Sunday, November 15, 2009


Right finished my 2nd last paper, went to yumcha for 2nights... Wahahaha~~ I still think i yumcha less than 10times in this year~~~

First night, went yumcha with Jun May and Fui Chin. Long time never meet with Fui Chin. So shocked when i know what happened to her recently.. I'm glad that she is recovering now.... Nothing much i can do for her except praying for her... I hope she can live happily and stay healthy forever... "Fui Chin, if you need help or anything, I'm ready at anytime"

Second night, went to meet Pei Kuan and Siew Ann... Both of them are my good friends in Form 1 and Form 2.. Didnt meet with them for few years after we graduated from secondary... One at US, one at UK, one at Msia... What to do? Both of them still look the same... Siew Ann is still so pretty and got so many guys chasing her around..... "Siew Ann, dont so picky la.... wahahahaha"

Dont know when will i meet with them again? Suddenly feel time passed fast... Secondary school life left me for so long already~~~ really miss you all... come find me yumcha whenever u are free ya.... I still using same number, staying at same house... Take care everyone!!! ^^

19th is my Uni's last paper.... After that, i have to say bye bye to Uni Life edi... i feel happy because finally i can graduate... i feel sad because i have to leave my friends... Many of them might not working in KL or even they are working here, we might not keep in touch as often as now...

My mum always say, we will have different friends in different stages in our life... Anyway, whenever you are free, you are welcome to come and find me, ur secondary/uni friend.... ^^


HanLun said...

O oo oo :P
ur mom also say dont bully ur colleague next time :)

Unknown said...

i never bully anyone de... but got somebody always very free.. go bully little intern... so pity... do work half way, kena scared by colleague... pity~