Saturday, May 30, 2009

J2EE Class

Finally finished my 3weeks J2ee course yesterday. This is an additional course offered by MDEC and held at my faculty. At first, my name is not in list... But at the end, I get to take the course... Hohoho... Holiday also took a course to improve j2ee knowledge. I'm so hardworking.. LOL

Get to learn something new from the course. Get to know servlet and jsp more which will be used in my thesis project. Hehehe... But I still feel that I'm noob in jsp... Perhaps I wasted lotta time in playing games during class... =.=|||

Our constructor is Mr.Leng Chee Kong. He is kind and friendly. He is very generous too. He gave us RM100 per week for us to buy candies... LOL... ate til teeth drop if we really spent rm100 for candies every week. My class only have 26people.. Therefore, we just spent RM100 for 3weeks.


Then we decided to spend the leftover money for a lunch. Mr.Leng is so generous, he gave us another RM100 to be used for the lunch... Hahahaha... So we ordered pizzas and bought some drinks for everyone.

Sexy Pizza

Never regret for taking the course.. At least the course did deepened my knowledge in j2ee. Besides, I get to know more on9 games... LOL... Most of us playing game in class most of the time... @_@

Last but not least.. Thanks Mr.Leng.... ^^

Class Photo

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