Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hiking @ Bukit Gasing

Went to Bukit Gasing for hiking few weeks ago... This was the first time I went there even though Bukit Gasing is situated at PJ only... hahahaha.... Hard to find kaki to hike... anyone? :p

We went there at around 8am? First time there, dunno which is the right way to hike? There are really lotta junctions... left or right? We chose a wrong way I guess?  We spent long time to hike to a small small hill only (Denai 1)... LOL

After that, we continue again... And finally we saw this... Denai 2 is 80 minutes away from us? @.@

Therefore, we decided to go back... hahahaha... Maybe next time we should direct proceed with Denai 2? Oh.. When is the next time? er.. er... er???

On the way back... This uncle..... screaming ouch ouch ouch~~~~ LOL

Time to say bye bye~~ C u again next time Bukit Gasing.. ^^