Thursday, May 07, 2009

Days after Exam~

Monday finally finished the last paper.. Software Engineering.. This subject.. pretty good.. Assessment scored 46/50. I need to score 4/50 in final, then can pass~~~ But the final is really dead.. Perhaps i cant get >10!!! Argh~~ Wasted.. I still hope for a B~ Haiz...

Right after exam, then I had a photo session with my coursemates~ Took at usual place.. "2009". Actually not all the coursemates were there... Some of them still not yet finish their exam. Perhaps next semester, we will take again.. Set a date and make appointment with all my coursemates. Hahahaha... But the photos not bad la~ Keep 10shots... Nice and clear... Thanks to Sam's DSLR~ ^^

After photo session, I went to "The Gardens" sing K with Sam, BCD, S.Haw, JiaDi and W.Lian~ Sing K again... Lolz... I think I dont have much entertainment other than sing K and movie... My life is so simple and bored~

Sam Sam~

Yesterday, I went to help WeiZheng celebrate his birthday with Melisa, Shiyi and KongLeong. We went to Jaya One, BBQ Chicken Restaurant. Personally i feel the food is nice... Can have a try there... But is not cheap~ LOL

Today... another day sienz-ing at home... At first thought of going for ice-skating. But... nobody wants to go with me... so sad... T_T So... at the end... drama + facebook day again.................

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