Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm n0t sTuPiD ahhhhh ~~

finally watched "i'm not stupid" with mun today!! somehow we both changed our off day to tuesday!! haha.. is fate!!

let's talk bout the movie!! is really touching ler.. i cried non-stop starting frm the middle of the show onwards!! lolz.. i guess those pp beside will think tat i'm crazy!! small small thing oso cried non-stop!! really scared tat my mascara will fall!! later my eyes become so black like kena punch!! lucky i didnt!! wakakaka..

actually the show is funny too.. one minute of laughing then another minute of crying!! suddenly i felt that my dad n mum are great!! at least they can understand me more!! not always scold n scold n scold!! at least praise me sometimes!! but really!! sometimes i did think tat my parents are very "cheong hei"!! keep mumbling!! and i really didnt reply them!! cos the more i speak, they wil mumble longer!! haiz...

finally i went to eat swensens ice-cream today!! with my family!! help my sister celebrate her birthday too!! really nice ice-cream!! miss it too much!! ICE-CREAM is really my favourite food!! must have it every week!! wakakaka..

今日笑句 :小孩是怎样来的? “一男一女一起拖手,再亲嘴,然后睡觉就会大肚子咯!!
**thats why sex education is very important now!!**

今日悲句 ::“我没有买POKEMON卡, 我只想存五百块来买爸的一小时去看我表演!!
**busy parents always dun have time for their children, not even a single hour!! haiz..**

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