Monday, April 10, 2006

RiNg RiNg ~~

ring ring ring~~
no more ring ring ring
at first change to polyphonic tones
then to mp3
i also want a hp with mp3......

buy buy buy~~
really want to buy a new hp at first
now suddenly no mood in that

money money money~~
hp which good functions is expensive..
my dream hp needs to have everything except 3G!
bluetooth, infrared, radio, great camera, mp3...

which which which~~
which to buy?
let's suggest to me!!!
i wan CHEAP n NICE hp...

1 comment:

suetz said...

motorola E398 is nice!
im using it when i was back in msia.
it has everything u mentioned except infrared n radio. but dun think it's a problem coz nowadays they emphasis more on bluetooth. and radio... u already have mp3 wert.
1 more thing to remember when u choose hp, choose 1 where u can put external memory card, otherwise ur mp3 function will be kinda useless coz u can't put many songs.