Sunday, March 03, 2013

Company Xmas Party 2012

Again.. we have our Company Xmas Party in the office... But... the location did changed since this is the first year we are here in the new office at UOA Pantai!!

We called catering from outside....

Everybody was busy eating... 

After eating... is time to get our Xmas Gift!! I got a headset this year... Thankiu Santa~

Look at the biggest gift!!!!! What is it inside?? OMG

This was Thomas's Xmas Gift but GG stole it to eat!!!!
SY: GG... Naughty ahhhh....

Last but not least.... photos shooting time~~

♥ Minum Makan Gang 

Local Trips - Broga Hill, Penang, Taman Pertanian

For the past few months, I visited several places with my friends. No budget for Oversea Trip and therefore focus on Local Trips.. ^^

I went to hike Broga Hill again!! 7 people wokeup at 3am + to begin the journey!~ I guess we reached Broga Hill at around 4am+.. It was drizzling at that time but we still move on... 

This round, I finally made it to the hill peak... I guess we spent about an hour to across 3 hill peak... This is pretty fast compare with the first time I went... Minum Makan Gang geng!!~ ^^

Waiting for sun rise~

Finally.. We made it to the third hill peak~

Besides, I also went Taman Pertanian with my colleagues... Again... it was raining too... It was no longer drizzling but raining heavily... But we still continue cycling under the rain... hahahaha... 

First visit to Winter Season House... Superb cold inside.... My fingers turned to red like got scalded... >_<

I feel not really worth to visit Winter House... Other seasons have nicer view to snap photos! After visiting, we continue cycling under the rain............ at the end... we are bloody wet!!! >_<

Next, I also went Penang with my Uni friends... Main reason of going is not to visit but to attend my ex-roommate's Wedding Dinner... Congratz to Yue Ping again.. :)

My Penang friends brought us to several places for visit.


Georgetown Street Mural

Straits Quay

And... never forget to eat around at Penang..

Thanks Zhi Jing for adopting us for 3 nights.. Thanks for the BBQ Dinner too.. :)