 100%!!! "Bye bye thesis!!"

When I went to meet my supervisor and passup my thesis to him, he asked me about my VIVA on last Tuesday? I told him I think will pass but cannot get A... Then he said he will try his best to give us an A..... (Giving higher marks to the report i guess?) But there is a Bad News!!! thesis only have 4 grades which are A, B, C or FAIL... OMG.. There is no A-, B+ and so on..

And so this is what in my mind.......... omg --> ohno --> no more hope for B+ or A-
omg --> ohno --> fui~

After i back home, start to sick again... Keep cough for non-stop... Until sorethroat again~~ why why why? why must i sick again???

Although sick, now is still time to study~~~ pump in full petrol and work hard in the final final exam!!!

What to do? Is time to decide whether u can graduate or not?
decide to be god or ghost??

Anyway, add oil to all my friends.... All the best for exam..
add oiladd oiladd oiladd oiladd oil

Will be away from blogging for 2 weeks time.... tata~